Written by aelfric

20 Feb 2010

New experience

Where to begin? I’m sixty years old male, feel about forty, am still working and keeping fit.

I’ve had a varied life, done the wife swopping and been to a number of swinging parties.

I have watched my wife having sex with up to four guys at a time and also with two women.

The most I have had, was two women at the same time.

Well my wife and I parted company about six years ago. We are still friends, but not for sex.

Over the past couple of years I have been reading the various lush stories, written by some very fine and imaginative story tellers.

I was surprised to find myself becoming aroused, reading some of the gay, stories.

Now I have never had any thoughts or inclinations of having sexual encounters with a man, yet the more I read the greater my curiosity, and I found myself masturbating while reading.

It was the 16th of July 2008, a beautiful sunny morning as I decided to head for a spot of sunbathing. An hours’ drive, took me to a long stretch of beach, which has very fine sand dunes where you can sunbathe in the nude without being disturbed.

It is well known locally that one particular part of the beach, about forty minutes walk, is frequented by gay men.

It was to this part of the beach that I headed, with some of the fantasy stories swirling about in my head.

Reaching the gay area, I found myself a secluded spot, stripped naked and lay down on my beach towel for a spot of sunbathing.

I was dozing in the warm sunshine, when a male voice asked how I was doing.

Looking up, I came face to face with a well tanned guy in his early fifties who was totally naked and supporting a massive erection.

“I’m fine, thank you” I replied.

“Better watch and not get burned, the sun is getting hotter” said the stranger.

“Thanks,” I replied, “but I have brought sun lotion with me.”

He sat staring at me, eyes fixed onto my naked body, well, more on my naked cock.

“Like me to do your back for you?” asked the stranger?

Normally I would have told him or anyone else for that matter, to go and fuck themselves.

Today was different; I was on a mission to fulfil my fantasy.

I handed the stranger the bottle of sun lotion and rolled over on to my stomach.

“The names Bill,” said the stranger, as he began to spread sun lotion over my back.

“Hi, I’m Eric,” I replied.

Bills’ touch was as soft and gentle as any woman’s, and I was beginning to feel very relaxed.

Bill rubbed the sun lotion over my shoulders then down and across my back. He then rubbed lotion over the backs of my legs. Slowly he began to massage the lotion up the back of my legs and onto my inner thighs. I was beginning to get aroused as he caressed my thighs, then his hands were massaging my buttocks. Gently at first, as if waiting for a signal for me to stop him. I was too aroused now to want him to stop and Bill, seeing that I wasn’t objecting to his touch, began to knead and massage my bum cheeks.

I was moaning softly as his hands worked their magic. Bill began to run his fingers down my crack, and then began to tease my bum hole. I lifted my bum a little and then opened my legs. Bill began to push a finger into me. I pushed back against his finger and felt it enter into me. Bill finger fucked my bum for a minute or two then I felt him insert another finger. I could feel my bum hole stretching. “Relax,” said Bill, I’ll be gentle with you. Bill continued pushing his fingers in and out of my hole. Suddenly he stopped and said, “turn over.”

As I turned over, Bill could plainly see my throbbing erection. “My, my, we are aroused,” said Bill. Bill rubbed sun lotion over my chest and began tweaking my nipples, which began to harden at his touch. Bill leant over me and started sucking on them. It was a strange feeling having another man sucking your nipples. Bill continued rubbing lotion over my belly and onto my thighs. As he worked his way down, his face was now level with my erect cock.

Bill opened his mouth and lowered it over my knob end. I felt that I was going to cum, but Bill grabbed my shaft and squeezed it at the base and the feeling subsided. Bill ran his tongue over my knob end then began to move his head up and down, taking more of my cock into his mouth with every motion. My wife had given me head many times, but this was a whole new experience. Bill sucked and wanked me until I tensed and told him I was going to shoot. Bill squeezed my shaft again and once more the feeling subsided.

Bill kept this up for over twenty minutes until I was begging him to let me cum. Bill wanked me harder as he sucked my cock. “I’m cummimg,” I shouted. Bill clamped his mouth tight around my cock as I shot my load down his throat. Bill kept wanking me and sucking me until every last drop of cum had left my body.

“Good,” said Bill?, “fucking marvellous,” I replied. “Ok, I need to cum now,” said Bill. I leaned over and began to wank him. It felt strange, wanking another man’s cock. “Mmm, that’s nice”, said Bill. Bill sat up and said, “this your first time?” “Yes,” I said, “How did you know?” “I just guessed,” said Bill, “so you’re a virgin?” It sounded a bit frightening. “I suppose I am, well when it comes to doing it with a man,” I replied.

Bill smiled and said, “want me to fuck you arse?” It was then that I confessed about how aroused I had become reading letters from gay men, or at least about their exploits. “Well then, let me help you fulfil your fantasy,” said Bill. Now I wasn’t so sure, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. It was as if Bill was reading my very thoughts. “Don’t worry, I’ll be very gentle and if it hurts you can tell me to stop, ok?”

“Ok,” I replied. Bill reached for the sun lotion, but I had already come prepared and fetched a tube of k.gel from out of my small rucksack, along with a packet of condoms. Bill chuckled, “came prepared “he chortled. Bill squeezed k gel over my bum hole and pushed a couple of fingers in to lubricate me. He then unrolled the condom over his erect cock and squeezed another dollop of k gel over his knob end.

“Get on your knees and push your arse in the air,” said Bill. I did as I was told, and Bill came up behind me and began to tease my bum hole with his knob end. “Ok, relax,” said Bill as he began to push his cock into my virgin arse. “Oh”, I gasped as his cock began to enter me. “OK, just relax, It’ll be ok,” said Bill. Bill pushed harder and I could feel his cock sliding up into my bum hole.

Bill withdrew and said, “I’ll put some more k gel in your bum and around my cock.” Bill squeezed a huge dollop of k gel into my arse then suddenly pushed his cock, hard into my hole. I gasped, and was about to say stop, when suddenly the pain was gone and I was beginning to love the feel of Bills cock gliding up and down inside of me.

Bill now had his full length up inside of me and I could feel his balls slapping against my bum cheeks as he thrust harder and harder up into my hole. “Harder, fuck me harder,” I begged of him. Bill slapped my arse and began to speed up, thrusting harder and harder with each stroke. Suddenly I felt Bill pull my arse hard into him and then with a final thrust he unloaded his cum up into my hole. I panicked, as I realised that I could actually feel his hot cum splattering about in my bum hole. “What happened to the condom?” I asked. “Oh I thought you would prefer it bareback for your first time,” replied Bill. Bill had removed the condom when he had made the excuse to slap more k gel in me. “It’s ok, I’ve not got aids or any other disease,” said Bill. I found it hard to concentrate as Bills Cum was now dribbling out of my desecrated arse. “Will you be here tomorrow?” asked Bill. “No, I have work tomorrow, but will look out for you the next time that I come sun bathing.” I lied.

My fantasy had been fulfilled and as far as I was concerned, that was to be the last of it. How wrong I was to be… Tell you about it next time.