7 Aug 2018

To set the scene...hubby and I are laying in bed naked watching some trash tv, sex is definitely on the cards.

I'm facing away from him on my side and ask him to stroke my back, he begins and it feels so relaxing feeling his large hands gently gliding down my back circling my hips and arse and repeating becoming more forceful the circling rub on my arse is becoming a tight squeeze with his hand reaching further down grabbing where my arse meets my thigh and pulling opening me I can feel the cool air against my tingling clit and my pussy is beginning to pulsate I can feel my juices flowing but he doesn't touch my clit his fingers are getting so close to my pussy but he wont enter me I'm rocking to his motion my body taking over becoming desperate to feel his fingers slide into me stretching me I want it so much, his fingers are getting wet I can feel streaks of moisture across my arse cheeks from his last squeeze then out of nowhere he slaps my arse hard. Such sweet stinging I cry out with pleasure and turn onto my stomach with my legs slightly parted and pushing my pelvis out as much I could. My 38E breasts pressing hard against the mattress the compression is heady and I can feel my nipples straining against the cotton sheets and he slaps my arse again each cheek in quick succession, my god I'm dripping i can feel the droplets travelling over my lips and my clit soaking the sheet.

Hubby reaches for the lube, I'm a little confused, he definitely doesn't need any, he squirts it and I feel the cool liquid on my arse cheek, perhaps he's going to massage me? A few seconds go by and I assume he's going to begin rubbing my back or my arse but no he suddenly slaps the cool liquid against my hot parted pussy lips and it envelopes my clit teases the entrance to my pussy and travels upward over my perineum and submerges my arse hole with the wet coolness, so many gorgeous sensations I can't think just feel and then he starts rubbing with his whole hand all over my lips, everything is getting attention his middle finger focused on my clit the others massaging my lips the palm of his hand creating a vacuum over my pussy gently pulling as he lifts his hand upward his fingers circling my entrance my pelvis desperately reaching for his fingers I need them inside me but he moves on my arse hole is now the centre of attention rimming me with his fingers spreading me apart and rubbing furiously and he moves back down long rubs from clit to my arse hole. Christ. It feels so good I'm moaning loudly trying to stifle the noise by biting my lip I'm so close to cumming. Fuck. Yes fucking yes he rams two of his big fingers into me, no warning, no easing just rammed right in and I'm on the edge. He leaves his fingers there a couple of glorious seconds but there's more sensation and I realise he's pressing his thumb firmly on my arse hole he circles his fingers inside me, he kisses my shoulder and he pushes his thumb into me. Ecstasy. Before I come down he's finger fucking me hard then slapping my lips and rubbing my clit, fucking me again, thumbing my hole; I cum so hard.

He drags me over to the edge of the bed he stands and pulls my arse in the air so I'm kneeling on the bed I cant push my arms up I'm too weak from my orgasm my head is pressed against the mattress I reach between my legs to tug his cock my pussy is aching for it he moves back I find my nipples and pull on them hard as he forcefully thrusts his rock hard cock as deep as he can into my pussy, I stretch so fast it hurts a gorgeous hurt and he withdraws, thrusts again. He's still thumbing my arse pushing more and more, I feel full. Yes. Hard long thrusts fucking yes. He slaps my arse with his other hand, gorgeous sweet stinging. He's thrusting faster and faster, Jesus I'm going to come again, I want more, I reach over for my vibe turn it on and press it firmly against my clit. My mind has lost all reason I am completely awash with sensation and emotion and the mother of orgasms is building my clit and pussy are about to explode and his thumb fucking my arse hole is new and feels so good its making my orgasm stronger I'm pushing back onto him with each thrust fuck me harder, faster, spank me again, fucking harder, more, don't fucking stop. Lightning shooting through my body emanating from between my legs my clit, my arse and of course my pussy; its clenching around his cock I can feel it all, every ridge of it. The pleasure is fucking everywhere wave after wave; euphoria. I drop the vibe my clit is overloaded my pussy is aching he pulls his thumb out of my arse and I feel a loss, I realise I want to feel him fill me, I want his cock deep in my arse, I feel shocked and naughty I've never felt this way before.

I whisper if he wants to he can, he withdraws his cock slides his fingers into my pussy and out over my hole, I've cum so hard my juices are soaking me, he grabs some more lube and rubs it all over his cock then I feel the tip pressing on my hole slowly stretching me to accommodate him, fuck its so much bigger than his thumb, it hurts, but it feels good. My vibe is back in my hand and pressed between my pussy lips over my clit and my opening, he's inside me now, all the way, Jesus it hurts but I like it. I feel so full, he starts fucking me, my pussy is pulsing and my clit is tingling again, this is so painful yet so satisfying I'm going to come again I cant believe it. He's banging against me harder and harder I can hear him moaning I'm getting close to climax, I press the vibe harder against my clit while pulling and twisting my nipple and I come undone once more my orgasm radiating from my clit through my pussy and into my arse fucking amazing.

When I come down Hubby says he wants to cum on my face so I quickly turn lie on my back in front of him he's wanking himself close to orgasm, I reach into my pussy soak my fingers in my cum and then start massaging his perineum and tugging on his balls and he explodes his cum shoots everywhere; my face, my neck, my breasts I'm covered in it, he's watching me as I rub it over my nipples and pull and squeeze them and lick my lips both of us absolutely spent.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed re-living it!! xx