Written by Manbear

22 May 2011

At last I have had a chance to visit a well known porn cinema where things seem to be guaranteed to happen. I had prepared myself for a day or two - not wanking and also shaving my cock and balls as this heightens my pleasure. When the day came I was on edge with excitemnet and longing for my short spell of toatl freedom to begin.

I found Foxy Lady and as I climbed the stairs I could feel my cock growing with anticipation. By the time I'd paid the entrance fee and was on my way to one of the screens I was nearly hard. When I got in and my eyes had got used to the limited light I soon saw that most men were gently wanking and that two sitting in front of me were very close to each other.

I had deliberately gone without any underwear and so I opened up my trousers, undid my shirt and began a delicious wank. I was so hard! The men on either side were both interested and took turns to stroke me and I felt their hard cocks. One of the guys in front was clearly sucking his companion and this made me more excited.

I decided to have a look in the other cinema. I sat down and got my cock out again. The fellow next to me watched intently as I began wanking.I motioned to him that he was welcome to help me and in a moment his soft hand grasped my cock and began to stroke me superbly - my cock was in the hand of a real expert and it was absolute heaven.

I opened my legs wider and his hands explored me further increasing my pleasure more and more. At the same time I gently stroked him but he was quite soft as he ahd already come. He was so intent on giving me pleasure that all his efforts were directed at me. He kept a steady rhythmic wanking stroke going on my cock and I began to moan. He looked at me intently and carried on with his gorgeous stroking. I felt the surge begin as my spunk began to rise and then it exploded! One, two, three, four five six, seven powerful hot wet spurts, over his hand, over me and on to me. It was sublime. I usually shoot quite a lot but even I was mazed at the soaking! He was delighted.

Thank you kind man for so much pleasure! This was my first experience of this type and it won't be my last. I can't wait to visit Foxy Lady again!