Written by Patrice _78

31 Dec 2018

I am bisexual and always looking for my next fix , i didnt expect to getva treat on the coach to Glasgow.

Planned to spend a long weekend in Glasgow , great city with likeminded sexual people ........i love it and couldnt wait to mingle .

My coach was overnight getting into Glasgow early breakfast time ,

The coach wasnt full , i made my way to the back of the coach , always good for getting my head down .

After a early kip i woke up a middle aged guy went to the toilet , he looked over and smiled , he came out adjusting his jeans , with a little rub on his crotch.

I thought hello , maybe my signals were wrong , then the deal was sorted , he came back to the toilet , i rubbed my crotch which he saw , when he left the loo i took the lead and said there is plenty of room back here .

Thinking i was out of look , he went back to his seat to get his bag , he came back and made himself at home on the back seat .

We chatted , i was rubbing my bulge, then i unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock so he could see, he moved closer and wrapped his fingers around my length , a gettle touch he was wanking me , so sexy , i said im close we changed positions he was next to the window , and in a moment he dipped his head my cock was in his mouth , the bus wasnt full and with my eyes open and my sucker gobbling away , i held his head so my dick was deep in his throat, it was hot , i knew i was going to blow , i wanted to give him a mouthful treat , i was building up and then the release was a cum face special , keeping my composure was difficult.

I heard him slurping away , and then he released my cock from his mouth when it went flaccid.

Later during the journey i wanked him off all over his coat.

A great memorable journey , i couldnt wait for my fun in Glasgow to start.