26 Dec 2015

My wife and I enjoy a good sex life, watch porn together and enjoy mutual masturbation. I always talk dirty to her fantasizing about another guy playing with her whilst I watch. This always getting her very turned on and cums several times.

We were out one night and I was driving and pulled over into a small car park off the main road. I turned the car off and started kissing and running my hand up her skirt. My wife is 49, sexy size 12 with a shaved pussy. Another car came into the car park and the driver parked about 5 spaces away turned the engine off and just sat there.

Before I knew it I noticed he was by my wife's window looking in, I put the interior light on to let him watch me finger my wife, her eyes were closed and I asked her to unbutton her blouse and show her tits. The man outside knocked her window which startled her and I turned off the light so she could see him. I could tell she was nervous but also horny. I turned the ignition just so I could lower the electric Windows, he muttered hi ya and asked if we wanted to play. I asked what he wanted and what does he have to offer. Without any further discussion he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zip and pulled out a nice thick looking cock & said you can both suck this.

He started wanking his cock and then without asking reached inside the car and pushed my hand out the way and took over fingering my wife. He had thick fingers and my wife was gasping as he pushed two deep inside her. She couldn't take her eyes off his cock and he noticed and told her to touch his cock and squeeze it. He then opened her door and asked her to get out, it seemed we lost all control and before I could object she was kneeling before him and sucking on his cock.

I knew my wife would be enjoying it so I also got out of the car and walked round to watch. He said my wife was fucking amazing at sucking cock and he wanted to fuck her. My wife stood up at this point and opened the rear door and bent over, he pulled up her skirt, roughly pulled her thong to one side and entered her pussy, my wife murmured he's so fucking big, so I just let him fuck her pussy.

I never knew we would end up doing this and to be honest I didn't know how to feel, jealous, horny, confused who knows. After a few minutes of him fucking her he said he was going to cum so I just said cum inside her, finish what you started. With that he did and must of given her 3 or 4 pumps of spunk.

We then said goodbye and drove off and she asked why I didn't join in, I said what do you mean & she remembered him saying that we could both suck his cock. She said she'd love to watch that. When we got home we went straight to the bedroom, I pushed her down, pulled her knickers off and buried my face in her pussy and filled my mouth with her juices and what was left of his spunk

Maybe next time more will happen if there is a next time. I do fantasise about being in a 69 with her on top and watching a big cock fucking her and using my tongue to pleasure both