Written by sue

28 Jul 2011

this story began just over a week ago ,i am writing it because i know more of what happened than my husband , my name is sue i am 36 with a nice size 10-12 figure. last week as it was a hot day and we had nothing to do we decided to go into town ,looking in the shops ,as it was hot i wore a short denim skirt ,with heels and a light top. we had been in town for about an hour when we decided to drop into a pub for a drink, it was pretty full but we ended up getting a seat ,we had been there about 20 mins when this old man asked if he could sit with us as there was no seats anywhere, we said yes and he sat down , it turns out his name was ted he was widowed , 76 years old and used the pub every day till 7-30 when he got his bus home. the pub was pretty noisy ,you had to lean over to who you was talking to to hear them , anyhow after about 3 drinks we both noticed that ted kept looking at my legs and top ,my skirt had ridden quite a way up my thighs and he could just see my white panties, then he shocked my as we were talking he told me he had to move abit as he was getting an hard on looking up my skirt, anyhow nothing more was said and we all went our separate ways .

later that night we were in bed ,and as i was wanking my hubby i told him what ted had said , he said fucking hell the dirty prat, but then said i wonder how far he would go ,then came all over me.

so two days ago we said lets go to the pup again and see if he is in . this time i wore a little blue tube dress i have , it is quite short, i wore no bra and a tiny white lace thong with 5"heels ,and to show my tan better i rubbed oil into my legs. we went in the pub and sure enough he was in , this time though it was quiet ,so we sat in a seat around a corner out of sight ,my hubby went to the bar for a drink and said hi to ted he said if you are by yourself come and drink with us , he came over and sat next to me on the bench seat at the back , we had been there an hour when a friend of my hubby's came in,so he went and talked to him at the bar leaving me with ted, ted had noticed my oiled legs and was soon looking at them , he asked why they were shiny so i said i have oiled them ,here feel and put his hand on my thigh ,he said they are smooth aren't they ,sliding his hand higher up my leg nearly touching my panties .my hubby came over saying him and his mate were going else where for a drink but i said i would stay with ted and winked at him , by 7-30 he had not come back and ted had touched me up a few times , he said he was going for his bus so i said do you mind if i come .30 mins later we were at his house , he got some more drinks out ,and we were sat on the couch drinking when i asked where the toilet was ,he pointed it out so off i went ,i looked back and noticed him moving his cock inside his trousers ,when i went back i had removed my panties ,and as we were on the couch again i said here ,i placed his hand on my knee ,opened my legs and said touch it , his fingers were soon on my smooth pussy .i pulled my dress down so i was nearly naked on the couch with him , i said god i need fucking i stood up removed my dress and pulled his pants down, he had a nice sized hard on about 6 inches but really fat , i sat on him and fucked him ,he came in about 30 seconds, i was not done though , i lay back on the couch and started playing with myself ,as he watched he got hard again ,this time he took my hand and dragged me to bed, lay me back ,then got between my legs and fucked me hard , he did not come again but lasted a good 10 mins ,and i came three times .we lay there till about 9 0clock ,then he said i am ready now ,i looked down and he was hard again ,this time we licked and sucked each other in a 69 position then had sex for an hour before i had to go