Written by EndulGent

19 Sep 2011

This is my story of getting a fuck within a couple of hours of meeting somebody. It happened last Thursday. I’ve been in the UK for the last couple of months but normally live in Russia. Before I left I joined a dating site and got a lot of responses. I narrowed my 450 matches to three or four. One – Irina – started to get particularly horny in her letters and, as she looked good in the photos I carried on until she was sharing fantasies of me finger fucking her on the back row of a cinema.

In reality her body wasn’t as wonderful as I thought it would be and I didn’t quite expect how small she was, being less than five foot tall (I’m 5’11”). She has a rough peasant’s face and a croaky voice from smoking a fair bit. But she’s got a very endearing way about her, with an impish smile and endearing giggle. She met me at the airport and after a polite kiss it wasn’t long before my tongue was in her mouth and her squeezing my cock through my trousers.

In the taxi I played with her nipples and when we got home we went straight to bed. I’ve now had her on two other nights and each time better. She absolutely adores sex and is up for anything – best of all is when she seems to loose her own identity and is simply a fuck crazed animal. I’m sure she’d do swinging if we stay together and I fancy it. Last night was best of all … at the age of 52 I’ve suddenly discovered I have a teenager’s cock. And, gentlemen, I would recommend wanking from the base of your cock to get more blood into it and getting it rock hard … I’m teaching Irina to do it while licking and biting my nipples at the same time and she’s learning fast.

The trouble is, like I said, she’s one of four and two of the these are saying how much they are looking forward to sharing my bed and all are better looking. But can I try them all? Maybe not but it’s nice to have such dilemmas.