Written by Sue's fella

12 Jul 2016

Sue and Mike worked together. Sue is my wife and Mike is my best mate. We were at school together and he introduced me to Sue. They have always got on well togher and flirt all the time. They also argue like an old married couple. Sue and I have been together for 17 years and we have been faithfull all that time. It was my 40th birthday a couple of weeks ago and Sue was at a loss as to a present aned talked to Mike about it. He said how about a sexy photoshoot and give me some naughty photos. Sue said she couldn't pose for that sort of photo with any one looking at her. Then Mike said why not a video and she could do it herself. She didnt feel comfortable doing that and asked if Mike would help. He called round our house when I was at work and set things up for her, camera on a tripod and remote to hand. she had some clothes on the bed and asked for advice which ones to wear. Mike said a little pair on red briefs and the matching top. Sue said that there was no matching top. She said she had some red stick on roses that she put on people presents and she could stick them on her nipples. After trying for a while she couldn't get then straight so called Mike back in to help her. He did so with pleasure and it did take him a little time.

Sue said that as he had seen her topless on the beach and touched her putting on the flowers he may as well do the videoing. She danced around for a while and Mike did she shooting. Mike got very excited and Sue could see that he had an errection and passed a comment on it. Mike replied that he could see a damp patch in her pants. The afternoon ended with Mike fingering Sue and she rubbed him off. On the morning of my birthday Sue gave me the CD and I watched before work but didn't realise how it had been taken. Mike called round later in the evening with a bottle of wine and some beers. The 3 of us had a drink and watched the video togeher. We all got rather excited and Sue confessed that after the filming they both felt horny but resisted the temptation to fuck and made do eith a hand job each. The evening ended with Sue doing a slow strip for us following which we both made slow tender love with her. We have since shared her another 3 times and it looks as though it is set to carry on. Sue now says she fancies another guy from her work so it is possible that Mike may call in to ours by chance one evening and see what happens.