Written by surreysexy

20 Sep 2013

A few years ago i worked on a stable yard with two girls who were brilliant fun and always up for a laugh.they lived on the yard and i drove in to work

i split up with a girlfriend after id been working there a few months ,and one of the girls beth made it very clear that if i wanted some rebound fun ,she was the girl.

One day i was strimming the yard and thought fuck it ,beth was the sort of girl that gives me the raging horn(big hips, big tits and very forthright)so lets go for it

i asked beth if i could use her shower to clean up after id been strimmimg,sure she said,so i asked if shed join me,ofcourse she replied and so off we went to her pokey little converted stable.

i stripped off straight away and dived in the shower warming and cleaning myself up

"are you coming " i asked ,and with that a very naked beth got in with me,she soaped up her massive tits and iw as instantly very very hard,she put her hand out and started slowly wanking me and we started kissing .i put my hand on her pussy and my finger slid straight in,she was so wet ."lets dry off and head to the bed" said beth

i jumped out dried myself in record time and made my way to beths bed where i lay back wanking ,keeping myself hard

in walked beth who toldme to move over then she knelt on the edge if the bed and took my cock in her mouth,she played with my balls whilst sucking and running her tongue and mouth over my cock ,it was the best blow job ive ever had and towards the end i was shaking with the effort to not cum

seeing my efforts beth climbed on top guided my cocks head to the entrance of her pussy and then leant forward to push her left nipple into my mouth,as i sucked it in she slid down my length all the way to my balls

she rode me like that for about five minutes all the while gliding her silky pussy up and down and me sucking her hard little nipples .she was moaning and breathing very hard and fast.beth came very hard and her chest just above her tits reddened as she came.after a breather she slid off turned around and took my glistening cock in her mouth again,i slid underneath her and began to lick her little honeypot out for all iwas worth,i was soon bucking and shaking on the bed as she was an expert cock sucker.i tried to delay by focusing on beths pussy and would switch from licking and gently nibbling her clit to tonguing her pussy as deep as i could.

beth came again ,on my face this time and ive never experienced anything like it ,she squirted a little bit and ground her pussy hard into my face then making little sobbing sounds she came.

my balls were tight and starting to be almost painfull now , i needed to come.i got beth to lay back on the bed then guided myself into her soaking wet pussy i pounded her hard.my balls were soaking wet from her juices it was glorious,and before long i felt myself melt as i shot spurt after spurt of red hot come up inside beth,i collapsed next to her and lay panting for a few minutes before i gathered myself together,and taking betths hand i dragged us both into the shower to clean ourselves up