Written by Angie

27 Apr 2012

My story really begins almost thirty years ago, when I was 18, young, free and though I didn't think so at the time, a Slut. I lived in a town with a large military camp nearby, thousands of young guys eager to fuck any available girl and I was more than willing to have sex with as many of them as possible. I would fuck or suck just about anywhere, in the toilets, behind the NAAFI, sometimes half a dozen or more guys queuing for their turn to shag me or for me to suck their cocks. If I was short of cash I would sometimes take money, a fiver for a blow job, a tenner for a fuck I seem to recall.

Over the next couple of years I was probably fucked by well over a hundred different guys. I would go to their barrack blocks, where there were often six or a dozen to a room, where I was frequently watched having sex, which I found a turn on. Sometimes I'd masturbate in front of a group of guys or entertain them by performing sex acts on myself with bottles or anything else that would fit in my cunt, aerosols, baseball bat, the handle then the thick end of a cricket bat, pool cues, whatever was available. I'd let them fist me, one guy lifting me above his head with his fist in my cunt. Often I'd suck one off while another fucked me, I'd do or try more or less anything. More than once I was passed from bed to bed and fucked by all the guys in the room. On one occasion I was fucked by the occupants of two rooms, about 20 of them, many of then having me two or three times before I left in the morning. My reputation as the “Camp Bike” because everyone rode me, was well earned.

Like all good things it ended when I finished college, moved away and had to start working for a living. I had steady boyfriends, a few times slipping back into my old ways, between boyfriends. I'd go off with two or three guys, letting them take turns to fuck me, because I enjoyed it. I eventually settled down but sometimes missed the pleasures of being taken repeatedly or having two guy's cocks in my pussy together.

I married George, who was my boss, and knew nothing of my past. He is now fifty nine and twelve years older than me. I continued working, though now I only do temping, and he has a senior managerial job, giving us a fairly affluent lifestyle. I have been mostly faithful, keeping my knickers on and legs together except for two or three one night stands. About 2 years ago he fell off his horse whilst we were out riding and broke his hip. After it mended it was still painful and sex became a problem no matter what positions we tried. To make matters worse he started to have problems getting an erection, refused to see the doctor, eventually being unable to perform. We'd always had sex regularly and I liked to try and be a bit adventurous in bed, and if I didn't get fucked at least every other day could get a bit moody unless I masturbated. I desperately missed fucking, despite relieving my needs with toys.

About the same time as George's cock failed, I started the menopause. All my older friends gave me knowing looks, your vagina will be dry, you'll irritable, you won't be interested in sex, (ever again one suggested looking pleased at the thought, the stupid cow) seemed to be the majority opinion. One and a half out of three predictions were correct. No Sex? I wanted it more than ever. I was a little dryer, I just needed to stimulate myself more to get my pussy wet or a dab of lube to get things started. Irritable, they were right there, most likely because I wasn't getting fucked.

George knew how frustrated I was and it was his idea that I take a lover. We were already sleeping in separate bedrooms and though he wasn't prepared to allow me to bring a man to the marital home to fuck me, which was understandable, he agreed that if I found some one I could stay with them for two or three nights a week. I didn't think I'd have to much trouble finding a guy. Though I was forty five at the time, my figure was and still is good, slim with a flat stomach, a trim little bum, decent legs, the odd line and wrinkle, but probably fewer than most women my age. My tits looked great following a boob job a year previously, a pert 32c tipped by small dark upturned nipples. I did get chatted up and invited out by three or four men, all of them younger than me, which I took as a complement. I didn't particularly fancy any of them but I’d been to bed with one of them a few times. The sex wasn't especially memorable but it had satisfied my needs at the time.

