Written by Kris and Iain.

29 Nov 2017

When the invitation to Sara's wedding arrived neither Kris or I were sure if we would be able to go, Sara had been a friend of Kris's at Liverpool University but they had not seen each other for more than six years. Eventually Kris's brother and his wife offered to look after Tom our seven year old son so that we could stay at a hotel nearby overnight. The idea of having a night away without the risk of Tom waking and coming into our room in the middle of the night was very attractive. As many of you would know, having young children plays havoc with our sex life. We often resorted to having quickies when Tom was taken off our hands for a few hours. I think that at some time Kris and I must have had sex in every room in the house including the kitchen and bathroom. Several times recently as soon as we were alone she would come towards me lifting her skirt and stepping out of her knickers, I would open my jeans and pull my cock out so that she could sit on my lap facing me and we would fuck like that on the sofa.

The wedding venue was only about a ninety minute drive away but we reserved a room at a nearby Travelodge. On the morning of the wedding we checked in early and after a shower we changed and phoned for a taxi to take us to the church. We left our car in the hotel car park because we assumed that there would be plenty of alcohol at the reception.

After the service at the small village church we walked to the church hall for the wedding breakfast, As usual at weddings the meal lasted for many hours because of all the speeches and there were copious amount of alcohol. Kris eventually got to congratulate Sara and her new husband. We chatted with the other guests on our table and then when the table were being cleared we retired to the bar area. A few hours later more guests started arriving for the evening party and a live band started playing. Kris and I had a few dances but most of our time was spent close to the bar. There were very few people left that we knew so and Kris said that it was getting far too noisy for her. She said that she was going to the ladies room and when she returned from the loo she stood close behind me with her back to the wall. She was stroking my bum then took my hand and pulled it behind me and under the hem of her short skirt, when I moved it up the inside of her thigh I discovered that she had removed her panties and my fingers were rubbing along the moist groove of her pussy. Kris whispered to me that she would rather us go back to the hotel and fuck.

We looked for Sara and her husband and thanked them for inviting us and promised them that we would keep in touch. Then waited outside the hall for the taxi to arrive.

In the taxi Kris sat very close to me on the back seat with her head on my shoulder, again she took my hand and put it up her skirt and spread her legs slightly, as I slipped my finger into her she let out a gasp which I am sure the driver heard because I saw him look at me in the rear view mirror. She started to stroke the front of my trousers then pulled the zip open and put her hand inside to feel for my hardening prick. She pulled it out and lowered her head onto my lap and sucked it into her mouth. From the slurping noises that Kris was making the driver knew that she was giving me a blowjob and when we stopped at some traffic lights he turned to watch her head bobbing up and down on my prick. A few minutes later he said that we were very close to the hotel and asked if we wanted him to drive us around longer. Kris lifted her head off my prick and asked him to take us directly to the hotel. We made ourselves decent and after giving the driver a good tip he drove away. I had to keep my jacket in front of me as we picked up our key from the girl on reception because I was sure that my erection would be plainly visible.

Our room was on the ground floor facing the large car park, as soon as we had closed the door and turned the lights on we were tearing our clothes off Kris was soon on her knees, naked apart from her hold up stockings beside the bed with my prick buried deep in her mouth, I suddenly became aware of a small movement by the window, I saw that the curtains were not fully closed and there was a gap of about a foot between them, I could just make out the dark shape of a figure standing in the shadows outside very close to the window watching us.

I whispered to Kris that I thought that there was somebody watching us, I expected her to leap up and cover herself but instead she looked up at me and said that we should give our audience a show to remember. She stood up off the floor and got on her hands and knees on the double bed with her arse towards the window, I stood facing her as she continued working her magic on my prick and balls with her lips and tongue.

She was holding herself up on one hand because her other hand was between her legs with her fingers pushing into her cunt. She took my prick out of her mouth and rolled over on her back and ordered me to fuck her, I lifted one of her legs and pushed my prick straight into her cunt which was sopping wet. I knew that I would not be able to hold myself back for long if I continued to fuck her like this so I told her that I wanted to go down on her. Kris really enjoys my tongue working on her clit and it usually brings her to an explosive orgasm in seconds. Almost as soon as I pressed my face into her pussy she was panting and grinding herself against my mouth and tongue and then with a loud moan she arched her back and lay shaking and squeezing her small tits with her hands.

It took her a couple of minutes to recover, I rolled onto my back while she crouched beside me, she took my erection in her hand and began to pump my prick as she licked the head with her tongue. I warned her that I was about to cum and as I started to cum she pressed my prick to her face as I showered my spunk over her cheeks and across her nose. She spread the mess I had made across her face with the head of my prick. She looked towards the window and saw that there were now two figures standing outside. Kris got off the bed and walked naked towards the window with my semen dripping off her face . She stood still facing the window and slowly drew the curtains closed. She burst out laughing and joined me on the bed.

We both shared a shower and then we made love again and again the next morning before we left.

Kris and I agreed that being watched by those strangers had been a great turn on for us both and said that we should do it again in the future. Recently we have started talking about going to one of the many swingers clubs that are close to us in the midlands.