11 Mar 2017

It had been a lazy day for us, the weather had not been brilliant but a nice walk had lifted our mood and when a brighter end to the day left a glorious sunset, we decided to go for a drive to the coast. It was summer and the temperature was nice but not mind boggling. Our car is a convertible so we put the top down and drove in the extended evening light. Liz had dressed without me in the room so I could only guess that she wearing something to turn me on. We were twenty miles from home before she hitched her skirt up and exposed her stocking tops and suspender belt. Her cheeky smile was very uplifting. This sort of evening where nothing was planned promised anything that came along would be considered. As it was early summer, the kids were looking to the school holidays and the day trippers had left for their homes inland.

This left the car parks fairly deserted but we took a stroll along the promenade and from there up into the town to find a pub. Unfortunately Filey was a bit empty and the pubs held no attractions so we plumped for Bridlington., a short drive down the coast road.

We found a few more people around as we arrived and parked closer to the centre. The pubs were a bit livelier and a band was playing in one of them, can't recall its name but we chose to go in and see what was happening. I offered to drive back and Liz enjoyed a gin and tonic while I remained firmly on coke (the fizzy drink).

As there were a reasonable density of patrons, we were able to mingle separately without anyone being suspicious we were together. I drifted into a back room where there were a few older people huddled as far from the music as possible and taking any lull as a time to talk, then back to their pints when the music drowned them out again in a forced silence. Liz meanwhile was being chatted up by two men aged around mid thirties by my guess. She is a medium build woman with a very open outlook. for years we have understood she loves other men having fun with her if the vibes are right. If not she just says she is not interested and makes it clear there is no fun to be had. That will depend on their approach to a number of things. She hates racism, bigotry, sexual predation and politics so anyone spouting an attraction to such things can forget it, even if she is dressed to impress, loutish behaviour turns her right off.

So it was with an open mind that I saw her cornered but chatting freely. One was looking down her cleavage as he stood close by her, she was against a wall and the other guy was at an angle but more so he could see the musicians obviously playing a favourite track of his, the way he was reacting to the playing, he was impressed. The one making eyes at her breasts moved closer and said something which made her laugh and the other guy was told it was his round as he reluctantly made his way to the bar. I took this opportunity to get next to him. I smiled and asked if he was having any luck (with Liz). He grinned and said she was a new face in there but she seemed as if she wanted some fun later. This was music to my ears as I could now dissolve into the background and send a few texts to her telling her of what her new friends were intending. From the privacy of the old men's room I was able to send her the message that both guys were hoping for a bit of fun.

It took a while before she answered and she said they seemed keen but the music was a bit too loud to make conversation easy and they were moving on to another pub shortly. I said I would watch out for them leaving and follow when she could tell me which pub they were in. Half an hour went and I saw them leave. She was in the middle of them and each had an arm round her, feeling her bum as they walked. I just had to see which way they went so I could at least go in the right direction. I was blessed with the sight of one of them getting his hand up her skirt and exposing her stockings and suspenders, much to their amusement and that of a couple of other guys following them. They turned out of sight so I followed to the corner and looked round it but they were not in sight. Ten minutes later I got the message that they were going down Alexandra promenade. I knew there was a dogging site there and put two and two together

I now hurried towards the area they were going. When I reached the promenade I saw a group which I hoped was them. I remained in the background but kept an eye on them, but they went away from the front a few metres before the beach huts started. I strolled back and saw they were about fifty yards away and coming towards me. I turned right and walked down a road lined with parked cars, stopped between a couple and waited. They passed not too far away, I heard them talking and a few giggles and jokes being told, Liz laughing a lot. I waited a minute or two and then retraced my steps and saw them thirty metres or so away. I saw them disappear down towards the sand, the tide was out and the lapping waves made their rhythmic slapping on the shoreline.

There was no sound to let me know where they were so I slowly moved forward a few paces and stopped to listen. After a while I heard the familiar sound of my wife breathing heavily. They were under a bridge and I was above them. I stood still and listened intently. I stared down but saw nothing, then caught the sound of her talking to them and recognised a few words, 'Cock, fuck, tits and spunk were all easily deciphered but the rest was interrupted by either the waves or a car going past or another voice cutting in. While a bit remote from all that was going on, I was at least very close to the action and decided to keep silent and not risk spoiling things. There seemed to be more voices than just those three and after a while i decided that I might be able to see some action after all. I ventured down to the underside of the bridge and immediately saw Liz was naked except for her stockings and suspenders and four men were giving her a good time. I got closer and my eyes adjusted to the lack of light. I was largely ignored as Liz was being fucked by a guy and everyone's attention was divided between wanking and watching and those close enough to be touching her or the lucky guy already deep in her cunt.

I suppose she was around fifteen minutes into the fun, but I was amazed because she had always said she did not want to do dogging as it seemed a bit seedy. no amount of me trying to suggest it was not as bad as she made out, an unfortunate incident when we had tried many years earlier had convinced her that doggers were very dirty old men to be avoided, so now here she was in the middle of several men (I never did count how many but it was several) and she was being fucked while others ogled and wanked. I decided I had better be a wanker as I looked and felt oddly out of place, so cock out and gently stroking while I got closer to watching my wife fucking the men she chose. I realised she had no condoms so assumed she was accepting each cock bareback with the added accumulation of spunk. I saw several guys bums as they took their place between her legs and shagged her quickly before gasping and shooting their seed inside her. The seediness of the occasion seemed to encourage her to greater excess. Personally I was dumbfounded, witnessing something I had wanted for years but never thought would happen as I avoided suggesting dogging due to her previous aversion, but now I had proof that she loved it as much as being screwed in a comfortable bed with a lover.

Encouraged by this I took a strange decision which I never thought I ever would. I offered my cock to her as the previous fucker had finished, I stepped up and said 'You look gorgeous, do you mind if I fuck you please'. She knew my voice but just said 'Get your cock up me and fuck me' It felt odd, a thing I had done hundreds of times, nay more than a thousand, but I went in her, my cock did not seem to be touching the sides, I know not how many had filled her but i felt that glorious silky lubrication and fucked her like all the others. I shot my cum quite quickly but carried on thrusting to make it look like i was more of a man than I really was. Spent, I withdrew as another man took my place. I looked at her but she was concentrating on the next fuck as if I was a discarded condom.

I stayed a short while and saw things were breaking up, it appeared that she had ridden all that wanted it, and a few wankers had erupted their come like seagull shit on the promenade. Her guys were finished and they said they would walk her back into town, asking where she was staying. I was on the promenade above the beach now and she said she only needed to send a text and her husband would come to pick her up. I waited for her message and then sent one telling her I loved her and had a wonderful time that night. We kept the pretence up to her jumping in our car just down the road from where she had met the two guys who introduced her to her latest love. Dogging.