Written by Kay

10 Jul 2014

I would like to share a sexual encounter that happened to me of late: I am Kay 22 with a healthy sexual appetite. I married to a guy who spends time away on business. I’ve had one out of marital affair (a 1 night stand) and to be honest wasn’t that good (a Wam ban thank you Mam), so I’ve stuck with masturbation until recently.

My Step Mother is a carer for a 72 year old called Terry who suffers from arthritis in his knees, I’ve met him a couple of times and he certainly doesn’t look his age, and quite active on good days, but spookily has that something about him that saucy/dirty look, that girlies notice.

Any way, my Step Mom and Dad when on holiday for 2 weeks and she asked if I could pop round, and do his washing and see to his needs should he require any? Mom told me Terry had been briefed and would be expecting me and gave me his door key. She said nips in 3 times a week at around mid-day; I now know why.

I called around 2 days after Mom left, but earlier than she usually did, I opened the front door the TV was quite loud, so obviously he didn’t hear me enter. I made my way to Terry’s lounge; the door was open. I couldn’t believe what I saw, the old man was in his chair PJ’s, the bottoms down, his eyes closed and he was rubbing himself off. I was stopped in my footsteps.

All I can describe is that his manhood was unbelievable it was the biggest, fattest banana shaped prick I’ve ever seen. I stood dumbfounded but curious looking at his fine specimen, he started to pant and his hand movement increased and his knob end changed from purple to a plum colour. Then with a loud grunt his cock burst spending an impressive 7 or 8 spurts of thick creamy semen followed by a few surplus dribbles of after cum which he squeezed from his old swollen vein. My pussy was hot and wet from the viewing. I’m getting horny right now, in fact as I am I’m typing with one hand I’m playing with myself with the other and almost there. (Short break)

To continue: I went back down the hallway, calling “Terry it’s me Kay” He innocently replied come in darling, your said you would be around.

I asked he needed anything, he asked if I could get him a fresh pair of PJ’s, confessing he’d been wanking and that there was spunk everywhere, so could you put them in the washing machine for me. I knew exactly what he’d done, but was shocked by his brazenness but did was he asked, I removed his soiled PJ’s and helped him into his clean ones, During the evolution I couldn’t take my eyes off his beautiful cock.

To cut a long story I was about to leave, he asked I could pop later and put his washing into tumble drier. I said OK I’ll come back about 3ish.

During those 3 or 4 hours I couldn’t stop thinking about Terry’s cock and I actually masturbated when I got home. 3 o’clock couldn’t come quickly enough, I know it’s cheating again but it made me felt very slutty, but I didn’t care I just needed to feel his monstrous penis inside of me.

I returned as promised, took the washing out the drier, I said I’m off now. Terry replied don’t leave yet, and added he missed my Step Mom lots because when she comes around she plays with, sucks him me off and then gets a good fucking.

WHAT! You are shagging my Step Mom, you’ve take advantage of her you dirty bastard. Afraid so I have he replied; that’s why I needed to toss off this morning thinking of her.

Come over here he said; still in shock and with nipples erect and pussy/clitty throbbing, I went over. Before I reached him he had took his cock out and was slowly rubbing it. Only semi hard he said take over please. I was so horny I didn’t need asking twice, I went to my knees and took penis pulling it backwards and forth until fully erect. The girth was so thick I couldn’t get my hand around it and length could easily accommodate more than 2 hands

Suck it he demanded, I was mesmerised by the size of his member so I pulled his much stretched foreskin back and was instantly hit by that manly smell of stale spunk which is a turn one, smelly but not unpleasant.

I licked a pre cum pearl from his release hole and then with difficulty managed to get three quarters of his fat bell end into my mouth. Still pulling on his prick my other hand found his big and heavy balls and I massaged them.

I didn’t notice until he started to tweak my erect and sensitive nipples that the old bugger had my tits out. My pussy was on fire wanting to be stretched and completely filled by this aging man. His cock seemed to be getting bigger and fatter has his spunk piped began to swell. He was leaking constantly so in the fear of him cumming in my mouth, although I love the taste of semen, my cunt needed it more. So I stood up and said Terry please, please fuck me, I want what my slapper Step Moms’ getting and what my husband can’t give me, so fuck me NOW, I want your spunk everywhere. I have never spoken so dirty.

I took my yellow silky panties off, which he grabbed out of my hand. I straddled him, took hold of his rampant brute and tried to impale him, it was seemed like entirety to get his monstrous cock inside of me although I exceptionally wet.

It hurt to begin with from the excessive stretching of my cunt muscles but that soon turned into sheer delight has prick was finally got balls deep into my half shaven quim.

I started to fuck Terry, whilst he sniffed at my wet stained knickers, I creamed off 5 times before he shot a huge load cum feeding my wanton pussy. Still sniffing my panties he asked he could keep them. I said no; only because his huge load would have dribbled down legs all the way home.

I go around to see Terry as often as I can and he licks and fucks me, whilst I suck him off; he has spunked into my mouth on a few occasions, but his load is so big I can’t swallow it all and most times some of it ends up all over my face, chin and tits.

It’s a pity Mom comes back as does my Husband; but I will still see the horny old man when I can.

Lucky Terry, he will have 2 pussies to care for and 2 carers to look after him.

Kay x