Written by jock69uk

18 May 2008

After the long cold winter what a relief with the warm sunshine in May. I had met Angela walking her dog during the winter months,she always seemed friendly,but due to the biting wind and seemingly endless rain we kept the chats short and sweet.She was obviously a big girl but winter cloths tend to mask the figure so you can imagine my surprise the first time I saw her in shorts and T shirt in the hot weather.I would now change my description to statuesque,yes big build ,but in perfect proportion,and the real bonus sporting the biggest chest I had ever seen,they were massive.She waved from across the cricket ground,as her dog hurtled across to get his usual biscuit,it was as I approached her I first noticed how good she was looking.As I approached I could not take my eyes off thoseb huge tits,after a minute or so she said \"are you ever going to look at my face you mucky bugger\" blushing I apologised and looked up to her face which was wreathed in a smile,\"I\'m really sorry\" I said \"I don\'t usually perv,well not so obviously,but god you look so fabulous\" still smiling she accepted the explanation graciously,\"well thats a nice complement to cheer a girl up so early in the day\" .As the dogs played we continued to walk slowly an carry on our chat.

After 10 minutes or so she said she would have go to get the kids off to school,but we could carry on the chat at lunchtime if I was out with the dog.Needless to say no way was I going to miss the opportunity so at 12.30 I was off with the dog again,after 15 minutes or so when I had not seen her dog I assumed she had decided against meeting up,having reached the cricket field I thought I would sit in the sun and have a cigarette,laying back enjoying the sun and ciggy I didn\'t hear her approaching,the first thing I knew was as she sat next to me on the grass and asked for a smoke,I sat up to get the packet from my shorts,immediately noticing she was wearing a skirt,showing strong shapely legs,but fortunately not changed out of the T shirt which highlighted her amazing assets,\"I thought I\'d leave the T shirt on as you seemed to enjoy the view this morning\" I just smiled and asked if she would ever let me forget my earlier indescretions,\"now that depends\" she said,\"on what\"I enquired ,\"on whether you pay the appropriate forfiet!\"OK\" I said \"you can have another cig\" laughing she said \"how did you know I love a cig after sex?\" as my jaw dropped open she laughed out loud \"your forfiet my friend is to come round this afternoon,and show me some fun\" All a could manage was a nod as she placed a slip of paper in my hand,\"give me half an hour \"she said getting to her feet ,brushing her skirt she winked and walked away ,hips swaying,blonde hair blowing in the breeze.

Quickly walking home I had enough time for a shower before setting off,wondering whether this was all a wind up,anyway nothing ventured etc. I approached her door.Before I could knock the door opened and there she was smiling the only change I could detect was she had put her hair into a pony tail.\"Come in \" she said \"I\'ll make us a brew to take upstairs\" this lady was obviously for real and was certainly no shrinking violet,tea in hand she led the way to her bedroom.I had to ask \"when did you dream this up\" I asked,\"Oh during one of our chats during the winter I thought I could fuck you ,but never got the oppurtunity to set it up ,but when your eyes were out on stalks this morning,I just thought what the hell now or never \" \"Lucky me \" I muttered as she started to remove her vest.\"By the way\" she said \"dont expect skimpy bra\'s and thongs,with tits like mine skimpy aint an option\" as she turned to face me I could see what she meant,her breasts were enormous,but absolutely perfect orbs,as she dropped her skirt her conventional knickers matched her bra ,and man did she look good,certainly no size zero ,but what a woman ,what a great body.As I stared she just started to remove my T shit and shorts,exposing my already stiffening prick,\"glad to see you\'re ready to pay the forfiet\" she said cupping my balls through my boxers.I reached behind her back to unclip her bra freeing her fabulous tits,as they sprang free of her bra I was amazed how firm they were,no real sagging just the weight defying gravity,her nipples already hard and standing proud,as my mouth moved to sip one into my mouth she shuddered and said \"munch on my babies,I knew you would love them\" as I sucked one and then the other she slipped off my boxers and started to slowly wank my now rigid tool,her hands teasing and feeling its extent,\"I just knew you would love my body\" she muttered \"and you won\'t be able to imagine what I have dreamed of doing with this \"she said tugging my cock,at this I pushed her back onto the bed,she lifted her hips to alow easy removal of her knickers,exposing an impressive blonde trimmed bush as she opened her legs her pussy lips parted inviting my tongue.As I lowered my head I ran my tongue down her smooth thighs,she sighed,as my tongue entered her body she shuddered,her back arched slightly allowing better access to her clit,slowly at first,gradually increasing the tempo her clit grew ,her breating heavy,Everything about this woman was larger than life as apparently were her appetites,as I inceased the pace she groud her cunt onto my tongue,her voice grew louder,demanding her pleasure encouraging me to bring her off,and also hinting at the pleasures that awaited me when she was satisfied,gradually her hips picked up pace moving in tune with my tongue,as she came she grabbed my head pushing my face into her groin,screaming in pleasure her body rippling with her orgasm,\"now big boy I am going to take you to places you can\'t imagine but I\'ve seen in my mind all through the winter,you are going to get the best hour of your life\"

