Written by Suzy

3 Mar 2017

Sorry for waiting so long since my last post but things have been very exciting here, more of that later.

Steve was very busy in the two weeks before our holiday, he was trying to secure a big contract and one evening he said that he had invited the boss of the firm he was dealing with to come around for dinner in a couple of days.

We were on the sofa watching tv, l had my head resting on his tummy, l had taken his cock out and was kissing it while he played with my boobs. He told me that when this man came round he wanted me to be extra nice to him. I could tell he was getting excited as his cock was getting hard and l asked him what he meant. He said he wanted me to flirt with the man but that l could take it a bit further. His cock was really hard by now and as l stroked him a little bead of pre cum oozed from the eye, l licked it off.

I felt like teasing him a bit so acted a bit dumb, asking him what he meant by taking it further. He said that he would make up some story so that he had to pop out for a while and that l was then to flirt with the man and let him play with my boobs. He then said that he would like me to suck the man’s cock but l wasn’t to let him fuck me. He said he wanted to come back and catch me sucking his cock and that would help him get the contract.

The next two days l was in a constant state of excitement, my pussy seemed to be permanently soaking. The evening before the dinner, Steve got very masterful with me, telling me l had to be very sexy with the man and that he would punish me hard if l didn’t do my job properly. He told me l had to act like a whore as the man might like to be rough with me. I was so turned on, l had to ask Steve to spank me with the paddle, he gave me some hard smacks that stung but made me cum, then he fucked me doggy style, pulling my hair and calling me a slut and after he’d cum l licked all the juices off his cock.

Steve had bought me a new dress for the evening, a red halter neck that left my back exposed right down to the swell of my bum and a neck line right down to my tummy button. I wasn’t allowed underwear and there was a good view of the swell of my boobs. The skirt was very short and in my high heels l was sure the bottom was of my bum was on show but Steve said that it was okay.

When the man arrived, Steve introduced us, his name was Fred, he was about sixty, shorter than me and very fat, he was almost bald but had one of those silly comb overs that look so stupid. I could tell he liked what he saw, his eyes hardly left my boobs. I felt like Steve was dangling me before him, as if l was on offer. I tried my best to be friendly but l admit l was quite repulsed by him especially as he seemed to be constantly sweating and had a slightly stale odour.

Steve came out to the kitchen to help me get the food, taking the opportunity to tell me l had to do my part as he desperately needed the contract. I was a tangle of emotions, desperately wanting to please Steve but l had to tell him that l didn’t like Fred and found him repulsive. Steve got quite angry with me telling me l had to do my bit or he would punish me hard and cancel the holiday. He told me he loved me and that l had to do my job to prove l loved him. I knew the contract was very important and l was desperate to please Steve.

I sat next to Fred at the able and sure enough it wasn’t long before l felt his hand resting on my leg, just above my knee, he was also taking every opportunity to look down the front of my dress, l managed to catch Steve’s eye and he smiled at me and winked to tell me he was happy with me. I felt Fred’s hand move to the inside of my thigh and slide upward, l decided to throw caution to the wind and moved my thighs apart. I felt his hand move up, his fingers finding my naked pussy. I could tell he was surprised not to find a pair of panties by the hesitation in his voice as he spoke to Steve. I allowed him to slip one finger just inside my pussy lips before l said that l would clear away the dishes and fetch the desert.

I was in the kitchen when Steve came up behind me, putting his arms round me and squeezing my boobs, he kissed my neck, telling me he was proud of the effort l was making. He said that during desert he would find an excuse to go out and leave us together, he said for me to encourage Fred to follow me into the kitchen so that he could watch through the window.

About ten minutes later, Steve said he needed to get some documents from his car, that he would be ten minutes. Once he had gone l asked Fred to help me clear the table. I was stood near the sink when Fred came up beside me, putting his hand on my bare back, he told me he though l was beautiful as his hand travelled down and up under my skirt to my bare bum.

I smiled at him, telling him he was naughty but wriggled my bum to let him know l was enjoying the attention. I said that Steve would be back soon, so would he like me to suck his cock. He couldn’t believe his luck and asked if he could see my tits. I pulled my halter over my head, revealing my boobs, he wanted to kiss my nipples so l told him to be quick as l wanted to taste his cock. He gave my nipples some wet, slobbering kisses that were quite pleasant, then l told him to get his cock out as l dropped to my knees in front of him.

