Written by simonfm

18 Jun 2008

Start of an addiction

The first time I was introduced to a liking for bi cock fun -which was to become almost a lifetime enthusiasm -I was barely 18. I was the newly elected captain of the local football club and was scheduled to visit the guy who was secretary/manager and who largely ran everything . He was a local carpenter, about 50ish and his post was entirely voluntary. Rumour had it amongst my pals that he was into ‘bum fun’ on occasions, but there seemed very little hard evidence. He was a very pleasant good looking guy and I found myself strangely turned on by this.

I turned up at his house and rang the bell, he took a while to answer and when he opened the door he was dressed in his bib and brace overalls and it looked like nothing much else! He apologised that he had just got in from work and had been in the shower. I went in and he made me a soft drink and we began to discuss the upcoming fixture and the team. I couldn’t help but notice a girly mag on the nearby table and noticing my glance he said “Do you like that sort of thing?” As my sex experience to date had been limited to some frantic solo wankng sessions, a few gropes with local girls and some joint wanking with one of my pals, I replied fairly non commitally, but couldn’t help feeling my cock harden. I noticed that he now had an enormous hard-on which was stretching the front of his overalls. He said that he noticed that I was getting turned on and whether I had ever had a wanking session with another guy? I answered that I had with one of my pals and he then gently asked if I would like him to show me some real hints and tips. By this time I was keen to take things further but did not imagine that we would progress as far as we eventually did.

He gently fondled my cock through my shorts which felt terrific and then asked me if I’d like to take it out. I didn’t need much more encouragement as by now I was desperately horny -and so I did. His hand on it felt terrific and I think he realised that with much more of this I would come, so he asked if I would do the same for him and as he spoke he released a lovely thick 8” which he guided to my hand. I had never felt another guy’s cock before let alone a ‘grown up’ man’s which now was an enormous turn-on. He gently pushed me back on the settee and his mouth now closed around my rock hard tool, it was heaven, but he stopped after a short while and then I realised it was my turn. “ Take it fully into your mouth and gently suck the end as you slowly wank me” he said. I did this and could feel hime moving with pleasure. His fingers had by now found my arse and he was licking them before gently inserting one and then two into my hole. This was incredible and I was now definitely his to do with what he liked, and pushing myself and my arse against his hand. He asked if I had ever thought abought putting my cock into another guy’s arse and also getting someone to do it to me. I answered honestly that yes I had, but never thought I’d get a chance to experience it. He replied that if I tried it with one or other of my friends then I would probably be disappointed but with someone experienced it would be quite different. By now I knew that he meant himself and I was longing to feel what it would be like. He turned me over and I felt his hands gently part my cheeks, Next I felt the amazing sensation of his tongue in my hole and just relaxed and enjoyed the sensation, which took me over completely. After two or three minutes of real bliss he stopped and said that he’d like me to experience what it felt like to fuck someone before he would fuck me, and that it would be very easy for me to get into him. By now I was bursting and longing to feel his cock touch my hole. I said that I’d honestly like to feel hime bum me and not to worry but I would love to do it to him as well afterwards.

He slipped away to “get something to make it easier” and I lay still. He quickly returned and I felt his fingers again in my hole but well lubricated and he gently progressed from two to three and gently finger fucked me for a minute or two until his fingers slipped in and out easily. Next he moved me to the side of the settee where I was now kneeling, and stood behind me. I felt the tip of his bareback cock touch the centre of my hole and he gently began to ease it in. He was very patient and the whole thing so far had been so incredibly sexy. After another few seconds I realised that he had his cock in my hole and was beginning to move it back and fore and starting to fuck me. His movements got a little harder, quicker and deeper and were not at all uncomfortable due to the time he’d taken to prepare me.I can remember thinking at the time how great it felt and did I really have that thick 8” cock in my hole! He began to breathe more deeply and thrust deeper and his thighs banged my arse and I realised he was about to come. A few more deep thrusts and I could feel him pulsing inside me, and he collapsed onto me. Then, he eased me over and very gently kissed me and slowly began to move his tongue into my mouth. I had never experienced anything like this before but I loved it and began to move my tongue as well. He moved away after a little while and said that it was now my turn. He squatted on the sofa and said that I should fuck him. I was in no need of encouragement and guided the tip of my rock hard cock in the general direction of where I thought his hole would be, and pushed gently. I was astounded at how easily I slid into him and he gasped and said “All the way, as hard as you like” I pushed until I could go no further and then began to stroke away. “Harder , harder” he said urgently. It liteok 10 seconds or so before I was gushing into him and the sensation was indescribably good. We eventually rolled apart and he smiled at me and said “ I guess you enjoyed that didn’t you don’t worry about it being so quick, you really needed to come!” I just nodded my head vigorously.

Thus began a long term enthusiasm for sex with other guys throughout my life so far, and 40 years or so later I still cannot get enough. I’m sure the initiation by a much older and experienced guy whilst a teenager was a huge help at my first experience! The opportunities in my part of the UK ( West Wales) however are not very many and I would welcome advice on this .. I have always had a liking for ladies as well, but usually this will involve some gentle anal sex as part of the pleasure. Great.!