Written by Suzy

18 Feb 2017

My husband and l have been reading these stories on this and other sites for some time. In fact it has been these stories that have encouraged us to experiment and take some risks that we would never have done otherwise.

I’m Suzy, l’m 27, 5ft 7ins, dress size 12 with 34C boobs. I’m a dyed blonde, l wouldn’t say l’m a stunner but l don’t think l’m bad looking and Steve, my husband, agrees.

Steve is 29, 6ft 2ins, very athletic and muscular build, plays a lot of rugby. I think he’s handsome but l’ve heard him described as rugged.

We have been married for 6 years, we met in sixth form college and have been an item virtually since day one. Unfortunately, due to an illness l had as a teenager, l’m not able to have children, although we do plan to try adoption in a year or two.

We had been going out together for two years before we actually had full sex, there had been a lot of fumblings, mostly in the back of his car, and l had sucked him a couple of times. After the first time, it was like a switch had been thrown, we were shagging at every opportunity.

I love Steve very much, he’s big and strong and makes me feel safe, he also likes to be in charge which suits me, he is a great lover, has a nice cock, l’ve measured it at eight and a half inches and my hand doesn’t go round it. I like it when he takes charge of me when we’re having sex, telling me when to suck him, what position he wants to fuck me in and when to open my legs so he can lick my pussy. He never fails to make me cum with his mouth and that is lovely.

It was about the third time l sucked him when he came in my mouth, l was shocked and thought l would be sick, l started spitting it out, it was awful. I was upset afterwards and he promised not to do it again. I felt as if l had let him down and a few weeks later said l wanted him to do it again and l would try to swallow it, l couldn’t believe how easy it was, a bit salty but not horrible and the pleasure it gave him made me feel really good.

Steve has always helped me when buying clothes, he likes me to wear clothes that show off my figure, loves really high heels and in the summer he likes me to wear thin strappy dresses with no bra so he can see my nipples sticking out. He likes to watch other men looking at me, it says it makes him proud and l love that. When we are out at parties or the pub he likes me to flirt with other men, nothing serious, just a bit of a giggle. There have been times when someone has had a sly feel of my boob or put his hand on my bum but l would never go any further than that. I always told Steve afterwards and he always said it made him feel good if other men found me attractive.

A couple of years ago Steve asked me to watch some porn with him on his computer, l had never watched any before, it was just straight sex or sucking, l wasn’t very excited by it but Steve enjoyed playing with me while he watched and we always had great sex after so l was okay with it.

After a while he started switching to different sites and he always got more excited when he was watching a woman being dominated and humiliated. I found this a bit strange at first, but had to admit that it did turn me on, especially if there was spanking involved. One day l asked Steve if he would like to spank me, he tried to pass it off but l could tell he was excited by the idea, l had his cock out at the time and was kissing it as we watched a mature woman bending over an old man’s knee while he spanked her bare bum, another old man had his cock in her mouth. As soon as l asked Steve if he wanted to spank me, he came and l had to take him into my mouth to stop his cum ruining the sofa.

He asked me later if l was serious and l said that if it would make him happy l would give it a try. The first time was a bit tentative, he told me to strip naked and lie over his lap. He gave me a few smacks, not very hard, and l could feel a tingle in my pussy. I told him he could do it harder, he gave me two more on each side, really hard, and l came immediately, a really intense orgasm, my juices flooding over him and soaking his trousers.

We talked a lot after that, he telling me he found it exciting to watch the men treating their women harshly, dominating them and punishing them for any mistakes. I told him how much l loved it when he took charge of me and that l knew he loved me so l felt quite safe allowing him to dominate me. We discussed how far we would take it and we agreed to just see how it developed and that l was to tell him if l thought he had gone too far and that he would stop.

Just after that we went on holiday to Cornwall, Steve said he was fed up with seeing me in my old one piece swimsuit so bought me two new bikinis. I was a bit unsure as they were only two tiny triangles of material that hardly covered my boobs, and if l moved too quickly my boobs felt like they would pop out, the bottom part was just a thong, a tiny strip of material covering my shaved pussy and a thin cord going up the crack of my bum leaving my buttocks exposed. Steve insisted that he wanted to watch other men looking at me on the beach, l was a bit self conscious the first time l changed into it under a towel and then took the towel away but it didn’t take long to start enjoying the appreciative glances l was getting from other men and the cold stares l was getting from their women. That first evening Steve made me cum three times and told me how fantastic l had looked.

