Written by Chris

22 Mar 2011

It had taken me a long time to pluck up courage to tell my story and I have to say I'm very surprised to be asked to continue, as I don't think that my true story is good enough to tell, but I will tell you what has happened since.

As I said before Bob, my boyfriend, loves us to walk around local beauty spots with me naked under my coat with my coat wide open so that the guys could see my body. One day we went to a local nature trail, there was a big 4x4 with blacked out windows the drivers door open with a man leaning in, playing with a female in the driving seat. We parked at the side of them, watching, the girl then put a coat on and they walked down the path at the side of the small lake, we followed to see if anything would happen, it had now started raining heavily but the couple carried on walking. We stopped and sheltered under some tree's and saw the couple go up a bank and disappear behind some tree's and bushes, after a few minutes we followed them, they were in a clearing behind some bushes, she was on her knees in front of the guy with his cock in her mouth, after a while she lay on her back and he entered her pumping into her pussy. When they finished we went back before we were spotted by them.

We all arrived at the car park at about the same time, we said hello and the girl told us that they knew we had been watching them and hoped that we had enjoyed it as much as they had, knowing that we were behind the bushes watching.

The guy had to leave and went to a car parked nearby, the girl said that she needed to remove her soaking wet coat to get dry, switching on the engine and heater she put her coat under the heater, she had nice plump boobs and a hairless pussy, after chatting for a while and telling her about the adult cinema in Walsall that we went to most Wednwesdays we returned to our car. I removed my wet coat, sitting naked Bob was soon all over me, squeezing my boobs and sucking on my nipples, looking up I saw the girl watching us, I wanked him till he very quickly cum over my pussy, with it glistening on my pussy hair.

A few weeks later we went to the cinema, there were only a few guys in there but they were all sitting around the couple, they waved to us and a guy sitting in the next seat to them moved to allow us to be near them, I noticed that the guy had his quite large cock out and the girl was, like me, naked under her coat and leaned forward to show me her body, I opened my coat and then slipped it off, not to be outdone the girl removed her coat also. I watched as she wanked his now bigger and harder cock and then sat on his lap pushing it into her pussy bobbing up and down on it till I saw him stiffen as, he came into her, she carried on for a few more minutes till she shuddered, whimpering.

I was now being fingered by Bob and I started playing with his cock, I soon felt that feeling and knew that I was about to explode with my climax, I did just as Bob came over my boobs. Lying back I saw that there were two men standing in front of me with their cocks out, one of them asked if he could cum, when I agread he sprayed his ,white stuff all over my boobs, the other guy joined in but his aim wasn't as good and some of it went over my face and mouth, it tasted nice though, I don't think I will do that again, afterwards I felt like a slut.

I think I will stick to being naked under my coat, although I usually go shopping and to the pub and even once to the theatre wearing only my coat now, and I only sit naked in the cinema and don't play with anyone.