Written by slutty wife

2 Mar 2015

Just a quick follow up. I don't know why he has a hold on me but I am starting to regret starting this. Not becouse I don't want the sex but becouse I do but I don't want it to take over my life.

My husband and I have talked and agreed we aren't right for each other and he has moved out. not becouse I want a relationship with my 'lover' in fact I cant; stand the guy but it just wasn't right.

But now,even though I seriously don't' like him I am addicted to the sex, the fact its so different and I love being 'owned' by someone. I suppose I justify it by telling myself that I'm his sex toy.

Now, in the last 4 days since my husband left he's had me three times.

I suppose I could say no but I leave my back door unlocked and just walks into my house. We never say anything, he had only fucked me the morning before but by yesterday evening I was going mad, I needed the type of sex he gave me. Just before it got dark I was him walk past my kitchen window, I was washing dishes but as soon as I saw him I was hoping I had unlocked the door.

I just stood there as he let himself in. I looked at him and he had this dirty look on his face. I remember thinking that I'm an attractive woman, I could get a really good looking guy but then he pressed himself against me so I was against the sink.

His hands slid up, under my t-shirt and he massaged my nipples, cupping and squeezing my breasts.

He was being gentle and he knows I like it when he's rough with me so I told him.

He picked me up, lay me on the table face down pulled my top off and held me there. I could tell he was getting himself out, he pulled my jeans off and within a few seconds he was inside me. My chest was on the table but my legs where round his neck. He gave me a good fucking before turning me around and fucking me on my back on the table. He couldn't pay on top of me becouse he would have been too heavy.

The sight of his hat belly on me was horrible but the feeling of his cock deep inside me was amazing and the naughtiness of it and the dirty sex was amazing. When he left I just continued to wash up, completely naked with cum running down my legs.

Those who have nice sex will wonder why I do this but I hate nice normal sex.