Written by sloppy secs

31 May 2013

Sorry for truncating this memory from 1984. As you will gather Mary and I had met two lads over from West Yorkshire for the weekend. It was Sunday and after a lovely warm day with two lads a bit younger than us, we had met up again and finished up for a drink and some food at our place. Mary had served the snacks dressed only in matching underwear including stockings and suspenders then removed them showing her intention of letting the three of us lads enjoy her body. She was on a coil so bareback sex was no problem and as it was before the AIDS scare had hit, then free sex was the norm.

Mary saw the size of their cocks as they stripped at her encouragement and us three naked guys huddled close to her and the touchy feely part began. I kissed Mary and said to the lads that I thought they would be happier with free access and I would take a few pics if they did not object. Fortunately they were happy to allow me to produce my camera and they indulged Mary to their own satisfaction. I saw both lads were stiffly erect and her hands were stroking each of them with soft but sexy movements and cranking up the desire in them all. I was hoping she would not be disappointed, but then as I knew the power of recovery would not be a problem, relaxed, snapped away and saw the most forward of them playing with her pussy lips, which were slick with her juices and the musky smell of sex began to fill our small lounge.

Mary became more vocal, asking the lads to keep their cocks hard and saying that they were both going to fuck her and shoot their spunk right up her. Murmurs of appreciation came from all three and I heard them repeating how fabulous this was, some understatement their.

After a lot of fondling and kissing, Mary laid back on the settee with her legs wide open and asked the taller one to lick her cunt while she sucked his mate (we never asked their names, it never seemed necessary). This was brilliant my own porn theatre in my home starring my then lovely girlfriend, later to be my sexy cock happy wife.

The orgy progressed with Mary sucking both guys, their cocks around average length, but with staying power to make the size totally irrelevant, then both taking turns at licking her, making her come for the first time. Then a short break for drinks before Mary got down to sucking alternate cocks again, with heads burying into her open cunt and long tongue lashing for her taking her to the brink as I watched the prick twitching action and carefully wanking myself.

It was probably half an hour before she took the first guy's cock inside her, drawing the foreskin back and slowly pulling him in and then taking the other cock in her mouth as the rhythm of a fuck accelerated until she was being pumped hard and fast, then his arching back and a deep sigh as his bum clenched and he shot his spunk deep in her, Mary sighing and heaving, uttering 'Yes, oh yes' as she felt the come flood her and she wanked the cock which had been in her mouth even harder then sucked him again, that did the trick as he came down her throat and she swallowed his seed.

This prompted a rest and the heavy breathing subsided as the fruits of their fucking became clear. The cock in her cunt was slipped out and the one in her mouth had a string of come stretching from her lips to his bell end before it broke, a realy sexy sight. Mary lay back and said she hoped that was not the end of it and started to play with their semi stiff cocks again. Her smile said it all as they both responded by growing in length and girth within a couple of minutes. Mary's cunt glistened as the spunk oozed slowly out and she turned round on the settee and offered her cunt to the one she had sucked off, asking him to slip his cock up her from behind.

He needed no begging and was immediately inside her as she guided him in and they began to screw together and the noise began again as she bucked back on his cock and their pistoning motion was vigorous to say the least. My wife to be getting fucked again, a dream and my heart racing as I watched with almost unbelieving eyes, however it was real and my cock ached for release so I offered my cock to her, she looked into my eyes and said this was a great day. I was at the back of the settee and she leaned down to my aching cock and sucked me. I did not last too long but shot my load and said how lovely she was as the spunk slipped down her throat. Mary smiled and said thanks for letting me get fucked. I reminded her how much I loved and trusted her and asked her to give these lads a night to remember. The one fucking her said they had already got that but they were both going to come in her again.

I was such a lucky guy to have found two happy go lucky guys who might have not been into what we were doing and not even returned for the evening, but boy was I glad they did.

Mary ended up getting spunked in from behind and then she rode the other one cowgirl style as a finale. It was then they said they needed to catch the last train to Leeds or they would not get home and miss getting to work next day, so with a bit of a rush they dressed and thanked us, then I gave them a lift to the station not before Mary gave them a big kiss and suggested they meet again some day. That never occurred as we moved house a few months later and did not have any phone numbers to let them know, so it was a one off for them and we met other folks who enjoyed Mary's sexy ways