Written by AlKaz

28 Oct 2017

I got up and went to our bedroom and popped a blue pill then returning to the screams of a Sue orgasm subsiding and Kaz beginning to reach hers as they relaxed I knelt behind Sue offering my rising cock to Kaz who began to take turns between cock and pussy before reaching to guide me into Sue while sucking her clit .Sue was so wet I slipped out Kaz mischievously stroking my cocks head along Sue’s arse pushing it against her anus. Sue pushed back and my head straight away disappearing I pushed back at this point half my length was now inside Sue now getting vocal urging me to give her it all which she soon had Kaz reattaching her lips to her clit the din she was making now at fever pitch Kaz getting the cream as Sue gushed her appreciation as I steadily fucked her arse before dumping my load into her. I eased out and went to clean up Sue rolling off murmuring to herself in her post orgasmic state.

Kaz was gently caressing her stroking those tits when I returned still hard she stood and we moved to the bedroom Kaz positioning herself for me to plunge into her welcoming pussy doggy style. We had been fucking a few minutes when Sue appeared “ I’m not quite done yet” she announced ( Fuck me this woman is more insatiable than Kaz !!) Kneeling in front she kissed me while reaching down to squeeze Kaz nipples as Kaz orgasm hit her.

It was now Kaz turn to rest slumping forward and laying onto her side as I lay next to her on my back Sue mounted me slowly easing herself onto my cock taking over steadily fucking me. This went on until Kaz now recovered slapped her bum “ my turn” and Sue dutifully climbed off Kaz replacing me again at a steady pace both of os luxuriating in the sensation on a virtual pull out then a slow lower back down. We kissed deeply Sue then brought her face alongside for a three way kiss the whispering in Kaz ear “can I have your husband back please” and it was swap back again I suckled on those tits aided by Kaz. Then Kaz knelt to kiss Sue and Sue then lowering to suck Kaz nipples while still rhythmically working herself on my cock.

“Off you get” Commanded Kaz “me again” This time a change of tempo Kaz had obviously decided she wanted my sperm in her which given her skills it didn’t take much. for me to give her what she desired.

We were now all fully spent I settling to my side of the bed Kaz and Sue disappearing to the bathroom to clean up ( I suspect some oral involved for Kaz pussy and Sue’s arse) before Kaz then Sue climbed in alongside me and we all soon drifted off.

I awoke next morning thanking it was Saturday the two girls still asleep alongside me in somewhat an embrace with Kaz leg thrown over Sues as they had slept cuddling each other I lay there admiring their nakedness gently stroking Kaz rear as I drifted between dozing and waking. Loosing track of time until the spell was broken by the ring of Sue’s mobile. Mike enquiring as to when she was expected back etc. Sue hit the speaker button and we enjoyed a four way conversation Mike clearly expecting last night’s activities to have been on the cards telling us to leave some pussy for him Sue and Kaz making the promise giggling as they had started fingering each other. I retreated to the shower leaving them to play on looking in to enquire about breakfast Sue was busy fucking Kaz with the dildo.

Once they appeared I cooked breakfast as we all had a good appetite after the previous night’s activity.

“You must both visit next time” said Kaz “yes and I’ll bring my toy” Sue said “I’ll pay you back for that dildo fuck” announcing they’d bought a strap on for her as she now sometimes fucked Mike with it and he loved it.

“ I intend fucking you both” was her parting shot as she drove off an hour later…………..