Written by diverman

13 Aug 2008

This happened back in 1974, I had just left school, we were the first ones to be kept on until the age of 16. It was a good hot summer and some of my friends had already got jobs; I had been accepted for the forces and was awaiting my call up date. My cousin David was going back to school for his A levels so during the summer holiday just me and my cousin ended up staying for a few weeks at his parents caravan on a site by the coast.

There we got to be good friends with a lad called Steve who was staying with his brother at their parent’s caravan like us on their own. We used to sit in the club most nights having a good time with all the girls that came on holiday, over that time we had some adventures but this one was the one to end all.

On one of the last weeks a friend of Dave and me, Bill and 2 girls “Tina and Kate” all from our village came down Saturday morning to see us. Tina was tall and slim with small but sensitive tits. me and David both had been fucking Tina, what we now would call a fuck buddy she really enjoyed sex. I had fucked Kate once when we both had a bit much to drink one night. Dave and Bill had not yet had the pleasure. As it was hot we grabbed our towels and supplies and the 5 of us headed to the beach 100 yards away, when we got there we saw and joined Steve and his brother Simon and 3 girls Alex and Sheila who we been seeing at the club all week, and getting close to. The other girl was called Sue, Steve had been chatting her up the last couple of nights. We all settled on the beach to get a sun tan and started drinking the beer we had took down which did not last long so Simon went to get some more supplies helped by Sheila.

As the day wore on more beer was being drunk and the fooling around started the girls throwing water on the lads and the lads throwing the girls into the sea? Soon it was about teatime and people were starting to feel peckish, and Simon said why not all go back to his caravan as it was a large one that slept 8 and it had more booze inside.

After some sarnies and more beer Simon said how about a game of cards, everyone was discussing what to play when bill said strip poker, the girls moaned that they did not know how to play and that they would be the ones to end up with no clothes on. Simon then suggested strip jack naked and explained that we sit in a circle boy girl, boy girl and the pack is dealt out and if you receive a jack, queen or king you loose a piece of clothing, if it was a red picture the person to your left would remove it, or if it was a black then the person on the right would remove it. If you got an ace then you could put a piece back on or take a piece off anyone you wanted, and the winner would be the last one with something on.

One of the girls asked what happens when you get a picture card and you have nothing left to take off, it was said that you paid a forfeit to the person left or right of you depending on the colour of the card. Alex and Sheila were humming on about it till Tina started saying come on this will be fun. So the cards were dealt and clothes started to come off, not that we had that much on in the first place just t-shirts and shorts over our cosies.

I had ended up between Alex and Sheila; Tina had cut me a dirty look when I sat between them and not next to her. She was between Steve and Bill opposite and by the look on her face I knew she was going to try and make me jealous.

Soon I was down to my cossie, Alex was down to her cossie and Sheila her bikini Tina had already lost her bikini top and her nipples were hard, then she lost again to Steve, and she stood up directly in front of him and he slowly pulled her bottoms down and exclaimed she’s bald and turned her around so everyone could see her shaved mound, which caused a bit of a rumpus as in the mid 70s girls did not usually shave.

A couple of weeks before Tina had moaned that she was getting bushy down below so me and Dave ended up shaving her in my bathroom on a Saturday night when my parents were out and using my dads razor as I had not started shaving then. Since then she must have kept it smooth.

Soon I had the pleasure of taking Sheila’s top off and giving her boobs a good feel then she had to take my trunks off and my erect knob sprung into view like a few others already on show. She gave it a playful slap.

Simon to the other side of Sheila had the pleasure of removing her bottoms, but I had been rewarded with taking off Alex’s cossie.

I made her stand up facing everyone with me behind her and I slowly rolled her cossie down over her boobs making her nipples stand up, she tried to cover them up with her hands for modesty but I moved them down to her side then carried on rolling down her cossie till her light brown bush came into view. Then she stepped out of it and I stood behind and ran my hands up and down over her bush and boobs, all the time my cock was trying to push between the cheeks of her arse. We sat down again and the game continued.

With most of us naked, forfeits were coming out, girls were getting the boys to wank, boys were sucking nipples and fingering the girls. Bill had a forfeit to Tina, she made him lie on his back then sat on his face, rubbing her pussy all over his face while looking at me as she knew I loved to lick her.

Alex shortly afterwards had a forfeit to me, I got her to lie back with her legs open, she covered her pussy with her hands. I tilted her head back as I knelt over her head and directed my cock to her mouth at first she tried to turn her head away but I held it and my cock slipped in and she started sucking on it fast. I then leant forward and moved her hand away from her pussy and while looking direct into Tina’s eyes went down on Alex, she was so wet and here pussy so tight I could only get a finger in.

By now a lot of snogging and playing with each other was going on when Dave said he had won. We all stopped and looked at him, as his prize the girls had to pay a forfeit and that there was to be some serious ass kissing and all the girls had to kneel on the sofa that went around the caravan with their asses in the air. Tina walked up to me grabbing me by my dick, said you can kiss my ass with a hard look on her face. The sight was something to behold these five girls were all on the sofa with their asses and pussies facing us. I went behind Tina and started licking as so did the rest of the lads after a few minutes Dave said move to the right and we all moved down one and I stared licking Kate then again onto Sue who I had not touched yet but she tasted delicious then came Sheila who was rubbing her ass all over my face as she was close to cuming. Then again on to Alex, her pussy was still so wet and tight I couldn’t resist I stood up behind her and rubbed my dick up and down her slit and then aimed it at her pussy, I started to push and she turned to see who it was and then just let out a loud moan as suddenly my dick went up, she kept saying fuck it’s tight which made me feel good as I’m just average size.

Now as I was up to my balls I started sliding in and out I noticed blood on my dick and realised she had been a virgin. All the rest of the girls were getting fucked as well then Dave said move to the left, then I slid up Shelia the girls kept looking over their shoulders to see who was fucking them now. I then slid up Sue followed by Kate then at last to Tina, by now the lads were pulling out and spurting up their backs and faces. I saw Alex drink Bills all down.

I got Tina to turn onto her back and held her legs high and slid back in, after a few pumps I slid out my wet cock and lined it up with her ass. She looked me in the eye and just said you dirty bastard, I had fucked her ass many times already before and new she loved it. I pushed and slid in as she gave out a load moan by know most of the other were finished and watching us, as I suspect none of them had seen someone getting fucked up the ass. Dave reached across and started rubbing Tina’s clit and sliding a couple of fingers up, this brought her off with Dave using his other hand to stifle her screams that would have had the next caravans knocking on our door.

I started cuming up her arse then pulled out and drenched her thighs and pussy.

As we all started getting dressed I mentioned to Alex about the blood and she admitted she had been a virgin, and had wanted to loose here cherry this summer but never thought she would end up getting fucked by five dicks the first time. She said she would never forget her first time, and we all said neither would we.

After that day I never saw Alex and Sheila again, Sue was with Steve for the rest of the week then gone, and the summer fizzled out. I went into the forces and over the next few years me Dave and Tina had some fun times including when I brought some of the Sqd home for a party and to meet Tina which they had heard so much about. But that’s for another time.