Written by Happy man

30 May 2008

I have been on SW for a while now and tried on numerous occasions to arrange a meet with very limited success, to many time wasters and not enough genuine. Last week having sent out an e-mail I was pleasantly surprised to get an answer back very quickly. A young guy had replied, I am in my fifties wanting to know a bit more. he didn\'t live that far away but I wanted a face to face before letting come to my home. He turned up at the pub we had agreed on and seemed really very pleasant, we agreed to meet the next time the wife was a way.

I met him a couple of days later and he followed me home, we put some porn on just to settle the nerves. He soon had me stripped off and was gently sucking my cock the nerves disappeared and i just lay there and enjoyed the wonderful job he was doing. Will you fuck my arse he asked once I was hard, on went a condom and some lube and I pushed nothing so I pushed hard an in it went. I caused him so much pain we had to stop. I was worried about hurting the guy and quickly went limp. We sat and watched the movie for a while before he asked if he could suck me again, I said of course and once again relaxed as he gave me a wonderful sucking. Standing up suddenly he pulled to the edge of the sofa and said I have got to have your cock up my arse he turned round and impaled himself on it and I slipped into the warmth and tightness. Once it was in and he was comfy we progressed to the floor and doggy style it just got better and better. Finally he was flat on the floor yelling yes fuck me harder and I was slipping in and out as fast as I could, all to soon that feeling started and I had to pull out and pump a large load of cum up his back and the cheeks of his arse.

He had said he wants do it again soon and I am only to happy to oblige.