He was in such a state he could hardly undo his trousers so l had to help. I had to stifle a laugh when l saw his boxer shorts, they were covered in cartoon characters. When l pulled them down l was confronted with his big hairy belly and a huge mat of pubic hair. I could see his balls hanging down but l couldn’t see his cock. I separated his pubic hair and found it, it was tiny, about the size of my thumb. I tried to get it into my mouth but it was very unpleasant as l got a mouthful of pubic hair. Eventually l managed to get the end in my mouth and l felt it grow a bit. At least it didn’t smell and taste as stale as l had expected. I sucked him as hard as l could, giving his balls a gentle squeeze. I knew Steve was watching and hoped he was pleased with me.

It didn’t take long for him to cum and as soon as l felt his first spasm l put my hand up to signal to Steve. There wasn’t much spunk and l swallowed it easily but stayed with my mouth working his cock until l heard Steve come into the kitchen. Fred tried pushing me away, as if somehow he could pretend we weren’t doing anything but Steve stopped him saying it wasn’t a problem. As we both readjusted our clothing, Steve explained to Fred that l was a bit of a cum slut and that l had asked him earlier if he would let me suck his cock.

Fred was very quiet, obviously he couldn’t believe his luck, but then Steve told him that he would have to go as we had an early start the next day. He then told Fred that if he agreed to give Steve the contract then he would be happy for me to pay him a private visit. Fred assured him that there would be no problem with the contract. After Fred had left, we had a glass of wine and a laugh about the size of Fred’s cock. Steve told me he was very proud of me and l asked him if he wanted to spank me for being a slut.

I had a lovely spanking, followed by Steve using his mouth on me and giving me a wonderful orgasm.

Over the next couple of days we had a lot of laughs over Fred’s underpants and his tiny cock, Steve told me that he had a job to stop laughing out loud as he watched me try to find his cock in the thick pubic hair, he said he had his cock out and was masturbating while he watched.

The day before we left for our holiday, Steve told me that Fred had signed the contract so l would have to pay him a visit after we got back to say thank you. I said it was like Steve was using me as the company whore, he said that if it upset me then we could stop it but l told him l wanted him to be proud of me and also that it was only a bit of fun. Steve said that the only problem was that we wouldn’t be able to stay for the full week as he needed to get back to the office for the next weekend.

I was a bit disappointed as l was quite excited about the holiday, but Steve said we could stay for four days and that if we liked it we could return later in the year. We took a cheap flight to an airport about an hour from the camp and took a taxi. Steve speaks a lot of French so he sorted everything out.

At the camp we were told that nudity was not compulsory but that clothing was optional anywhere inside the camp. Also the camp was strictly adults only which pleased us as we didn’t like the idea of children being about.

As we made our way to our log cabin we saw lots of naked people of all ages and sizes, l was fascinated at all the different sizes of cocks, and felt very proud that Steve’s was bigger than most of them. Steve was enjoying looking at all the naked women and by the time we reached our cabin we were both quite randy. Steve wanted to fuck me so once we’d stripped off l leaned against the window ledge so that we could watch the naked people outside while he fucked me. It was very sexy as Steve talked about all the cocks we could see and how they would feel if he let them fuck me. It didn’t take long for us both to cum, then we showered together which was lovely.

We decided to take a walk around the camp, l was rather nervous about walking around naked in front of all those people but Steve assured me that l had nothing to worry about apart from jealousy from the women. I was amazed at how everyone behaved as if being naked was the most natural thing in the world, everyone was very friendly and judging by the variety of greetings we had, there were a few nationalities there.

Steve had one of those belt bags to carry his money and we went to the shop and bought a few essentials, we had paid for a welcome pack of groceries to be provided in the cabin so we didn’t need much. We met another British couple in their fifties, Paula and John, Paula was a motherly type, short and chubby with large boobs that sagged quite a bit, l noticed that as we talked, she was constantly looking at Steve’s cock. John was very pleasant, not much taller than Paula, with a fat belly like Fred but with a much bigger cock, almost as big as Steve, he obviously liked what he saw in me. They told us they had been regulars for over ten years and we spent the rest of the afternoon with them, drinking wine beside the pool.

We talked about normal things for a while but then l said that l had expected to see people having sex, she laughed, explaining that everyone treated nudity as normal and while some couples did have sex openly the camp it was not an excuse for an orgy. John laughed and said that he would be willing to oblige if l felt the need to experiment, we all laughed but l saw a twinkle in Steve’s eye and knew he was thinking of me and Fred. Paula even remarked that it looked like the conversation was having an effect on Steve, indicating his growing cock. Steve went to cover himself with his hands but Paula stopped him saying she was enjoying watching it. Steve made a joke about how Paula might like to do more than look, she replied that she wouldn’t mind sampling it and she was sure John would like to try me for size.