Packing the pillows at the top of the bed she lay me down,the high pillows allowing a perfect view of her and whatever she decided to do.Slowly sliding her hands down my shaft she said \"just lie back and do whatever I ask \" who could ask for more,lowering her head she gently sucked my knob into her mouth,gradually taking in slightly more with each movement,I could only marvel at her ability to swallow more and more until eventually the full length was gone,no gagging just an easy action that offered fabulous stimulation,she seemed to know when to ease off just before the as yet unwanted explosion,letting my cock slip from her mouth she asked me to let her lie down,and having done so said I should straddle her and slip my cock between her breasts,as I did she pushed her tits together offering maximum stimulation,\"now fuck them she growled ,let that spunk out ,cream for me\",as I built up the pace she was thrusting her hips to push my cock deeper,\"I\'m coming I screamed \" her hips moved faster \"let it go for me now,\" as I started pumping she let her tits fall away,my cream spurting up her ample chest and onto her chin,bouncing me off her body with worrying ease she clamped her lips around my cock sucking every last drop from my balls.\"Fucking great \"she said \"fancy a fuck then\" laughing at my look of desparation,\"don\'t worry sweetheart I\'ll get the old man hard again \" laying me down she got to work ,baby oil appeared and immediately coated my cock and balls and started a gentle massage,as the old boy started to stir her left hand gently rubbed the shaft,whilst the right hand moved under my balls and gently moved to my ring,feeling me tense she just said \"relax and enjoy\" slipping an oily finger up my bum my cock instantly hardened,\"that\'s better she murmered now for some fun\" .

As she mounted I could not help but think I\'d never been with a woman who so controlled a sexual situation,and who was also so physically powerfull,she obviously chose this position first so that as she tightened her pussy around my cock her massive tits were accessible,what a fucking amazing sight ,lowering her head she wispered \"now we are going to screw the very core out of your body,enjoy cos I feel so hot you are one lucky boy ,just relax and follow my lead\" with that she slowly started to fuck me.As she effortlessly moved on my prick I happily nuzzled her huge nipples,she obviously gained as much pleasure from this as I did ,her nipples just got harder,as they did her moaning got more intense,her hips continued to grind on my prick stilll a steady pace ,her breathing getting shallower,\"fucking hell I\'m coming\" she said through clenched teeth \"its fucking beautifull ,like little waves of pleasure washing over my cunt,I just knew you would hit my jackpot\" to be honest I think any prick would have done the job today ,she just seemed so hot.She seemed lost in the sex still moving her hips steadily just enough to take the full length of my prick,I still munched on her ample tits,gently squeezing each nipple in turn untill once again the waves of an orgasm washed over her,now the muscles of her cunt clampted my shaft,twiching in time with her spasms,\"I want it from behind \"she said \"and I want it hard and rough no fucking about get me shagged\" removing herself from my prick she took up position next to me on all fours,what a sight,pendulous tits moving in time with her heavy breathing ,her ample but shapely backside in the air,exposing her glistening slit as I quickly took position behind her her hand came between her legs to grab my cock,immediately positioning the tip ready for entry \"now fucking bang me,get me fucked \" no finess she just hammered back on my prick ,she was fucking insatiable,a I banged away she shook her head from side to side ,she was orgazming again in her own little wold of pleasure,I grabbed her pony tail pulling her back onto my prick,her head came up,then back enjoying every thrust,as I increased the pace I could feel the stirring in my balls,\"shall I pull out?\" I asked ,\"if you do I\'ll rip your cock off ,pour your spunk into my fanny,now stop talking and get fucking\" I reached forward with my right hand tweaking her nipples,pulling hard back on the pony tail with the other to better spear her on my cock this sent her over the edge,this time her climax was huge,\"cream me you bastard ,it\'s fucking fantastic give it me now you cunt\" the combination of the language and her thrusting cunt,muscles clamped around my shaft opened the flood gates ,every muscle in my body helped pour the fluid into her body,as my body convulsed she buried her face in the pillow and screamed with pleasure.Holding tight on her soft hips I rammed into her releasing more jets of fuid into her fanny,she met each thrust until I had nothing left to give.Sensing this she lowered us to the bed,she still on her stomach,holding my cock in place and easily taking my weight on her back,what a frightening specimen of the fair sex!!

As I slipped out she said she would have to make a move as the kids were soon to finish school for the day.Silently I thanked my lucky stars,as I was sure she wanted more.

Having dressed I dragged myself downstairs to receive a lovely kiss,and a promise to see me tomorrow with the dogs.