Written by Stevie Gee

22 Apr 2010

It was Friday night and as usual my wife Sue and I were going to the local pub for a couple of drinks and to meet a few friends. The difference being it was my birthday and Sue has promised me a suprise.

It was when we were having our usual after the pub sex session last week that she said she had something special in mind for my birthday.

The pub was busy when we got there and all the usual gang were there and this new young lad called James was in the company. I didn't take much notice of him but he seemed a nice fella. At closing time we said our goodbyes and set off home. 'What's this suprise then' I asked ' Wait and see' Sue said.

I almost ran home. I poured us a drink and Sue went upstairs to slip into something a bit more comfortable. ' Bring the drinks up' Sue shouted

I took the drinks upstairs and opened the bedroom door. Sue stood there in a red basque and the black stockings she had worn that evening and sporting the usual Strap on cock.

' Come on birthday boy get your gear off' she ordered. In two minutes I was naked on the bed with my wrists tied to the bed head and I was blindfolded. This is different I thought must be the suprise.

Sue stroked my cock till it was about to bust then I felt her lube up my arse. She positioned herself between my knees and slowly eased the strap on cock into my arse and thrusted away. It was heaven.

She pulled out and got off the bed I heard her rustle the lube box and she lubed up my

arse again. This time it felt different, warm, bigger more lifelike. Wow that felt great. It filled my arse and began to pound awy. I felt a hand on my cock and it started wanking me. I wanted to take off the blindfold but my hands were tied. what is it ? who is it ? The thrusting got faster and then I heard a moan and felt the gushing of hot cum explode into my arse. I shot my lot also at the same time. Wow.

Sue leaned over kissed me on the lips and whispered to me ' What suprise will I get for my birthday ?'

It's Sue's birthday in two weeks and have I got a special treat for her, but that will be another story !