Written by Mike

27 Apr 2015

This is an account of something that happened in the late 80s. I was a university student, home was South London. During my second summer holiday at university, I was 19, I was very fit too working out daily, playing squash and swimming. I am also a very well hung guy, which is discovered early was a great aid in picking up women.

Anyway, I was working at a private hospital near Sutton with the marketing lady, called Judy. She was early forties great body a size 12 I would say, but with amazingly large tits, she looked after herself very elegant and sophisticated. Her husband was a financial director for a large company and was away a lot and her two kids had left home.

Judy and I hit it off and had a lot of fun working together with a lot of flirting. We often went for a drink after work. After a couple of weeks I was getting really horny about her, getting hard on when we were together. I had always like older women, at the time having an affair with a 38 year old mum of an ex girlfriend. Jury's husband had gone to America for two weeks on business, we went for a drink her car was in for a service, so she was drinking more than usual, she was wearing a clinging cream silk blouse showing the shape of her tits really well, a wrap over skirt and high heals, as she crossed her legs her suspenders and stockings came into view, she saw me looking and did not cover up, I offered her another drink and she agreed and as I stood up, she stroked my crouch and said " I hope I caused that" and I told her today and every day since we met. I came back with the drinks made hers a double double gin. When I sat she uncrossed her legs the right side of the skirt revealed her entire leg, I moved closer and stroked her legs. She smile and opened her legs for me, I raised my hand up her skirt and inside her very wet thong and into her cunt, I found her clit and fingered it, she held onto the table and lent across kissing me and breathing very hard, she then let out a little scream and told me she had cum. I kept fingering her and undid a few blouse buttons, we were in a quiet corner of the bar, and pinched her nipples. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her, and made her tell me and asked her how she liked it and she said rough and dirty. We finished our drinks and went to my car, and I drove us to her amazing house. We got in she fetched a bottle of vodka and some glasses, and some ice and we went upstairs, she stripped for me and her body was so sexy, tone not a blemish, and a very trimmed cunt, she laid on the bed with a dildo fucking herself as she watched me undress, when she saw my cock she gasped and said that is beautiful. I told her to come to me and get to her knees, which she did, licked my cock and balls and then bit by bit got my long and thick cock into her mouth, I held her hair and face fucked her, she gagged a few times but I continued. After a while I told her to bend over and I used my belt on her arse, she was screaming but telling me not to stop and to do it harder. Then she said I will get some more toys and opened the draw next to the bed, packed with sex toys, she asked me to peg her nipples and use a butt plug, and restraints, I tied her hands to the bed put nipple clamps on her and slapped her tits, before pulling her legs over mu shoulders and ramming into her balls deep she screamed loudly, she was a very vocal fuck, I told her she was a slut and she said I know, I untied her turned her over and fucked her cunt doggy using her hair as balance, fingering her arse and juicing it up, as I started to enter her arse she said no you will be too big, I told her to shut up and enjoy I git mu cock into her after about ten minutes and she then relaxed into the fuck I lent over rubbed her clit hard, and we both orgasmed at the same time. As we lay together, she licked my body down to my cock cleaned me made me hard, rimmed my arse and then ride me, with me pinching the clamps very hard, we fucked for about three hours, me leaving her tits bruised and bitten and her cunt swollen. I stayed the night having a few more fucks through the night and before work. She told me she lived rough sex, liked being a sub slut, her husband could not satisfy her and was only about 5" long half of me. She also told me she had had a few livers over the years including her husbands best friend, her husband had no idea and a boyfriend of one of her daughters.

I shaved her, my ex girlfriend's mum was smooth and I loved it. I told her she must never wear knickers when with me and always stockings. She often took her bra off after work so I could get a proper grope. I work there for eight weeks, fucking her most days, the two weeks the husband was away I stayed four nights out of seven, as I had to see the ex's mum. I discovered how dirty Judy really was, she would do anything, loved fucking in the Nonsuch Park car park and being taken in a pub loo. We fucked in the office at the hospital too

When her husband came back we all met in the pub with some others from work, and I fucked Judy in the toilet with her husband talking to work colleagues of ours in the bar. Judy was a little whore for sex, but those who met her through work thought she was very proper. I fucked her on and off during holiday times until I moved into Central London when I graduated

I still think older women are great fucks, can recount others if anyone wants to hear