19 Oct 2016

Back in the summer my hedge had got badly overgrown and out of control and need cutting and as I was very busy decided to search local ads for someone to cut it. I found several phone numbers and gave one that looked okay a call. I spoke to what appeared to be a young guy who agreed to come round a few days later and give me an estimate. Well a couple of days later a guy of about 28 came and knocked on my door and said that he had come to look at the hedge. After looking at the work involved he gave a me a price which seems fair and agreed to come back two days later. It was a very hot day when he arrived at about 11.0 o'clock in tee shirt and cut down jeans. He got down to work straight away and after about an hour I made him some cold orange juice and he came and sat on my veranda. I sat opposite him and noticed that he had a very nice cock, which was quite big was almost sticking out of his cut downs and in full view. He did not appear to be aware of this at first and chatted away to me. I could not take my eyes off it and began to get horny and erect myself. At one point he noticed my gaze and said " oh dear am I showing again, its these cut downs, I'm sorry". No worries I said, it does not bother me as it is a hot day and I am open minded. It was then that he said something that made me even more aroused than I was already feeling. It does not bother you then, are you curious by any chance as it does not upset you? No I said as it happens its made me feel aroused myself and remember a Bi experience I once had. If you are aroused would you like to touch it he said and stood up and came towards me. Taking my hand he put it on his cock which was beginning to get quite hard and by then mine was very hard. I was trembling like a leaf and breathing heavily, but knew I wanted to do this and unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them down. His cock was a very nice size about 7 to 8 inches, thick and uncut. I was so excited and as my hand curled round it felt wonderful as his foreskin went back. My cock was bulging in my shorts by then as he reached for my belt and let them slip to my ankles. The sun was hot on our bodies as our tee shirts came off and I got a blanket to lay on the lawn. We romped, played with and eventually sucked each others swollen cocks until our orgasms could not be detained any longer and I came, shortly followed by his. He went a little limp after that, but I stayed like a rock with the excitement and did not ant to leave him alone. He quickly got hard again and came again after a long suck, but I was okay and was happy with what I had enjoyed. He got in my shower and went back to the hedge, but said that he would come back the next day to finish it. He arrived on the Thursday to complete the work and I longed to have some more fun with his nice cock, but sadly my wife did not go out, so I was disappointed. He did say to call him and we had a couple of meets after that, but then he moved so that was that. I often think about the young man with the nice cock on full view from his shorts as he sat down and get a hard-on and toss it off. Great to have summer fun.