Written by Carlton

1 Jan 2018

Over xmas my girlfriends family came to stay ,lots of people sleeping were they fall . Anyway my girlfriend went out with her friends , her uncle asked me to go for a drink with him , Adam was a nice guy and i remember my GF telling me he was Bi ,i have dabbled with cock fun but not for a long time , but when im watching porn , she likes the blacks with big cocks and so do i .lots of drinks flowed we were merry not pissed on the way home he came out and said can i suck you off i was shocked but excited , he said i know u know i like cock as well as pussy , what do u think i said where , he said by the canal , he said thats were i used to go when i lived down here , a short walk and we were by a bridge plenty of dark areas , he didnt fuck around a feel of my bulge , then my jeans were unbuttoned a cold hand grabbed my cock and then his warm mouth took my soft cock in and soon it started to grow , then he built up a rhythm slurping as he sucked , i held on to his head as i fucked his mouth , he then said he wanted me to come in his mouth ,more sucking then i pulled out and i wanked then i twinged and my first spurt his is mouth , he took my cock in his mouth for my second shot , he cleaned me up , then we walked back to the house as if nothing had happened,i did get the odd look and nod but nothing else happened , my GF sucked me yesterday afternoon , i must admit i was thinking of Adam as she was sucking me , i grabbed her head as she was sucking this turned her on , she likes trying dirty ways , she loves me talking dirty to her , and when i call her my slutty girl friend she will do anything for me , normal sexy moments it’s missionary all day , call her a slut or spunk whore and i can finger her arse ........but thats another story