Written by KitKat

4 Sep 2014

A few weeks back I had a day of work it was going to be hot so decided to drive to the beach and top up my tan. It was early when I arrived only joggers and dog walkers but I was going to the end of the beach where I knew therewas an outcrop of rocks and on the other side a stretch of sand which gave privacy for a bit of topless or nude sunbathing. As I walked along the beach a memory of a visit there with my ex just before he went to the army, of a very sexual afternoon. The thoughts of how many times he fucked me that day saying he had to get as much sex, as he would be confined to barracks for a few weeks so he would have to think sexy thoughts of me when he had a wank.

Of course all my sexy thoughts were making me horny and by the time I reached my little stretch of sand my pussy was very wet. I laid out my towel took of my shorts and T-shirt and started rubbing in the sun tan lotion, my tits were very sensative so took of my bikini top giving a real good massage till my nipples were hard. As i rubbed the lotion onto my body my hand slipped down my bikini front till it touched my very sensative clit. I lay back on my towel hand inside my bikini bottoms and slowly rubbed myself giving my self little mini orgasms.

I lay quietly for a little just remembering how many rides I had had on this strip of beach with past boyfriends when I heard a noise. I sat up grabbbed my towel to cover my tits when a very red faced guy appeared from behind the rocks. He stutterd a bit saing sorry he did not realise anyone was here but I noticed he had a big bulge in his shorts and realised he had probably been watching.

I figured he was well into his 40s and probably had never seen a 20 something girl jerk herself off. He started to say sorry again and he would leave me to my spot, I smiled saying it was okay there was plenty room for two and dropped my towel from my tits and lay back down. I watched him from behind my sun glasses as he tried not to look at my tits but was failing. As he fussed about laying his towel out I again sat up and again started to rub sun tan lotion into my body, I opened my legs running my oily hands up and down my legs and inner thighs spending a lot of time in my crotch area my fingers just moving over my mound. He lay down on his stomach head resting on his hands but I knew he had a massive hard on inside those shorts.

I pretended to ignore him but was really watching his reaction to me as I sun bathed I also noticed one of his arms was now under his body and thought of him stroking himself as he ogled me was making me nice and wet. My next move was to stand up stretch a bit bend over making sure my legs were apart and my bikini bottoms were stretched over my butt, I picked up my lotion and walked towards him squatted down beside him legs open tits quivering his eye line level with my crotch and said would he mind puting some lotion on my back.

I turned around kneeling in the sand and he started to slowly rub lotion into my back we were quiet just our breathing to be heard, his hands were soft on my back I groaned a little murmering that was nice. As his hands ran up and down my sides his fingers came in contact with the edge of my tits another little groan from me. He stopped for a minute and then his oily hands slipped round my front to cup my tits his fingers pulling on my nipples his hot breath on the back of my neck.

I felt his body lean into my back and his cock was pressed hard against my back, my hand came round behind me and I squeezed his cock, his groan of pleasure as his hands tightend on my tits his mouth making contact with the back of my neck sucking as he rubbed himself against me. I had a mini orgasm and fell forward a little, he was pushing my bikin bottoms down to my knees his oily fingers coming between my legs till he found my wet hole and started giving it a lot of attention jaming first one then two fingers inside me. I soon felt his cock come between my legs till he filled my hole then with a grunt he was riding me oh so good my groans of pleasure joining his grunts I felt him throb and then he pulled out his spunk splashing over my back as a great orgasm shuddered through my body.

We lay back on the sand geting our breath back what a sight we must have looked me just a pair of bikini pants round my knees him shorts at his ankles flacid cock on his belly. He said i have heard of these things happening to people stranger sex but never to me. You were watching me frig myself weren`t you, a guilty nod, I have never seen a woman do that to herself before. Hesitating he then said do you do that to yourself often, almost every day I said if I don`t have a boyfriend at the time and even if I did if I am horny yes.

With a guilty look on his face he said would I do it again so he could watch, laughing I started to play just rubbing then fingers inside myself my legs stretched wide so he had a good look. He was kneeling between my legs his fat cock in his hand as wanked watching me, his eyes mesmarised by my open cunt and fingers. Soon that fat cock was hard and he again mounted me a nice long ride this time and again pulling out and spunking over my stomach.

As we left the beach we talked he was married and his sex life was a Saturday night ride with his wife, before he married his only experience was a trip Amsterdam where he got a blow job of a street girl but his wife did not want to do that just straight on your back sex. As I got into my car and said goodbye I winked and said who knows maybe next time he would get one.

Did we meet up next story