There was also a young lad of 21 or 22, Jimmy, who worked as a hand at the stables who I saw most days. Georges horse had been sold but I kept mine and liked to ride several times a week. I'd seen him watching me and he usually came over for a chat. I for my part, like several of the other women, couldn't help drooling over him. If he was nearby I’d asked for his help when mounting or dismounting, instead of using the mounting block. Thinking about mounting him rather than the horse, with his large hand on my leg or bum, once accidentally slipping and ending up between my legs touching my pussy. I say accidental but his grin suggested otherwise and my response was no accident, clamping my thighs together, trapping his hand against my pussy, until he slowly pulled it free and gave me a smack on the bum. About 6 foot, muscular broad chest, blue eyed, fair haired, and according to rumour, hung like a stallion, who wouldn't fancy him. More than once I'd laid in bed masturbating imagining he was fucking me.

I became determined to have sex with him, he didn't currently have a girlfriend, I flirted with him, hadn't objected to him touching me. Though nothing had been said I was sure he knew I wanted him to fuck me, there just hadn't been an opportunity. It was towards the end of June, a few days after he'd “accidentally” touched my pussy that I got the opportunity. I'd gone up about lunchtime, the owner was away for a few days, the yard deserted except for Jimmy who was using the Manitou to move stuff to the barn. He waved as I went to catch my horse, and again after I'd tacked him up leaving the yard for a hack. It was a pleasant afternoon, I was wearing ankle boots, jodhpurs and a cotton T shirt, enjoying the warmth. I had gone about a mile when I heard a rumble of thunder from behind me. The last place I wanted to be was on horseback in a thunderstorm, so turned back heading towards the approaching clouds. I almost made, about 200yards from the yard, the skies opened and within seconds I was drenched.

At the yard Jimmy took the reins tethered the horse, then helped me down, his hands on my waist, before he stepped back looking at me. The T shirt plastered to my skin, sports bra visible, my nipples poking out, water dripping on the floor. I had a bag in the car outside, a couple of old towels and jeans and a jumper. I asked him if he'd fetch the bag deciding I'd never have a better chance or excuse. I pulled the T shirt over my head and was wringing it out when he returned. I asked him to get the towels out, adding, “I'm soaking. I'll have to get out of these Jodhpurs. You don't mind do you?” “You carry on” he replied, turning to watch. I got my boots off, peeled the Jod's from my bum, sitting back against a couple of straw bales. I looked over at him, “Give me a hand. They're practically glued on” I laughed.

He peeled them off, put them over the stable door, turning back looking at me. “Your knickers look as wet” I glanced down. I could see my dark trimmed pubes through the thin wet material. I looked back up at him “My bra is too. You'd better take them off for me then” I told him. He didn't need asking twice. He gripped the sides of my panties, slowly pulling them down to my ankles. I kicked them away, letting my legs fall open, revealing my cunt, wet with my juices not the rain. I let him see for several seconds before standing and turning, “Don't forget my bra” I reminded him. He fiddled with the fastening, unclasping it, releasing my firm tits and I let it slide down my arms to the ground.

Picking up a towel I asked him to dry me. I stood naked with my back to him, as he started at my shoulders, down my back. I shivered with longing, as he reached my bum, parting my legs as he dried my legs, his hand touching my pussy when he did my thighs. I turned to face him, looked down at his overalls, a good size bulge in evidence. I raised my arms, my tits rising as he dried my neck, under my arms then my breasts, I held my tits, my nipples so hard they almost hurt, as he dried beneath them. He continued down my belly, my hand following the towel as he worked lower, my hips then my mound. He crouched down lifting my feet, removing my socks, then starting at my ankles, slowly, deliberately teasingly dried my legs, reaching my knees. I moved my legs, about two feet apart, my cunt at his eye level.

