Written by jim

8 Oct 2011

We didn't`t say anything on the short drive back to where we were staying, I didn't`t know what to say.I wasn't`t sure if my wife was angry or what, we went up to our room and my wife sat on the end of the bed and looked up at me, and said I want to do that again , she said that she had never felt anything like the feelings that got when that huge cock entered her.She went on to tell me that although we had just had sex it felt like she was being stretched to the limit and when the guy started fucking her she nearly fainted. I asked her to lay back and pull her skirt up, she did as I asked but also spread her legs I had never seen my wife's pussy so open it looked like something was holding it open in an O shape.She had cum all over her Pussy lips and thighs .she put her hands up to invite me to her and as I did she pushed my head down between her legs and pulled my head to her pussy

I didn't`t really want to do this but I went ahead and started licking her, the taste was a salty slimy odd taste I cant say that I liked It but it wasn't`t to bad.My wife started to cum after a few minutes and pulled my face right into her as she came and I got more of the juices on my tongue she then let me go,my face was covered with it I had to go into the bathroom to wash it off. When I returned she was in bed asleep.The next morning she asked if we could go back to the same pub tonight, I really didn't`t know what to say I had always wanted this to happen but It was all so quick and without any discussion.I said ok if that is what you want, with that she came over to me and gave me a very sexy kiss. I asked her if we could talk about what had happened but she said that she didn't`t want to so we just set off for a day out .

That night she put on a short skirt and left her panties off, she was in a hurry to get back to the pub ,I told her not to get to exited as he may not be there again but she just told me to hurry up.So off we went when we arrived we went in and sat in a corner seat and I went to get us some drinks on the way back I saw a man sitting in a small alcove he looked at me and smiled I nodded to him and then realized he was the one, he was in his 30s well built not bad looking,I got back to the table and put drinks down and sat down I did not tell my wife that I had seen him.When we had finished our drink I was about to get another when I saw him go out of the door I looked at my wife and for a moment I thought of not telling her but I weekend and said lets go and see If he was there. We walked up to the unlit area and in the faint lite saw the man sitting on the ledge were we sat the night before with his trousers around his ankles wanking that big cock of his my wife said oh my god its huge did I really take all of that, I said yes you did but I don`t know how.with that she walked over to him bent over and put her mouth over it and tried to give him a blow job but could not get much of it into her mouth so she stood up,he told her to kneel astride of him on the ledge so she got over him, he put his hands on arse and pulled her cheeks apart and pulled her down on to his cock her head dropped onto his shoulder as he pulled her down further onto cock she was saying ooh my god over and over then he pulled her all the way down until he was all the way in, he then started to raise her bum up and down as he fucked her hard slapping his balls against her bum she looked like a rag doll in his hands this carried on for about 10 minutes ,he then stood up with her impaled on his cock and started to fuck her standing up lifting her right up and then letting her weight force his cock deep into her she was wreck gasping and whimpering then all of a sudden he gave out a grunt and shot into her, by the noises he was making he must have shot about 6 or 7 times until he had finished

but he didn't`t put her down he just stood there with his big cock still up to the hilt for another 5 minutes with her arms around his neck and her head on his shoulder, he then turned around and sat her down on the ledge pulling his cock out as he pulled away,his cock fell out still huge but limp, he lifted her legs around so she could lie down on the ledge to get her breath back,he then walked past me pulling his jeans up and just said thanks mate.

I got my wife back to the car and we went back to where we were staying and as the night before she sat on the bottom of the bed layed back and spread her legs the site that I saw was a gaping hole where her nice little pussy was,but there was a diference there wasn`t hardly any cum I told my wife and she said I know it is all in my womb it feels like I have got a hot ball inside me.With that she said she needed to sleep so we went to bed no more said.In the morning she was in the shower when I woke up when she came back into the room I asked her to show me her pussy again so she sat down and spread her legs she was still gaping, I said I won`t touch the sides now and she just said I know.She said you had better get showered and dressed so I did, we had breakfast and then got ready to come home we live on the south coast so were home in a couple of hours or so.Since we got back she has said she doesn`t want to talk about it,the problem is that she is not the same any more she just gets on with her life as if It never happened.We have not had sex since the holiday and I wish it had never happened.