Written by rustynuts

17 Jul 2011

I last posted on here in April, about Trisha and me putting on a show for our partners. Well as I lie here with Trishas hand on my cock and those 2 in the spare rooms I will share what happened last night. We have a great sex life and our partners don't do it for us anymore but its exciting when they watch.I don't fuck my wife now, and Trisha won't take Dereks prick in her but anything else goes.

Trisha asked if she could take total control of me last night, something we both do to each other from time to time, and I said yes. To cut to the Chase she told me to strip and cuffed me to the bed. She sucked on me and expertly kept me short of coming. She gave me a tablet so I knew she wanted me to stay hard for a long time. She kissed me hard on the mouth while her pussy rubbed over my dick, wetting it. She raised her beautiful pussy to my lips and we 69d until I came in her mouth and she shuddered in orgasm on my face.

As she wanked me to keep me solid, in walked Amanda and Derek. I must have looked puzzled but trisha just said "dont worry baby, the no fuck rules still apply".

Amanda and Derek undressed and Amanda took over wanking me. It soon became clear that she was here to be taught how to do things as trisha explained what to do. They played with my cock until trisha said " he is ready now" and the speed increased until my spunk shot high in the air all over amandas hair and face. She used to hate it when my semen went on her but now it seemed to excite her.trisha then told Amanda to offer her tits to my mouth, and said to me CFO to her what you do to me, darling." Hands bound I sucked and licked her tits, eyes closed to imagine they belonged to trisha.

At the same time a mouth went to work on my penis, it was trisha. Amanda was groaning but so was Derek who was now fingering trisha like a piston, under her guidance. Amanda pulled her tits away but immediately sat astride my my face. In the next few seconds 3 of us came, Derek being the odd one out.

I said to trisha that I so badly wanted her, and she said "not long now".she gently nibbled my balls which now were hanging very loose and I remained solid. The next move was totally unexpected. Derek was offered my cock to touch as trisha said " this is what you need to keep a woman happy". Now he had a good 8 inches but thin while mine is shorter but very thick. To my surprise he took hold and explored me. The first time I had ever been handled by a man. He didn't really wank me but squeezed, probed, and felt my hardness. Then he lowered his head and tongued me, concentrating on the slit. I enjoyed the feeling but wanted trisha.she had left the room but returned with a vibrator which she lived up and pushed gently up my arse while Derek still held my cock, and Amanda played with her clit. Trisha switched it on and left it inserted. She then took over from Amanda and played with her pussy whilst encouraging Amanda to return the favour. Which she did. The sight of that and the feel of the vibrations up my bottom got me rock solid.

Both women came, followed by me being unfastened.

At last I got to screw my beautiful trisha. We fucked, licked , sucked, probed, wanked, fingered and fisted our way through the night while the other 2 did the same to each other, sometimes right next to us.

Anyway that was last night and trisha has got me hard again. Got to go .....