20 Jun 2017

Stranger Danger ?

We made contact online tagged it was a few humorous exchanges before our exchanges became flirtatious while retaining a humour content her replies were something I looked forward to as they progressed from flirtation to basically a sexual challenge, we were two people who it became more obvious enjoyed sex and were willing to be adventurous.

About that stage we tried a phone call but it just wasn't the same as our message exchanges so we reverted back to our tried and tested and as things progressed see made issue of me being older than her and could I handle her so a I will show you eventually fuck at first sight scenario developed as I counted down the days until I returned it became more and more appealing.

So this was it at her address the block of flats I drove past I was so nervous my mouth was dry my heart was pounding but the overwhelming thing that was driving me on was the fact I was totally aroused I don't know why I parked out of sight of her building perhaps I was thinking is this a set up when I make the statement she choose when I enter her room was some guy going to jump out and attack me or even a voice activated camera film us well the camera wouldn't bother me but anyway here I was walking towards her door.

I pressed her number and there was a voice saying yes but not much of a clue to picture her in real life I was nervous as hell but managed to blurt out its me then the buzzer sounded and I pushed the door as I walked up the stairs my heart was pounding I briefly thought about turning and walking away I was never as nervous as this with hotel meetings but despite all the reasoning I was extremely aroused as I started to climb the stairs then as the landing came in to view I could see the door of the flat left slightly open.

I opened the door and was looking down a beige corridore I stepped inside I noticed a door on the right slightly open I walk in and entered a bedroom with thin curtains which although closed let light flood into the room while in the bed was a female facing away from me and making no attempt to turn and face me I stood for a second I suppose I noticed the highlights in her hair which the streaming light complimented tastefully done I thought but now it was time I said the statement she had told me to make what are you still doing in bed at this time a reply came enjoying my morning off i couldn't answer between my heart pounding and my mouth going dry I though well I am here to fuck so I nervously removed my cloths and walked to the bed.

My cock was solid this was so sexy amazing sexual tension I pulled back the cover there she was the taper of her back to the swell of her hip and the curvatious shape of her bum and totally naked as I was I slid in beside her in an instant as soon as my erection touched her flesh so turn to face me and without a moment to take in the meerest detail of each others faces we kissed passionately and hard in virtually the same instant I moved my hand to feel one of her full breasts the nipple standing proud I pinched it between a finger and thumb as our passionate devouring kissing continued I had to explore her body I released her lovely nipple and slid my hand down her body over her stomach and down to discover a hairless smooth mound I am sure I moaned myself as my hand found her clitoris I slid a finger between her sensitive lips and began pressing circular motions on her exposed clit we broke from our kissing and Liz seemed to both stretch and throw her head back giving a gentle moan in appreciation of my attention to her clitoris I had the urge to kiss her neck and nibble her ear Liz was very responsive she seemed to enjoy her neck being kissed and my tounge thrust into her ear as I continued to stimulate her clit.

I felt I needed to slightly reposition myself for my comfort and to continue pleasuring her I raised myself from her and removed my hand from between her legs I was planning to replace it instantly but positioned so I could use my thumb on her clit and be able to push a finger inside her vagina before see came or to just finger fuck her to compliment the pleasuring of her clitoris as she was enjoying my efforts so much I intended to bring her to orgasm this way it's good to have big hands.

Like all plans the unexpected intervened given her brief release and me raising my body she took the opertunity to slide in close to me I felt she was virtually burrowing under me this was surprising I had imagined after our exchange of messages this was going to be a session of long foreplay with the giving and receiving of oral before we actually fucked but now I was in a position were I felt I was being manoeuvred in missionary position so there I was on top of her and between her open legs i couldn't imagine how I had read this so wrong I decided to slow things down so i kissed my way down her body untill I was taking her lovely tits in turn into my mouth sucking and nibbling on her nipples but given the the fact Liz seemed unable to keep her bum on the bed and was grinding her mound against me I moved back up her body, she was wanting cock.

I did get a wicked feeling that I was going to tease her well slightly anyway once in position I pushed my cock against her clit with just enough pressure it would rub her clit as she squirmed under me Liz had other ideas it wasn't long before the angle of my erection and the motion of Liz gave her what she wanted as I felt the unmistakable feeling as the swollen head of my cock was engulfed in her lovely moist pussy there was no going back now I just had to push my cock deep into her I slowly slid myself into her slowly withdrew my length but this time with one hard thrust was deep inside her now the pleasure she displayed as I rubbed her clit was nothing compared to her reaction to having a cock rammed inside her I varied my thrust slow then fast but common to all my fucking the desire to be deep inside her was irresistible.

I resisted the urge to put a pillow under her arse instead I raised myself up with my arms and looked down on her watching her reaction to my thrusts she looked almost helpless like she had surrendered to pleasure I resisted the urge to talk dirty to her not just because I knew she would have excepted it as long as her pleasure continued but as I distraction for myself as I couldn't keep this hard fucking going much longer I could feel my body start to crave the release of orgasm once those thought were in my head my orgasm was inevitable I felt the pleasure building I fucked her pussy as hard fast and deep as I could before my orgasm arrived I pulled her tight to me holding her rigid to me as I came deep inside her at the same time as I started to ejaculate inside her after my last hard thrust Liz let out a moan I managed another couple of thrusts with my now spurting cock then I could feel her body shudder in my overpowering embrace after the sheer nervous sexual excitement the release seemed so pleasurably intense as my orgasm racked through my body.

The pleaure seemed to sap my strength I collapsed on to Liz as I emerged from orgasmic pleasure I could feel Liz gently running her hands up and down my back as my hardon subsided I moved from between her legs to lying beside her I knew we shared a similar sense of humour from our messages so I said you must Liz is it yes of course Liz that's right she replied and you must be after a slight pause John I offered that right John she said nice to meet you I think we have gone past the handshaking stage then I think so she agreed. After admitting to her guilty secret that she was a smoker and asking if I had any problem with that because right now she needed to smoke it's your house babe I said.

Liz sat up to smoke and as she did so she started to rub my chest I closed my eyes and enjoyed the touch of her hand caressing my chest nipples then slowly caressing my body move slowly down towards my totally smooth cock and balls prepared for the occasion so extra sensitive.

This will have to be a two parter ...... Enjoy