The next day we went to the beach again but this time he made me walk through the town in my bikini. I had a sarong covering the bottom half but that was virtually see through and if anything Steve said it was even sexier. We were further along the beach that day and we spotted a couple of women going topless, Steve told me to take my top off, l admit l found it thrilling, especially when he wanted me to play catch a ball, deliberately making me jump and run so my boobs were bouncing. He fucked me really hard that evening, doing me doggy style and spanking my bottom as he fucked me, it was lovely.

Typical of British weather, the next three days were raining so we drove around just looking at the county. When we had the next fine day, we went to the beach again, Steve had noticed an area of the beach where there were a lot of rocks and found us a very secluded spot. As we lay on the beach, l’d taken my top off and was lying at right angles to Steve with my head on his tummy. He began playing with my boobs, then told me to put my hand inside his shorts and play with his cock. We lay like that for a while, l was enjoying the sensations he was creating in my boobs and nipples and loving the feel of his rock hard cock pulsating in my hand. That was when he told me to suck him and without hesitation l turned my head, released his cock from his shorts and took him into my mouth. At that moment we could have been the only people on the planet, it just felt so good.

He was still playing with my nipples when l heard him give a deep groan, felt his cock swell and jerk in my mouth before he filled my mouth with his cum. I managed to swallow it all, feeling then how much l loved him.

As we both relaxed and his cock slipped from my mouth, l opened my eyes and gave a shriek as l saw a man standing about ten yards away, tucked behind a rock. He looked to be in his sixties, he had been watching us, he had his shorts pulled down at the front as he stroked his cock.

I went to get up to cover myself but Steve put his arm over me to stop me, he told me he had been watching the man through his sun glasses and that he had been excited seeing him watching what l was doing. The man had seen me panic and went to replace his shorts but Steve stopped him, calling him over. The man looked very uncertain, probably thinking this big chap might beat him up. I didn’t know what to do but Steve kept hold of me.

Once the man had walked over to us, Steve asked him if he’d enjoyed the show, the man replied that he thought l was beautiful and watching us had been the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Then Steve asked him if he wanted to finish his wank, l looked at Steve in shock but then he told me to help the man. I was dumbstruck, not sure what to do but Steve got very masterful, ordering me to get on my knees and give the man a good wank.

The man obviously couldn’t believe his luck, l started to move slowly but then Steve gave me a sharp smack on my bottom and told me to get a move on and make the man cum. I’d given Steve a few wanks over the years but l had never even seen another man’s cock let alone touched one, but l couldn’t deny the tingling l was getting in my pussy with the way Steve was ordering me to do it to a complete stranger.

I ended up on my knees in front of the man as he pulled his shorts down and took out his cock, it was about the same length as Steve’s but thinner but with a big purple head that visibly pulsated as l took hold of him. I started to stroke his cock, knowing how Steve liked me to run my nails over his sensitive head, l did the same to the man, he gave a groan and a shudder. Steve was telling me what to do, telling me to pump it faster. It didn’t take long before the man made a deep sighing noise, l felt his cock spasm and moved out of the way as the first ribbon of spunk shot past me, landing on the sand. I kept pumping him as he shot load after load, Steve telling me to keep going, to drain him dry.

Eventually the man was spent, there was a bit of an awkward silence then he just thanked me, pulled up his shorts and walked away. Steve pulled me toward him, kissing me and telling me l was beautiful and that he loved me, l was so happy to know that l had pleased him, my body churning inside thinking of what l had done.

Steve told me to get dressed and we went back to the hotel where we had another wonderful sex session, l came so many times and with such power l thought l would pass out. We hadn’t spoken on the way back to the hotel and the sex had been frantic and brutal for both of us, afterwards we just collapsed on the bed, gathering our thoughts.

Steve was the first to speak, asking what l thought about what had happened, l said l was confused, l needed to know if he had really wanted me to do it. His reply wasn’t what l’d expected when he said he had wanted to tell me to take the man’s cock in my mouth. We were silent for a while then he asked me if l would have done it if he’d told me to. I said that l would have done it as long as that was what he really wanted.

We talked at length about how he liked to see men watching me, and that he had conjured up scenarios in his head where he had watched me having sex with other men. As he spoke l could see him getting excited, his cock stiffening as he spoke, describing scenes where l would be used by a series of men, using my pussy and my mouth and that afterward Steve would spank me for behaving like a whore.

As he spoke, l could feel my pussy reacting and my nipples hardening. I started adding to his fantasy, telling him how it would feel to be taking cock after cock inside my pussy, to have cock after cock filling my mouth with spunk. Needless to say we were soon shagging again, this time doggy style, Steve grabbing my hair and pulling me roughly onto his thrusting cock.

I was so on edge l came twice before he finally collapsed onto me, his cock pumping more of his hot cum into me.

