Written by Colin

12 Jul 2018

I am 22 , bi with girl and boy friends .

A few months ago my mates grandad ( Bill ) asked me to give him a hand emptying his lock up shed , The job was going to take a few days ,i get on well with Bill hes a good laugh , we loaded his van and bill did the drop off at a charity shop , i stayed to sort out the next load .

It was hot so i took off my top , when bill came back he commented on my 6 pack , bill did another 4 trips , to finish he got me a few beers , nothing like a cold beer after a hard days graft .

We chatted and bill asked me he had heard that i was bi , i wasnt going to bull shit him i said i had dabbled , he said he had a wank / suck buddy but he had moved away , his honesty shocked me. Then out of the blue he asked could he suck me off , nothing in return , he just wanted suck my cock.

I was worried about my mate , he said he wouldnt say anything .

Bill was in his 60s and he had false teeth , i agreed he sat on a old chair i stood next to him and i dropped my undies and jeans , i have a good size cock , i was hard with anticipation , teeth out bill went to work on my cock , a gum job which wasnt bad .

He gagged when i was fucking his mouth , he knew how to suck a cock , when i was ready to cum i told him but he carried on sucking me , then a twitch and i spunked in bills mouth.

He said he enjoyed it and offered me a blow job any time .

He dropped me off , the next morning he picked me up to finish the job , we got to the lock up ,loaded the van then he asked could he suck me again , well 3 times he sucked me off , morning , dinner and 5pm when the job was finished .

Since then i have met bill a few times , he asked me to fuck him but i dont know , getting a BJ is ok but fucking him i dont know , one thing for sure bill loves sucking my cock and swallowing my cum .......maybe i will fuck him or introduce bill to my friend for a 3 way