Written by southern10

15 Jul 2013

As the weather is so good at present we decided on a day at Studland beach last Friday. We arrived at the car park about 10:00 and walked along to the nudist section arriving at about 10:45. The beach was starting to fill up so after pitching our site I decided to take a walk to see what was happening. There were about four or five couples at various places around the beach but none seemed to be playing. The gay section was busy and a number of blokes were already hard at it. I returned to the wife who was by now very turned on not knowing what I had got up to. I gave her a quick finger only to find she was very wet, asking her to explain she replied by saying she had been flashing every bloke that walked by, opening her legs wide so that they could get a good view. Within a few seconds I had brought her to a climax.

A little while later I went for another walk, same again not a lot heppening apart from one couple, female laid on her back with other half licking her with about 6 to 8 blokes watching close by, I joined them stroking as I watched. Returning to the wife she was very horny I mounted her and gave her a good seeing to with two blokes watching from a distance.

The afternoon wore on and she was getting hornier as the hours passed, numerous blokes walked by and had a good look but it wasn't until I started fingering her that the fun started. Withing seconds of me inserting my fingers and her wanking me we had an audience, we invited one bloke to have a feel and he wasted no time sticking his fingers up her whilst she wanked him, making him come all over her very quickly. No sooner had he cleaned himself up then another one stepped forward, fingered then licked her and and shot his load all over her chest. By now I had lost count how many times ahe had come but she still wanted more so a third was invited forward ad carried on where the last one had left off. Naturally she was very pleased with the attention so as a finale I asked her for a blow job and shot my load down her throat.

Sorry this was bit long winded but hope you liked our account of a trip to Studland beach, we highly reccomend it, we have been numerours times and have never been dissapointed