Written by Moona

25 Jan 2018

A few years ago a boyfriend of mine dumped me. I was in love with the guy and it took me months on end to get over it. I used to cry my eyes out and felt like I would never find anyone else like him. My friends tried their best to cheer me up but I was depressed and couldn't see a way out.

One day one of my best friends invited me to her birthday party in London and insisted in me going. It meant to get the train from my flat in Kent and I wasn't really in the mood but I made the effort and started to get ready. I got a msg from my friend telling me to wear something kinky and smart and stop feeling sorry for myself. So I got the shortest dress in the wardrobe, curled my hair, opted for my highest heels and red lipstick.

I got to London and met up with my friends in this greek restaurant, had a nice meal and plenty to drink. Once the meal was over I left as soon as I could and made my way back to Charing cross to get my train back to my flat in Kent to continue to feel sorry for myself in peace.

I got onto the train and I sat there on my own tears flooding down my face. This guy got on and sat next to me and asked me if I was ok. He was in his mid twenties and I was in my mid forties. I was a bit drunk and so was he. He had a nice smile and seemed a nice kind guy. I poured my heart out to him and told him how down I was and how much I missed my ex. He told me I was gorgeous and how he couldn't understand how any man would dump me and I heard myself asking him for a hug. He wispered in my ear that my ex was an imbecile and I agreed to it. He then started kissing me while telling me how stunning I was and how he was determined to fix me. It all felt right to me so I let him do what he thought it was best for me. His hand moved down to my neck and it followed his tongue. He then was feeling my breasts and said he wanted to lick my nipples. I just nodded. He pulled my dress down took my bra off and started licking nipples. It was just him and me there and by that time I was so horney that it felt like heaven on earth. I really wanted him to move further down so I put my dress up to cover my breasts and I lifted my dress to show him the way. He was rock hard and I strocked his cock without daring to take it out. He slid one finger in my wet cunt and he then pulled my dress down again to play with my nipple with his spare hand. I just let him do his best to put me right as I was by then convinced that he knew the way. I love being finger fucked and I love to have my nipples pulled at the same time and being sitting there on this train on my way back home with a total gorgeous stranger doing this to me sent me over the edge and I started squirting all over his hand. He was loving it and telling me how on earth that boyfriend had dumped such a sexy beast and how he'd love to have me every single day fucking me and sending me happy to work every morning. The train was getting close to my station and it turned out that he also lived in the same village as me. He was living with his aunt and I was sharing with a friend and neither of us wanted to go home. He suggested to take me to a hotel. By then I had sobered up a bit and I had realised how young he was and how close he lived to me and I started to get cold feet but the thought of him shagging me senseless all night long felt too good. I told him that he could have me for just the night and then forget all about me and so he agreed. He told me he would fuck me all night long and would make me squirt like a fountain giving me the best orgasms of my entire life with the condition that i would never again shed a tear for that loser of boyfriend that had dumped me. Deal, I said and so it happened. I woke up in the hotel the following morning on a very wet bed, with a very sore cunt from all the shagging and feeling satisfied and in peace with myself. I left him a note saying just thanks. I never saw him again and I never shed another tear for another guy. It's all in the mind I guess.