We only stayed one more day as Steve had to get back to the business, he owns a scaffolding business and there was a big contract coming up. As it happened, the day was dull anyway so we spent the day in Truro shopping.

The next couple of weeks was a busy time for Steve, the business was doing very well and he decided to take over another firm, that meant he could take on some big, lucrative contracts. I busied myself with my usual round of coffee mornings and shopping but the image of what had happened on that beach was never far from my thoughts. Steve had bought me a selection of vibrators that he like to watch me use on myself and one of them had a striking resemblance to that old man’s cock. I found myself using it at least once a day, imagining the scene had gone further, seeing myself laid back with my legs open while that old man shagged me, Steve encouraging him to fuck me harder.

Steve and l still had sex regularly and sometimes he would talk to me about that day, saying he wished l had sucked that cock and taken his spunk. When he said those things l got really turned on and pretended the old man had his cock in my mouth while Steve fucked me, telling him how it tasted, and how l loved my mouthful of his spunk. A couple of times Steve said he wanted to spank me for behaving like a slut on the beach, l enjoyed that, usually having a mini orgasm while he spanked me followed by a nice powerful one when he threw me down and fucked me hard.

I found myself, more and more, trawling the porn sites when l was alone. Eventually l found a lot of clips of a thing called dogging. Sometimes the woman was sat in the car, either naked or just with her tits out, while strangers watched from outside, all playing with their cocks. Often they would grope the woman's boobs and sometimes finger her. Then l found some where the woman leaned out of the window and sucked the cocks.

I started reading stories about dogging, men saying how they enjoyed watching strangers using their wives like a whore, shooting their spunk over her tits and face. I found videos of that happening, and some of women actually being fucked. I would use one of my vibrators as l watched and had some powerful orgasms.

Steve came home early one afternoon, l had to shut down the computer in a hurry and dash into the shower before he saw how flushed l was. That evening he said he had some work to do on the computer, when he switched it on, l hadn’t cleared the page down properly and he discovered what l’d been watching. He wasn’t angry with me but wanted to know what l’d been up to. I told him the truth, about how l kept thinking about that day on the beach, and how l’d found these sites that showed women having sex with strangers, sometimes in broad daylight.

Steve said l had been very naughty and that l deserved a good spanking, that made me very wet in my pussy. That was when he told me he had bought a new toy, he told me to strip and bend over the back of the sofa, he went out and when he came back he was carrying something that looked like a big table tennis bat with holes in.

Steve told me it was called a paddle and that he was going to use it to spank me. He started quite softly but l found it quite stinging and rather stimulating. Slowly he started to spank me harder, the loud noise of the paddle hitting my bare bum just added to the atmosphere.

It was much more painful than when he used his hand, but l could feel my pussy creaming as he spanked me.

After a few strokes, my bum was stinging, he stopped spanking me. Came around in front of me and grabbed my hair. His cock was rock hard in front of my face but when l opened my mouth for him he suddenly thrust it hard into my mouth. He forced it right to the back of my throat, l gagged on it but he forced me to take it, withdrawing slightly and then ramming it back in. He started calling me names, saying l was his cheap cocksucking slut. He was fucking my mouth as if it was my pussy, l was struggling to take him but at the same time could feel my own juices running out of my pussy.

Steve had never treated me that way before, but l was loving it, desperately taking his cock as he pulled my hair as he fucked me. I even put my hands on his bum, encouraging him to shove it in harder. I had never felt like that before, l felt like a cheap slut.

Steve came with a shudder, driving deep into my throat as he pumped his spunk into me. I was choking and trying to swallow but much of it was escaping. He was still calling me dirty names, pulling his cock out and shooting the last of his spunk over my face.

He collapsed on the sofa next to me, l cuddled up to him, laying my head in his lap so that l could kiss his wilting cock, licking the last dregs of spunk off it. It was a while before either of us spoke, when he did he started to say he was sorry, l stopped him, telling him it had been one of the most exciting things we had ever done and that l loved him so much. He asked if my bottom was sore, he told me it was bright red, l assured him that it was still tingling and that l like the feeling. I felt so happy that l had pleased him and told him how much l loved it when he took charge of me like that and that l would do anything for him.

It was a couple of days later that Steve told me he had booked another holiday for us and that this time he would be taking me to a nudist holiday camp in France, he said it was strictly adults only and he believed there was a lot of open air sex there. I was very excited, not really knowing what to expect. We would be leaving in two weeks and l lost count of the orgasms l had with my vibrators imagining what might happen when we got there.

I have just noticed how long this is, l’m sure l have bored most of you silly. If any of you want to hear how we got on in France and some of our adventures since, l will write some more.