Written by Rob

4 Sep 2011

Tammy and I have previously submitted a few of our adventures with other guys. We both enjoy reading your reactions and it inevitably leads to us reminising, followed by some pretty intense love making. Anyway for those who haven't read our previous posts, Tammy is a natural blonde with short hair, 38 size 12 with 36C breasts. Despite the pressure of a work and family commitments she has managed to keep her figure as she always finds time to exercise. To me and I must say many other men she still radiates a sexy confidence which I find difficult to resist.

Tammy has had a few encounters with with a few other men, however it had been several months since she had enjoyed any extra marital sex. One night Tammy was particuarly insatiable. She gave me a terrific blow job whilst gentle massaging my balls. She then demanded I return the compliment and go down on her. This is no chore as I love licking Tammy out. As I teased her clit Tammy muttered that Steve can't wait to see her naked pussy. I was a little taken aback and stopping my oral duty enquired who Steve was. Tammy grinned at me as she pushed my head back down and urged me not to stop while she explained who Steve was. Apparently Tammy had been on a few sites and had been chatting to several men. Most were time wasters or a little odd. However she had been talking to Steve for seveal weeks. She admitted she had exchanged pitures. Tammy had exposed her breasts and Steve had shown of his toned body and 8" cock. She had told Steve that her husband only has a small cock and has little endurance, so she was looking for some extra marital fun to satisfy her. All this talk was having a real effect on my cock. I urged her to go into detail and asked if they had already met.

Tammy explained that she was a little nervous to meet a stranger. I agreed that perhaps it is a little risky, however I had the ideal solution. I suggested That Tammy could arrange to meet Steve in a local site in Worcester. There were seveal benches at the edge of a park and, ideally it was surrounded by woodland. I could hide in the trees and watch, ensuring she was safe and obviously enjoy the site of my gorgeous wife naked in the arms of this new bloke. Tammy groaned her approval and urged me to fuck her. I quickly buried my cock into my wife's wet pussy from behind. Tammy told me that Steve wants to watch her sink onto his cock as he is looking forward to her breasts bouncing as he makes love to her. All this talk drove me past the point of no return and groaning my satisfaction I thrust my cum up my wife's sweet pussy. Tammy playfully admonished me for not bringing her to orgasm and opening her legs ordered me to resume my oral attention to her now spunk filled pussy. She told me that I would have to lick her out after Steve had his way with her so I could get some practice in. I enthusiastically licked around her clit and labia following the line to her arse then returning to her pussy. My tongue was aching by the time she tensed and orgasmed.

As we lay naked in each others arms Tammy asked if I was sure. I kissed her and assured her I really wanted it to happen. Tammy kissed me passionately and excitedly agreed she would make the arrangements.

It was two weeks until both Steve and Tammy could meet. The wait was torture for me especially as Tammy refused to have any sex and even banned me from wanking, telling me that it would increase the intensity and sexual tension. Finally the Friday night arrived and Tammy prepared herself in front of me. She wore a short skirt, pale blue knicked which only just covered her neatly trimmed pussy. She wore a white blouse and to my shock no bra. "He has already seen my tits so what's the point of covering them" she explained while pulling at each nipple. They had arranged to meet at a bar first and then after a drink they would drive seperately to the site. That way either one of them could change their mind with no repercussions. "Of course everyone in the bar will see my tits through the blouse" Tammy told me "How do you feel about all those men staring at your wifes tits?" she asked. It was all I could do not to touch my aching cock at the though of this. "I'm sure Steve and I wont be the only ones cumming whilst thinking about you at the end of the night" I told her.

Tammy and I drove in seperate cars to the pub. I went in first and retired to a quiet corner, my mind full of turmoil with a mixture of emotions. I quickly spotted Steve at the bar (Tammy had shown me a picture). He looked a little nervous and was making furtive glances at the door. I decided to get a drink and purposefully headed for a spot next to Steve. At this moment Tammy must have entered the bar, as I glanced at Steve I couldn't help noticing a large grin spread across his face. As I ordered my drink I watched out of the corner of my eye Tammy approach Steve and gave him a kiss as if the were already lovers. As it was a weekend it took a while to be served so I was able to discretely watch and listen in as they acquaited themselves with each other. Steve complimented Tammy on her style. To which I heard Tammy reply "I can guess which part you like the most". Unfortuantely I was then served and returned to the corner of the pub. As I was now out of Steve's eyesight I was able to watch the situation develop. It was obvious there was a sexual chemistry between them, with Steve taking every opportunity to touch her leg and Tammy stroking his arm. They were oblivious to anyone else in the bar, although the same couldn't be said for a few of the other male drinkers. I noticed a few glancing at my wife's breasts with her nipples all too evident beneath the all but transparent top. Tammy then reached into her hand bag and took out her lippy. This was her pre arranged sign that she was to go through with our plan and a prompt for me to head to the woodland a find a suitable spot to hide. My heart was pounding as I arrived at the country park. Leaving the car next to some houses so it would not look suspicious I quickly ran down the hill, through the park and into the darkness of the trees. I was a little panicked as it isn't that easy to find a spot that gives a good view but cannot be easily spotted from the picnic benches. By the time I had settled I could here voices approaching and laughter as Tammy and Steve appeared arm in arm walking down the hill. I had already released my cock as I stared at the sight of my beautiful wife and this stranger engaging in a passionate kiss about 60 yards away.

I watched transfixed as Tammy broke the embrace and stepped back from Steve. Steve had his back to me as Tammy, giggling undone her blouse and threw it in the air, then ran to the park area. Steve gave chase as me wife now toppless her breasts bouncing as she sprinted reached the swings and sat down. Steve approached her from behind, my mind was running riot as he reached around her and held her naked breats. Although it was dark and they were now several yards away I had a reasonable view of the lovers as Steve had a good feel of Tammy's tits. Tammy has very sensitive nipples and enjoys having each breast caressed and having her nipples teased.

To be continued....