Written by sue

21 Jul 2009

my name is sue i am 22 with blonde hair,a 35b 24 35 size 10/12 figure ,5ft 7 with long legs. i am tanned and have a totally smooth pussy .i am married to paul who is 34. i love sex ,the more dirty the better. which led to this story happening.

we go out drinking at least 3 times a week and normally i don't wear much ,most of my dresses are very short and revealing ,some times we go to a club for an hour, used by a lot of old people and one of them ,an old bloke called bill ,comes and talks to us or stands near us and as i am normally sat on a bar stool he gets a good look at me . we know were he lives ,it is about half a mile from our house in a ground floor flat. i was talking to him one night,and noticed he was looking at my legs,so i moved on my stool and gave him a look at my panties,only for about a couple of seconds.

he gave me a cheeky smile and said if i was 50 years younger i would be after them , i said your not that old and he told me he was 76 and that years ago in the 60s he had also made a few porno films and that he still watched them at home.i asked if he got exited watching them and he told me it still works and pointed to his crotch ,saying you might not believe this but it is 11 inches long, i said yes i bet it is and he said come round later and see for yourself, i smiled and we left to und town. all night i was thinking about it ,so in every pub i was drinking coke and paul was knocking back the doubles and by the time we got home he was well past it.he passed out on the couch so i decided to go in the car to bills.

when i got there bill opened the door ,he was dressed in a short bathrobe and he said i was hoping you would come ,i have put a video on and was just watching it. we sat down on the couch and were watching the film ,and i was shocked to see a younger bill having sex with 2 women and he was not lying about how big he was . i was getting turned on watching and when i looked down so was he , he opened his gown and he was semi hard , there was not a lot of hair down there and without even thinking about it i grabbed it ,bent down and started sucking him ,it started swelling in my mouth and soon it was rock hard and stretching my jaws ,i started wanking and sucking the tip and he was moaning saying oh yes sue ,with his hand on my head .

after a minute i stood up took my panties off and said take me to bed ,he was naked by the time we got there ,so i just lay back ,still dressed and as he licked me out ,i pulled my dress down and removed my bra . he moved up and started kissing me on my mouth my neck and my tits . as he was kissing me ,then i felt his cock head touching my slit ,i reached down and guided him in and he pushed the full 11" in to me ,i have never had something so long and thick up me and i orgasm ed straight away ,he fucked me for what seemed like forever then he shot what seemed like gallons of come up me. he pulled out but was still hard ,so i undressed ,told him i had to be home in a couple of hours and he fucked me on and off over the next hour we even did anal,and by the time i left i lost count of my orgasms.

tell you what girls just get an old man ,a big cock you cant beat it . if or i mean when we do it again i am taking one of my friends