29 Aug 2015

this is the story from summer day2, my husband said lets go for a drink down the local,I new our neighbour would be there ,and my husband was very keen ,he kept giving me G&Ts while I got ready,I put on a black skirt ,it was a bit to short really ,and a white blouse ,shaved, no pants stockings, no bra.I felt really naughty.we arrived at the pub ,our neighbour was standing in the corner at the bar,we started chatting ,I happened to look down and could see the out line of is semi hard cock,I felt myself getting damp,as we chatted and drank the conversation got onto sex,10 30 we walked back to our house and my husband invited him in for a night cap, I sat on the settee ,after a while I made out I was asleep and slid down and my skirt rode up and let my legs part,my neighbour said I got to touch ,my husband said give it a minute to make sure,they were whispering ,then I felt my blouse undone and my tits played with,I then felt my legs pulled open and a finger probing my cunt,then it all stopped,I slightly open my eyes ,and saw mu husband sucking his huge cock,he always said he would never touch a man ,at the same time wanking himself,I reached out and felt my husband cock,and started sucking it,then he stop sucking his cock.they bent me over the chair ,took it in turns to lick my cunt and tits and suck each other,it was amazing .then I felt my husband finger my bum,and start fucking my cunt ,my neighbour stood in front so I could suck this wonderful cock ,I felt my husband gently enter my bum ,he was shaking with excitement ,then I felt him shoot his load in me ,so warm,he pulled out .after a minute his warm spunk ran down my leg,then my husband indicated to my neighbour,he came round behind me ,rubbed is huge helmet up and down my slit it must have been covered in spunk,and just slid in my cunt ,he went right in deep,I winced ,he rode me slowly,then I felt him cum ,for a moment I thought he was pissing up me,but it was copious amounts of spunk,as he went in and out it was squirting out.he pulled out, I can't tell how must just kept running out,I put some pants on with second they were soaked.we chatted for a while, he thank us both,and said this is our secret,I said what about next week.lets make a night of it.i went to bed in the morning it was still running out of me,my husband do you really want to do this again, yes ,but let's make night of it,he said iam up for that,if you want me let me know