Written by Joanne

16 May 2014

I was reading a post by a lady in her early fifties who judging by the sound of her experiences has discovered that a great sex life is not restricted by getting a little older and that the older woman can still attract younger men.

I am like her early fities and had a recent encounter which has changed my attitude from being happy just to grow old gracefully to one of to hell with it, if my husband is content to just put his feet up and call it a day then I'm sure I am not.

I remember when in the early seventies when I first starting dating boys that it was almost always the older guys who were trying to get me in bed, now I find it's turned full circle and I can without too much effort do the tempting and the results of a recent fling have shown that I am quite capable of collaring a much younger stud.

Back in "the day" I remember being 18 and going to various get togethers with my boyfriend who always appeared to be more interested in drinking to oblivion than taking care of me.

This didn't really matter as I always found that there were plenty guys usually mid thirties who would be more than happy to get me away from the crowd for some illicit sex.

It usually followed the same routine, I would be dancing with someone who I could feel getting hard against me when dancing close, this would then develop into some discreet kissing before one leaving to go to the loo upstairs followed after a few minutes by the other, once upstairs a quiet place would be found for more this time passionate kissing and touching,the risk of being caught always made it so exciting for me so when the man started to lift up my dress and stroke my legs I was more than ready.

The session would be really going by now and I would be thouroughly aroused and helping him to take down my tights and panties, I would unzip his flies and feel his penis for a while before helping him to put it in my pussy, usually we would both come very quickly but the orgasm would always be mindblowing. After a while we would return downstairs seperately.

It had been a long while since I had been turned on like the old days but this changed recently.

Like I said I am early fifties but have retained a decent figure with good legs and always dress smart. I work for a hospitality company which arranges seminars etc for firms who don't want the hassle of arranging things themselves, the work is very varied and can take me all over the place which frequently means staying in great hotels and resorts etc.

Recently a company had hired us to arrange a week long team building thing at a nice place up near Leeds, the meetings were mostly attended by men in the mid twentyish age range I would guess. I had noticed during the course of the week some of the guys giving me sly appraising glances when they thought I wasn't noticing and I thought why are they being so furtive when I was very happy to get ogled.

The seminar ended on the Friday lunchtime with a drinks party and they were very happy with our organisation of the event I was invited to receive some flowers etc.

The guy giving me the flowers was called Ian, very nice looking but certainly new it, after the ceremony he said lets get a drink in the bar.I dutifully followed him into a little bar away from the rest of the crowd, he pulled out a barstool for me and helped me up, he took my arm and stood very close as I sat down.

I could tell from the way he addressed the bar staff that he was an arrogant arsehole but he was very attractive and controlling, while we talked he told me that he had noticed me early in the week and was waitng for the chance to get me on my own, I was getting all bewildered by now and was getting flustered and when he said come on lets have a couple in my room I just got up and allowed him to lead me out of the bar and down the passage to his room.

Once inside he told me to have a seat on the sofa, I obliged and I saw him watching me sit down, my skirt rode up a few inc hes and he watched it all the way. He poured the drinks and sat next to me, while we chatted he began to stroke my leg starting just above my knee, as I didn't or couldn't stop him his hand moved higher and was soon stroking under my skirt and over my stocking top so he could feel my smooth bare thigh.

I parted my legs slightly and he touched my pussy through my panties, he turned to me and his mouth was on mine, I opened my mouth and his tongue was inside, we kissed like this for a minute before he pushed my skirt all the way up over my thighs so it was around my waist.

He then moved to my top which was soon removed so he could undo my bra, my boobs fell free and he wasted no time in stroking and sucking my nipples.

He stood up and pulled me to my feet, he took my arm and led me across the room to the bed, my skirt was still up around my waist but he pushed me down on the bed anyway. He ran his hands up over my legs and slowly removed my panties, he then stroked my pussy which was very wet by now, he opened his trousers and his penis sprang free, I reached out and pulled it towards my open legs, he pushed my legs up and entered me, I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me furiously, as we fucked I looked across at the full length mirror on the wall opposite, I saw myself laid on the bed wearing only stockings, suspenders and shoes with my skirt still around my waist being fucked by a total stranger.

After God knows how long of total pleasure I came with the kind of orgasm I could remember from years ago, he came soon after me and seemed to shoot his semen into me for ages.

We got dressed and I left soon afterwards.This episode has realy convinced me that I have a long way to go before I am passed the desirable stage and intend to make the most of it.