Written by Duncan

12 Aug 2009

I once had a short sexy episode in my life with a woman I met at work. It must have been almost 15 years ago when we worked together and colleagues began to notice a chemistry between us well before I had. We were both in our mid thirties and between relationships at the time.

People had warned me not to become involved as she had a poor track record in relationships and had often cheated on her partners. As I was only looking for casual at the time I really didn't care. For me it was never going to be the be all and end all anyway.

Even to me she was average pretty though others couldn't see what I saw in her. Jane was high maintenance and unreliable with numerous feuds simmering in her life. She was highly strung and volatile and it was either brilliant or terrible to be near her.

She had lovely dark brown hair and deep brown eyes and a nice smile. Her figure though was fantastic. She was fairly petite and as such it made her fabulous DD breasts look enormous. She was about a size 10-12 on the bottom with an awesome bum but 14-16 on top. She had two children under ten to different fathers and all the baggage to boot.

Jane had a strange circle of friends too. I used to think she was a befriender in the local asylum as most had more problems than she. They ranged in age from thirty something to sixty something. One in particular had more influence than most and used to irritate me no end. He was a man in his sixties who she described as just a friend.

It did start in an innocent manner with us popping into each other houses for a coffee to sharing a taxi home from works nights out. It progressed to us describing each other as just friends and watching the odd video together. We both said we were not interested in relationships and never alluded to sex in conversation.

Some of the video nights in my house ended with her sixty something male friend picking her up and driving her home as we had had a few glasses of wine. Although there had been no sexual contact between us it still riled me rotten. He was a man with no friends people often referred to as a creep.

Eventually the video nights together progressed to her changing into her pyjama's on arrival and me into shorts and tee shirts. It was so tame eventually that the embarrassing hard ons had become a thing of the past as by now I felt sure she was just a cock tease and we were just good friends.

One night though after she had been at a night out she phoned me about 1am. She sounded different and it became obvious by the noises that she was undressing as we spoke. The conversation was strained and slightly awkward too, as though there was someone else present at her end. After twenty minutes or so I said I would have to go as I had to get up for work in the morning.

This seemed to fuel an urgency in her though and she suddenly said, what do you think I have been doing while we talked?

Undressing, I said?

More than that, use your imagination and tell me, she said!

Are you totally naked, I asked?

Yes, totally!

Are your legs open?

Oh, yes!

Are your fingers stroking your pussy?

Yes, they are!

Are they inside your wet pussy?

Oh yes, they are inside!

Are you imagining a cock inside your pussy?

Oh yes, your cock, I am imagining your cock inside my pussy!

Do you want my cock now, I can be there in ten minutes?

Oh no, don't do that, I want your cock but not right now, I am too squidgy just now!

Awe fuck, please let me, I want you squidgy, please?

Oh, I'm coming, I have to go, ohhh, I'm coming!

The squelching noises on the other end were clearly as I began wanking.

Suddenly the phone was put down and I was left nursing the biggest throbbing hard on I'd had for many years. I was panting out loud and close to orgasm but the click deflated me. I went to the bedroom and lifted the baby oil and tissues then lay on the bed. I had just oiled my cock up when I heard what I thought was a taxi outside and looked out. It was her, getting out of her sixty something friends car.

My immediate thought was that he must have been with her during the phone call? He stayed too far away to have got to her house and brought her here in less than ten minutes? Way too quick! So what, I needed sex! I ran down stairs and opened the door. I put the hall light on as she entered and she immediately turned it off again.

For the few seconds the light was on I had noticed how red her face was and how her mouth was ever so slightly open. She looked sexed up to the hilt and game for anything. In the darkness I put my arms round her and took a hand-full of her beautiful soft hair. Her knee length green coat was only held shut by one button and my fingers soon popped it open.

She peeled it off her shoulders as I dropped my shorts to the floor. She had nothing on under the coat and now stood there in the darkness totally naked. The thoughts I was trying not to dwell on were now to the fore. The old guy must be more than just a friend.

There is no way on earth she could have stayed covered during the short car journey in such a modest coat as she sat next to him in the front seat and there was no way he could have left his home, picked her up, then been at my house in ten minutes? More like thirty minutes even driving fast? It didn't matter though, my cock was in charge now and logic and reason had gone!

I reached down for her pussy as we kissed in the hall and she immediately stopped me. She interlocked the fingers on both our hands and kept our hands pinned between our naked bodies about chest height. She then pushed me back gently and we both sank to the floor on the hall carpet.

She kept our fingers interlocked as she eased me onto my back and raised our hands above my head as though pinning me to the carpet. I lay on my back on the floor as she maneuvered herself on top of me with her massive tits swinging forward to my face. As I tried to raise my head and admire her body she would kiss me on the lips and push my head back down with hers to prevent me from doing so.

She had the most wonderful gyrating movement as she grinded her pussy against my throbbing cock. I had still not seen her fanny properly but could feel the well trimmed pubic hair against my cock and her wetness glide over my aching knob teasing me with its promise of pleasure. The smell of sweaty sex was really strong and building steadily.

She positioned my hands so that both were kept pinned above my head on the floor with just her right hand. She then lifted her body slightly and took hold of my cock with her left hand before lowering herself on my prick. It felt fabulous as my cock entered her pussy and she began bucking furiously.

There was already little doubt in my mind that the old bloke was riding her for all he was worth anyway, so the unmistakable feel of a well fucked swollen cunt dribbling another mans cum on my cock was hardly a shock. She climaxed almost immediately as she bucked like hell and issued demands. She let my hands go then told me to hold her bum tight and not let go for anything.

My first eruption of spunk inside her swollen hole came in less than two minutes as I used her firm bum to force her cunt down hard on my cock until I came. Almost immediately she demanded I lick her sore wee pussy and almost squeezed my brains out of my ears when she gripped my head in her thighs.

All the emotions of lust, betrayal, guilt, shame and the like were swirling in my head as she sucked my cock back to life before I gave her a really rough doggy fuck in less than ten minutes. As I was about to cum she demanded, do it on my tits! I unloaded a generous load of sticky spunk all over her DD's as she fingered herself frantically and said, you are just a dirty bastard like every other man!

We only lay for a few minutes before she said she would phone a taxi and declined to stay despite my asking her to. The lights were still off as we heard the car horn and she wrapped the coat round herself and left. I peeked through the curtains to see her get in her "old friends" car and disappear round the corner.

Next day at work it was very surreal as was the following months with my "friend". She often turned up with ten minutes notice and left before my cock was even floppy. I had to pretend not to notice who dropped her off and picked her up and who took her shopping. She used to constantly reinforce the "we are only friends, and there is nothing between us" just a little too often.

I used to tease by asking to kiss her pussy before sex but she seldom allowed me. The few times she did invariably coincided with normal wetness and tightness and the times she didn't allow it coincided with her feeling well used and squidgy.

She had arrived late one night with her trade mark pink cheeks dressed only in her coat and got under the quilt with the lights off as was often insisted. She then said, "okay just this once, but under the quilt with the light off" as she conceded to let me plunder her with my tongue.

I buried my face in her pussy and gently licked her swollen hole as she clasped the quilt tight to her chest, presumably to keep the light out? Under the quilt I gently teased her pussy with my tongue and fingers then activated the light on my wrist watch to see her gorgeous swollen fanny trickle another mans spunk on my bed just as I had always known.

It is one of the situations I look back on with mixed emotions as I did really like her. In the end though she was way too complicated for me.