Written by ruebin

29 Nov 2011


I told you that Sue, Pete and me had threesome sex, then Sue and I had it alone. Then she wanted more a black guy and me.

We found one - I needed to sus him out so after using the site and showing her face and cock pics she chose her man.

The dirty bitch was fingering herself while Pete was away for the night and we used her lap top.

She cum big time when we selected 'her man' and while she was chatting on the 'phone, I was fucking her doggy and she was telling him.

I met him in the pub attached to a certain Inn chain while she sat alone in the far corner wearing a short skirt, stockings and no knickers.

She brought three condoms and a tube of lubricant. I asked her why she had brought the gell 'cause we never needed it and she said the size of his cock on the pics and the use of condoms.

He was a confident guy and seemed okay didn't object to the fact that I wanted to rub her clit with the tip of his cock to make her cum and said that although he preferred bareback he would use a condom if she would suck him off first.

She joined us without invitation, didn't say a lot and held his big hand as she walked up the stairs to our room.

There wasn't much finesse she kissed him and fondled his cock through his trousers(contd)