Written by hubby

16 May 2008

hello me and sue have been married for twenty years, sue is still a very sexy attractive women, who still turns me on , to look at her you would think butter wouldnt melt but when she fucks me she can turn into a really dirty slut , i love it , but like many men i have a very strong urge to watch her get fucked by another guy with a bigger thicker cock than my own, and have expressed this fantasy to her many times but althopugh she seems to like the fantasy she nevr actually expressed a desire to follow it up until last week that was, we went to chester races to celebrate our anniversary, and we had a lovely day sue looked great in a lovely dress that showed off her tits, and she was wearing some killer high heels she looked really horny, of course there were plenty of men around and through the course of the day a few of them were paying her some attention, i sent sue down to the bookies to put a bet on and as i watched her waiting to put a bet a guy about thirty was behind her and giving her arse a real looking over ,sue must have realised this and turned round and smiled at him, then they both got talking , andi could see they were getting on, all i could think of was i wonder if his dick is bigger than mine and id love to watch him fuck sue, well sue came back we enjoyed the rest of the day and then after the race went into the town centre, were sue came accross her new friend again, i was at the bar and through the mirror on the bar i could see sue looking up at him flutering her eyes and flirting like mad with him and he had his hands all over her arse, i came back with the drinks sue introduced her new friend as paul, we chatted and then he went back to his firends for the next half hour while i was talking to sue she couldnt take her eyes of paul and he kept looking and smiling over at sue,i said to sue looks like you have a admirer she replied do you think so , and smiled i kissed her on the lips pullled her close to and said would you like to fuck him , she said would you like me to fuck him , i instantly replied oh yes please ,sue said well you have to arrange it i said are you sure , she said just sort it or shut up before i lose my bottle, my heart was thumping and my dick was rock hard, but i was a bit embaresed about going up to a guy and asking him if he would like to fuck my wife, whilst he was in front of a gang of his friends, but sue ordered that if she was willing to let a guy fuck her for my pleasure i should be willing to take the shame of letting othermen know that i want to watch my wife get fucked by another man, so i breathed in walked over to the group of guys and said sheepishly, paul i was just wondering could i have a word with you ,i pulled him to one side and said, dont think im a pervert or anything but would you like to fuck sue, he looked at me like i was from nother planet,but after a couple of seconds replied yes i would but i dont want you there while i fuck her , you can stay here with my mates, at that he went over to sue kissed her on the lips , sue smiled at me like she was the cat who just got all the cream, they started to talk then the next time i turned round they had gone,all night i had to put up with the humilation of pauls mates mocking me and saying things like i wonder if hes fucked her yet or i bet she sucking on his cock ect later in the night one of pauls friends phone rang and it was paul saying that they were in our room and that sue was just changing into her stockings and susspenders, and that he had already fucked sue up a back street just outside the pub we were in ,his mates were laughing at me telling me that paul has a massive cock , and that he loved fucking married women, the thought of paul screwing sue was driving me insane i thought i would shoot my load there and then, all of a sudden one of pauls friends phone beeps he opens his phone and they all gasp the bastard has taken a photo of sue whilst he is fucking her doggy style and there is spunk all over her arse she looks wonderful at that point i cant stand any more, im beginning to wonder if i can cope with this, its weird i love it but i hate it but the urge to watch my wife fuck another man or just know she is fucking another man is to great . i make my way back to the hotel and sit in the reception bar area, and get a drink then a couple me and sue had been talking to come over they are both pissed and laughing and say .. oh we have just heard sue upstairs in the bedroom, we thought you were with her , they both laugh and walk off, im totally humiliated, but i cant help myself i go up to the room and listen at the door my god he is fucking the arse off her she is loving it, you can hear them both on the corridor, the cleaning staff see me as i listen and rub my hard cock they know exactly whats going on, im so embarresed i go back down to the bar and wait until pauls finished with my wife, after about two hours paul and sue come down sue looks totally relaxed and paul has a smile from ear to ear sue sees me and tells me to order them both a drink and bring it over , i obey ,they are sat on the sofa kissing and fondlimg each other i give them there drinks paul says thanks pal , and then gives me a card with the name of his hotel on , sue says get a taxi dave so i do after about five minutes , the taxi arrives i stand up and say well its been nice to meet you paul and then sue butts in , no dave your staying at pauls hotel to night , pauls staying with me, im not happy and sak sue for a quiet word everyone is watching, as i tell sue i dont want to paul to stay the night he has fucked my wife now i want to fuck her , sue said tough you arranged this and if you want me to do it again you do as your told, i had no option i had to leave or i would never experiance the pleasure of knowing my wife, is being serviced by another man, so i spent the night in pauls room with his pissed up mates while paul shaged my wife stupid all night , on the way home in the car the next day sue spent all the journey home arranging when paul could come and stay with us , he came last wekend and i was allowed to listen at the door as he fucked sue in our bed, its the horniest thing i have ever experianced sue allowed me to clean her as paul was showering then i was made to sleep in the spare room, when i woke up i could hear them at it again i heard sue moan as he made her come as he fucked her doggy style, she must have felt a little sorry for me as she came into my bedroom and let go up her lovely spunky cunt and let me shoot my load before she went in the shower, how lucky can a man be