Written by Alex

11 Aug 2014

Yes there was a follow up to that day at the beach, that night I had the best sex ever all I could think about was what I had done at the beach chatting to a stranger and then being talked into showing her off and finding it so horny and enjoying it so much.

The next day we went site a seeing tour but I could not forget what had happened and why I enjoyed it so much, I always encouraged her to dress sexy it was nice seeing my wife in short skirts and slinky tops when we went out I suppose knowing how sexy she looked and other guys would look at her and it made me get excited at times but nothing like at the beach that was different and sort off dirty being asked to show her off.

It wasn’t till another 4 days later that when we went again to the beach and I had gone for a swim that the same guy I had met before shouted and swam over I felt a bit embarrassed, he asked how we were enjoying our holiday he told me that the other day was the best thing that had happened on his holiday and thanked me, I told him I had never done anything like that before and was glad my wife never knew what I had done.

He told me that it wasn’t anything strange wanting to show off your sexy wife to others and I should be proud that others like to look at her tits and get all horny when they see her wet pussy, I started to get all worked up again and was glad we were waste high in the water and he could not see how turned on I was talking about my wife like that, he said lots of guys like it when others look at their naked wife’s sunbathing.

He told me his name was Franco and to come with him we walked along the beach for 10min and then he said look over there in the dunes I could see a couple sunbathing he said watch what happens when we get closer when the guy saw us walking towards them he got up and walked away and towards some bushes Franco said that is so we can walk closer to his wife so he can watch us get close and look at her we both walked right up to just below her feet we both were rock hard and he started to play with his cock and said look where her husband is now when I looked over he was like both of us rock hard and looking down at his naked wife sleeping.

I think we all shot our load at the same time and just walked away like nothing had happened, as we walked along the beach He asked if I had liked looking at some other guy;s wife I could not lie and agreed that it was hot he asked if it was as good as the time he had been looking at my wife when I thought about it I told him that I had enjoyed out time a lot better and could not stop thinking about it for days He said well why don’t we do it again then so we can both enjoy it some more I was in a daze and didn’t answer he could see I was thinking about it and was scared he said it is ok that you want to show off your wife to me I just want to see that pussy all wet like last time.

Franco turned and said I can see how horny it makes you look you are hard just thinking about doing it again I nodded and wanted to do it he told me that he would wait till it got quieter like last time and that when he saw I was wanting him to come along I was to wave to him.

I walked back to where kim was and she asked what took me so long I told her that I had met some other guy and was just chatting about our holiday she looked at me and said are you sure it was a guy look at you getting all excited I could not help myself getting hard just thinking about what I was going to do her tits looked so sexy I started to play with them she told me hold on not here on the beach lets go to the hotel I thought I had blown it I said no I wanted her here on the beach and don’t care who see us she looked at me and then around ok but not out here in the open I said right lets just go into the dunes a bit away from prying eyes all the while wondering if Franco could see us getting up.

We were just about to go out of sight of the beach into the dunes when I saw him I started to wave when I noticed there was someone else with him and stopped when we got into the dunes Kim started to kiss me and pulled me down saying you better hurry before someone comes along not knowing that is what I was wanting to happen I was sucking her nipples and fingering her I wanted to get her so horny I pulled at her clit and when she closed her eyes that is when I knew she would not notice if someone come along so I got down between her legs and pushed them wide open I looked up and she had her arms spread wide enjoying what I was doing then I saw Franco just up behind Kim’s head smiling and looking to the side where I saw this other guy watching us it was getting to much for me I got on top off Kim and began fucking her that’s when the two off them came closer wanking line mad at first I wasn’t sure what to do then I said to kim That I was going to cum all over her and to keep your eyes closed so I can cum in your mouth.

I got off her and told her to masterbaite while I cum over you I started to wank like mad and knelt beside her rubbing her tits Franco and this guy got the message and stood behind her watching her masterbate then we all blow our load all over my wife she had her mouth open and there was cum all over her face and in her mouth which was not mine I had cum over her tits I was glad she had so much cum over her face she could not open her eyes to see anyone she looked like a porn star with all that cum over her Like the last time Both of them disappeared like magic I rubbed my cum all over her tits while Kim had her orgasm then she wiped her face and licked her fingers not knowing that it was some strangers cum, we rested for a while then made our way back to our spot to collect out towel and things She still had cum in her hair when we walked along the beach I loved her so much for letting me do it on the beach I wish she had saw them cum on her and wanted it to happen.