It really was a strange conversation, sat together, calmly discussing the prospect of us fucking each other, in fact the conversation got quite raunchy, at one point Paula reached over and took hold of Steve’s cock saying she was getting quite wet and why didn’t we go back to their cabin. Steve looked at me, l could tell what he wanted so l nodded and without hesitation we made our way to their cabin.

John had his hand on my bum all the way back, telling me l was beautiful and that he was looking forward to fucking me, it was such a strange situation but l admit l was very excited, especially watching Steve and Paula walking with their arms round each other, Steve openly fondling her boob. No-one seemed to take any notice, in fact we passed another couple laying on the grass, the woman openly sucking his cock, that just turned me on even more.

Once we entered the cabin, Paula immediately dropped to her knees, taking Steve into her mouth, at the same time John picked me up, he seemed very strong, carried me to the sofa then spread my legs and knelt before me and clamped his mouth to my pussy. He was very good with his mouth and tongue, not rushing me but building me up slowly. I was watching Paula and Steve, he was obviously very excited and it didn’t take him long to cum, Paula taking all his spunk.

It was an awesome incredible scene, l could feel my orgasm building, l had my thighs clamped around John’s neck as he expertly worked on my clit and pussy. His hands were on my boobs, kneading them and pulling my nipples, l wanted him to fuck me but his mouth was so good l couldn’t let him go and l cried out as my orgasm ripped through me, the heat flowing down through my body, l was still quivering as John pulled away saying he wanted to fuck me, l opened my legs wide for him and he entered me with one powerful thrust.

I noticed that Paula had managed to keep Steve hard and she was now on her back on the floor with Steve ramming his cock into her, it was so wild, it was like watching a porn movie but better because l had John’s cock sliding in and out of my cunt. He wanted to kiss me and it seemed the most natural thing to do, l didn’t even think about our age difference or the fact that he was a short, fat man, l just wanted him to fuck me.

Paula was shouting to Steve to give it her harder, she was also calling to John, encouraging him to give me a good fucking, not that he needed any help, l could feel another orgasm coming, expecting him to cum at the same time but as my juices flowed but he carried on banging away at my pussy, his fingers were buried in the soft flesh of my boobs and he was driving me to the edge again. I was begging him to cum, begging him to fill me with spunk, l could hear Paula crying out that she was cumming. John took me to the brink again, but he was very clever, just as l was about to cum he slowed, holding me there. My body was crying out for release, l begged him to finish me but he just smiled at me. I could hear Paula crying that she was cumming, l tried to work John harder so that l could follow, he was driving me crazy.

Finally he went back to attacking my poor pussy, pummelling me and grinding into me. My flood came with a glorious hot surge through my body as he gave one final lunge and emptied into me. I could feel him pulsating time and time again as he gave me his spunk, l held him close, working my cunt to milk the last drop from him.

We separated, lying exhausted on the floor along with Steve and Paula. After a while Paula and l trotted off to the bathroom to freshen up, then we all sat around the room, drinking wine while John and Paula told us about their life. They told us they had a group of four other couples living close to them in the Midlands and that they met regularly and experiment in different sorts of sex.

Steve was interested to hear them talking about bondage and how they enjoyed spanking and sometimes took it further. I said that l enjoyed being spanked and described the paddle that Steve sometimes used. Paula asked if we would be interested in having a bondage session with them, it sounded very exciting when they described how they would like to tie me up and punish me, Paula even said she would like to make me her sex slave, l wasn’t sure exactly what she meant by that but my pussy was tingling as she talked about it.

It was getting quite late and Steve and l were feeling the effects of the travelling and the exercise we had just had. We decided to say goodnight, promising to meet up again the following day. Steve and l walked back to our cabin naked which was another weird experience. I asked him if he had minded me fucking John, l had never been fucked by anyone beside Steve and l felt quite nervous about what l’d done. He told me that he had loved watching me taking a John and that he was very proud of me.

When we got back to our cabin, Steve told me he thought l should be spanked for behaving like a slut, he sat on the sofa and l lay over his lap. He gave me some hard slaps on my bottom and l felt my pussy reacting, l didn’t cum but then he told me to sit on the sofa and spread my legs. He knelt on the floor and started working on my clit and pussy with his mouth and tongue. He always gives me wonderful orgasms like that but the thought that there would still be some of John’s spunk still inside me as Steve’s tongue delved into me made it even more exciting and l soon came, my juices flowing into his eager mouth.

After we had showered, we went to bed, Steve held me close, kissing me and telling me he loved me. He also said he was looking forward to more adventures before we had to go home. I had lovely dreams that night, l kept seeing all the different cocks l’d seen that day, but this time they were all standing up hard waiting to fuck me.

I will tell you about our other adventures next time.