I couldn't resist any longer, my hand just above my mons, fingers brushing through my pubes until they were touching my clitoral hood. I began rubbing my pussy, easing the hood back, my erect clitoris peeping out as I masturbated. My hole was dripping as I slipped a couple of fingers in, wanking inches from Jimmy's face. I reached with my other hand, taking the towel from him, putting it on the bales behind me, then put my hand on his head pulling him to my cunt. “Lick me” I gasped. I thrust my pussy onto his mouth, his tongue licking and probing my hole, as I continued teasing my clitoris. Nice as it was, I wanted his cock in me. I stopped frigging myself taking hold of his overalls, I pulled him to his feet, practically ripping the top open. He was bare chested underneath, I bent kissing and sucking his nipples, and his torso as I sank to my knees, fully opening his overalls. He pulled his arms free, I tugged them down over his hips along with his underwear, releasing his cock.

His cock sprang out, not as large as rumoured or the biggest I'd ever seen or had, but a quite impressive eight inches, maybe a little more, very thick though, which I think is more important and rock hard. I stroked it, squeezing gently, clear pre cum oozing from the tip. I dropped my left hand back down to my pussy, keeping myself just simmering, while I took his cock in my mouth, my lips stretched tightly round his girth. I sucked taking about half in my mouth, lightly dragging my teeth along his shaft, whilst softly frigging my clitty. I love the feel and taste of a nice hard cock in my mouth, but my cunt was sending urgent messages that it needed it's attention.

I released his prick, standing up holding his cock, I sat back on the towel on top of the bales, laid back with my bum on the edge, spread my legs and told him to fuck me. Holding my legs he moved until his prick touched my hole, pushed just the end in and out three or four times, before entering me, sliding his thick cock up me, stretching my cunt until he'd fully penetrated my impatient fuck hole. He began to fuck me, his heavy balls slapping my bum. He raised my legs, pushing them up, squashing my tits. He forced his cock in harder, seeming to penetrate me even more deeply. He steadily brought me to the boil, fucking me hard, until I orgasmed. I was still trembling when he pulled out, released my legs, pulled me to my feet, turned me around, bent me over the bales and entered me from behind.

I love to be taken from behind, to be held down, immobile, unable to move and fucked hard and deep. Even better if I’m tied or cuffed not an option in the barn, but I like to be spanked or caned too. “Spank me” I gasped, he gave my bum a slap. “Harder” I demanded. He gave me two harder slaps. Thrusting his cock up me, slapping my buttocks as he pulled out. My bum had a nice warm glowing feeling “Better” I encouraged. “Now use this” I picked up my riding crop from in front of me, passing it to him. He continued fucking me, swinging the cane experimentally two or three times, smacking it on the straw next to me. He pulled almost out, I heard the swish of the crop, then the delicious sting across my buttocks. He drove his cock back up me, ramming it in and out three or four times, then swish, stinging more, harder this time. I moaned with pleasure, “Again, do it again harder” He pumped his cock in and out and lashed my bum again. I squealed “Yes like that. Fuck me and thrash my arse” I shouted. He fucked me, whipping my arse another ten or a dozen times before I cried out for him to stop, my cunt pulsing and rippling on his cock, the wonderful warm feeling spreading out from my pussy as I orgasmed, moaning and sobbing with satisfaction as I felt his cock pulse, pumping his seed deep into my grateful cunt.

He pulled out and I heard him pulling his overalls back on. I lay over the bales, enjoying the relief of the cool air on my burning buttocks, feeling his spunk pour from my hole, some running down my legs, more dripping to the ground. I stood up looked at my watch, almost 3pm, the schools would be finishing for the day and kids arriving to ride in about half an hour. I felt my bum, touching the raised weals, relishing the reminder it would give me of Jimmy fucking and caning me, for several days to come. I pulled my jumper on and went over to untack my horse, leaving my bum exposed for as long as possible, before gently easing my jeans over my sore arse.

Jimmy fucked me again twice that week, and my bum had the marks for sometime after, just as well George and I have separate bedrooms. The following week the owner was back and we only got one chance to fuck, but the week after, George was away on business and I spent three nights, the first of many, with Jimmy at the house, actually I think it's a squat, where he lives with about 15 people, mostly guys and that's where I really slipped back into my naughty old ways.