4 Feb 2019

I had just started a new career as a lorry driver. I was young and had no experience so my new boss paired me up with one of the older more experienced guys Rob. Now rob was your stereotypical trucker, he was 6”2 and probably best part of 17stone he was crude and lewd and wolf whistled at anything in a skirt.

We were given a job which meant we would be away from home for 3 weeks working in Europe. So I kissed my wife goodbye and off we went.

Things were going pretty normally for the first couple of days till we got to the south of France. The weather was hot and so throughout the days we both were a mass of sweat and muck. We stayed at a truck stop for a shower and a hot meal. The showers were just a room with dividers between them no doors or curtains. So being the brazen guy that he was he just stripped off and started showering. I had no choice really but to do the same. It turned out the only showers working faced each other. So as I start to wash I couldn’t help but see him stood opposite and that’s when I saw it. He was HUGE. I don’t just mean 8inches I mean 10 maybe 11 inches of pure meat. Now I had never been remotely interested in guys before but I just couldn’t take my eyes off it and I was fascinated. Rob had noticed me looking and so played up to it lathering his now hard cock and wanking it off right in front of me. I hated to admit it to myself but my cock betrayed me and I started to get hard at his performance. I finished my shower quickly and headed back to our truck.

Nothing was said that night or the following day until he asked where would I like to stop the night? I said I don’t care anywhere will do. Needless to say he headed back to that same truck stop. As soon as we pulled in he stated it was shower time. I swallowed hard and thought to myself what the fuck am I going to do after the last shower had got me hard. I told him to go in and that I would come in after talking to my wife.

15 mins later I thought the coast would be clear and that he would have been finished but I was wrong there he was naked with a hard on stroking it. Again I hurriedly showered and headed back trying not to look. Later that night I stepped out for a wee and when I climbed back in he was sat naked with a hard on. He said I saw you looking the other day and earlier and you seemed to like what you saw so why not get a closer look. I could feel the bulge I. My trousers grow and he sensed it too. He said come on let’s juat watch some porn and have a wank. I for some reason agreed as I was getting turned on. Mid wank he just reached across and held my cock. I didn’t flinch and let him stroke me. He carried on this for a few mins before pulling my hand to his enormous cock. That was it I thought. My mouth was dry with anticipation and my heart was racing and it seemed my mind switched off as without thinking I leant down and licked the top of his helmet. The taste of his precum sent a shiver down my spine and I wanted more so I opened my mouth and took in as much as I could.

He was gentle at first letting g me set the pace but soon his tempo increased and before long he started to moan and grunt and with a few more sucks my mouth was filled with cum. On that moment I knew things had changed and I would soon be being fed his load again.