28 Aug 2015

we had dinner ,and a bottle of wine each.i surjested we walk to the pub for a drink,we got showered and changed.we arrived ,and our neighbour was in there on his own ,we said hi ,he sounded fed up .we all had a few drinks .he started telling us he hadn't sex for ages, I was tipsy ,without thinking I said is it because you cum so much,they both just looked at me ,I felt awful.i had to tell his wife had told me,it just slip out.he said yes .i then went and said oh I would love it.with that my husband said I'll take you home ,you said enough.we all walk home chatting ,we got home my husband invited him for a drink. I had a drink and closed my eyes while they talked,after a while they must have thought I was asleep,and they about sex and what we did.and what I wear ,my husband lifted my skirt to show my stockings and no pants,and shaved ,our friend said I would love to tongue her,then they undid my blouse to show my tits !i don't wear a bra ,at this point I really was so turned on ,I heard my husband say he would love to share me, I was amazed ,I slid down in the seat so my skirt rode up and let my legs open a bit so they could see my wet lips ,there breathing was heavy ,they both felt my breast and rub my nipples ,my husband said mind she doesn't wake, I then felt one put his hand up my skirt and touch my wet lips ,it was my neighbour he said she taste so good,I sturd and they button up my blouse, I wanted it to go further ,and pulled my skirt down ,I woke and said iam sorry ,the drink made me tired ,have I been asleep long,no that ok they both said,they both looked very steepish ,as I looked at them ,I noticed they both had erection in there trousers.this really made me horny .after a while my neighbour said sorry to have bored you with my worries ,I said sorry for being rude and nodding off ,he said not at all we good time ,oh chatting that is. My husband said we will probably go for a drink tomorrow evening ,might see you in the pub .we went to bed and had sex ,nothing was said and I am came so quickly ,it really was the best evening I have ever had. I hope we go for a drink tomorrow .i want to do this again