17 Jul 2018

After meeting our new friend Leon at a hotel for our Anniversary by chance, just a quick summary.

We were chatting with him he fancied Stella she fancied him and I wondered would she fuck him on our Anniversary?

We took bottles of champagne from he bar up to our room. I removed Stella’s skirt revealing her nude seamed stockings and Leon told me to take off her knickers. Then Stella removed his shirt and kissed her way down his body to his chocolate brown cock as Leon was of mixed race. She sank to her knees pulled his boxers down and out sprang a very thick brown cock at 7.5 inches. She opened her mouth and very slowly while looking up at her new lover began to suck his cock right in front of me on our Anniversary.

Stella worked his cock in and out of her mouth and cupped his big brown balls, working and licking his shaft up and down and licking his head. Leon however wanted to be in control and shortly after my wife giving him a blow job he began to feed his cock rather crudely into her mouth and down her throat causing her to gag a little, then pushing it in her mouth and working his cock to the side of the inside of her mouth and popping it out from the side, it just looked crude the way he did it. He kept repeating pushing his cock in my wife’s mouth then pushing it to the side and popping it out, I think Stella really liked what he was doing to her.

Just as I thought it was a little crude the way he was treating my wife he told her to stick her tongue out and began to slap his cock onto her tongue, and also slapped her cheeks. “He he fucking slut” he said.

“Mmmm Yeah” Said Stella.

He kept doing this for a couple of minutes then popped his cock once again out of her mouth and said “Now give your husband an anniversary kiss”,

My wife did as she was told and began to kiss me our tongues meeting. I could taste the studs cock from my wife’s mouth a salty musky taste, I loved it. Leon repeated putting his cock into my wife’s mouth and making us kiss a few times.

He pulled out of Stella’s mouth and told her to lie on the bed, she took off her heels and lay down and spread her stockinged legs for him exposing her bald pussy. He noticed her painted patterned toenails “Nice” he said and began to suck her toes and at the same time fingered her love hole, Stella gasped. Shortly after my our new mate went down in her pussy and he expertly ate her out, Stella’s hands were running over his head as he gently bit my wife’s clit.

He got up on the bed and held his thick brown shaft towards Stella’s unprotected vagina and I don’t know why I said it but I had thoughts that this stud was going to be a little rough and we had only met him a couple of hours ago.

“Would you like a condom?” I asked.

“Are you for real, you want me to fuck your wife on your anniversary, you’re the kinky bastards,!I want to fuck the shit out of your wife and put my load in her, I haven’t had sex in ages. Let’s ask her shall we,

Do you want me to wear a condom?”

“No I want to feel you inside me with your brown cock and I want you to cum in me, I need to be fucked and I need to be fucked now fuck me Leon” she said.

He sniggered and held his cock to the entrance of my wife’s open pussy he pulled his foreskin back revealing his huge helmet.

“Hold her legs open for me Wes I’m going to fuck your wife rotten I’m going to give her the fuck of her life you’ll see”.

With that he pushed his big fat cock crudely into my wife’s unprotected vagina, pushing it all the way in. As he withdrew I could see Stella’s pussy juice coating and glistening his shaft. As he fucked my wife he mentioned that he loved her sexy seamed stockings and while I held her legs up he ran his tongue down one of the seams, just thought I’d mention that as it was so erotic.

Shortly after he told Stella to get on all fours as he was going to fuck her doggystyle, I got on the opposite side of the bed so I could see her face.

Gee whizz he wasn’t lying when he said he was going to fuck the shit out of her, he absolutely slammed into her from behind with furious thrusts and the slapping sounds they were making were really loud.

As he fucked my wife doggy he held her face hard while slamming his cock in her calling her a slut and saying “Who’s the boss?”.

He also held his hand on her throat and had an aggressive look on his face, in my mind I felt like asking him to stop as I didn’t envisage my wife being fuck this rough at all. The thing that stopped me from asking him to go a little gentler on Stella was that she was moaning almost screaming “Oh fuck oh fuck, you’re fucking me so good I’m gonna cum” she came on his cock. Then in one pincer movement without pulling his cock from my wife, he leant back pulling Stella onto him in reverse cowgirl position. I now had a full view of his fat brown cock stretching my wife’s pussy and his large balls slapping her private area. With his arms and elbows, he wrapped them around my wife arms roughly and held them back, he then continued his aggressive assault on her vagina. It was an incredible sight I didn’t think she would take such a brutal fuck and enjoy it. He pinched her nipples and tits and made red marks on them as he fucked her reverse cowgirl, he also sucked on her neck and gave her love bites. For me it was so erotic that he called her a slut while she agreed and the sight of him pummelling her pussy while her stockinged feet with painted toenails rested on his thighs was such a sexy sight.

Just then he got her back on all fours and said he was almost ready to cum.

“What do you want Stella?” He said

“I want you to fuck me till you cum” she said.

“Yeah” he said

He fucked Stella really hard once again and every now and then slapped her arse cheeks as he fucked her.

Stella motioned for me to come over to her “I want to suck a cock” she said, I obliged my wife and she took my cock in her mouth while her new lover fucked her doggystyle. I was near to Leon now as my wife got spit roasted, he looked at me eyes glazed

“What do you want me to do? Do you want me to cum in your wife?”

“Yes Leon I want you to cum in my wife I want you to cum in her pussy, fill her with bull spunk” I said.

“Yeah pity she weren’t a little younger I’d fucking knock you up” he said to Stella,

She came again and orgasmed on his cock” I came in her mouth.

He grunted and groaned as he unleashed his potent seed into my wife’s unprotected vagina filling her right up, she bucked and screamed.

After their erotic high Leon and Stella were covered in beads of sweat. He returned from being a dominant bull to the gentleman we met at the hotel bar.

“Sorry guys that was the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me I got a bit carried away”. Stella then whispered in his ear she asked if he would allow me to clean his bull cock of their juices.

“Cmon Wes clean us both up”,

I took his brown cock into my mouth and sucked him off and cleaned his shaft, then I turned my attention to Stella who’s cunt was oozing Leon’s stud sperm which I gladly ate out.

The night didn’t end there.

To be continued.......