Written by Luck strikes

13 Jul 2018

Lovely to get some positive messages to yesterday's posting. The original occurrence took place in late June and not surprisingly Liz got texts from Gary the next day when he asked if they might meet up again or if it was a one off. As is our way she said she would discuss it with me and I duly agreed that they could meet provided I got to watch at some time. I know this can be off putting for some men, but the majority are pretty cool knowing there would be no complications or irate husband trying to knock the hell out of them. The text tennis continued and became suggestive with him seeking some pictures of her naked or in sexy underwear. She sent him one of her in stockings and suspenders which sent him into orbit. I saw the reply that she looked sensational in them and he would love to see her for real dressed like that. She mentioned to me that he was as dirty an old man as I was. I had to agree as my erection was straining against my shorts as we sat having a drink in the garden.

So she came into this week with a suggestion from Gary that perhaps she could meet him for a drink if she was free. She asked what I thought and I said why not meet him in the park again but in a skirt and top but with the stockings and suspenders on. The weather was slightly cooler and a bit cloudy so she agreed and I said 'There's more'. 'I want you to let me come with you and meet him in the park where I will give you to him for three hours but I want to see you sucking his cock before he takes you back to his house to fuck you. I want him to take pictures and send them to my phone. When you get back I will lick you out again while you tell me what you have been getting up to. Is that a deal?'

She said it was ok by her and I told her to send a message to that effect. Ten minutes later we had his agreement with him saying he was sorry he was not ready to have me present yet as he feared losing his edge with a man there as well. I agreed and Liz made the arrangements which were that we would meet in the park at ten or if it rained, in the pub at the same time. The pub is at the side of the park so easy for access to us both.

Liz got dressed up after a bath and looked super sexy in a skirt in suede leather with a split up the thigh, a black top through which her white bra showed a beautiful decoletage. At twenty to ten we set off, the football meant the streets were deserted and I knew the park would be too. We passed the shops and saw a large crowd outside the pub but they were not interested in us as we turned into the main gates which remained open since the cuts. The park was empty and the eerie atmosphere was caused by the fact that the normal buzz of traffic was virtually non existant. Dusk was approaching and cloudy skies added to the dimness.

Our rendezvous was the cafe which was in darkness, the chairs stacked up and tables moved to the edge of the patio. A figure was waiting, the shape of a man looking towards us a cyclist shot past us from behind and disappeared, making me jump a bit with the suddenness of it. Gary greeted us and shook my hand then he kissed Liz who looked stunning, her eyes with added make up gave her the sultry come to bed look. I said I understood but hoped he would allow the agreement to stand. He looked around and said could we move into some bushes first. I knew this was the best I could expect and agreed.

Gary led the way off the footpath and to the side of the cafe where a large laurel bush gave perfect cover. He asked if Liz was wearing stockings and suspenders and she lifted her skirt to show her thighs beyond her lacy tops. My cock twitched as she did this and she got her hands on his trousers and unzipped him, rubbing his cock gently to encourage him to firm up 'What's this?' she asked in a sexy way, moving her lips to his semi stiff cock, licking the tip and then sucking him. I looked at his face, his eyes closed and a look of extreme satisfaction across his face. She gave him a good sucking and got him stiff and after a few minutes, (four or five at a guess) she stopped and stood up, keeping her hand on h is hard cock. She stood up and looked at me then slipped her thong off and handed it to me. 'Best go now' she said to me. I gave her a kiss and he stuffed his cock away and zipped up. They turned towards his house, my pangs of jealousy which makes the whole thing so alive and exciting had begun to churn my stomach up. I love this feeling. The pit of my stomach aches but my cock strains and my mind fills with sexy memories of when she has been fucked in the past.

Rational thought is impossible now, my mind is a muddle but I stop and turn and then follow them from a distance. I stay in shadows such as they are and watch as he has a hand round her bum, feeling under her skirt and she is allowing this. So bloody sexy even though it is the last I will see of her for three hours at least. but I have my phone ready to receive the longed for pictures. They ascend the steps and I see them disappear into his house. I wait then walk past, seeing the light is on but the curtains drawn. I wondered if there was a back passageway which was common in these housing areas. Yes there was but it was gated with combination locks.

I return home holding the thong in my pocket as I did so, a damp patch caught my touch and I lifted them to my nose like a handkerchief, inhaling a faint scent of her cunt, a cunt about to be fucked by a different cock tonight and I must wait for her to return to me and share her body with me.

Back home I sort through the hundreds of pictures of my naked wife in sexual ecstasy with other men, absorbing me in the memories of each photograph. At last a ding echoes and my phone alerts me. My wife stands on full show, skirt and top gone, bra, stockings and suspenders, a wonderful sight. it looks like the lounge and her clothes are on the sofa. Three minutes pass and then another picture, this time the bra is gone and they are in a bedroom, presumably the one he fucked her in last time. Her beautiful cunt gets attention as he takes three close ups and sends a cheeky caption saying he is going to enjoy filling her up. Several more of her in the stockings and suspenders and then a few of her sucking his cock. He is getting braver, this time he says she is loving his cock. I return a message 'Good, enjoy fucking her, she loves your cock'. The centrepiece arrives, his cock is poised at the lips of her cunt, then one of it half inside her. I reply 'Do it, fill her up' Half an hour later a further picture, her cunt is laying open and used, a dribble of cum leaking down her bum. The time is just after half past eleven and I wank myself off with the knowledge my wife has been fucked by a different cock again. My spunk runs down my hand, onto my stomach and down my hip onto the sheet. I wipe it away with her thong and some tissues, then fall asleep, cock in hand until woken by the feeling of cold, drying come on my body. How long I slept is uncertain but I feel drained, yet elated, refreshed in a way. My cock stirred again, pretty unbelievable to recover so soon.

The clock showed half past twelve, she must be due home shortly, maybe half an hour. An hour passes but no sight of her. Another half hour and still no sign. Half past two, message from Liz 'Sorry, been very busy (accompanied by three purple imoji faces), Can you meet me at the park gates?' I send a 'Yes' and get dressed and walk swiftly to the park and cross it to his side. They were there. She kissed him and came to me and he turned to head home 'Ok?' she said. 'Aye, and you?' 'Definitely'. 'Get plenty?' 'Yes, three times' 'Bloody hell, well done. Sore?' 'Yes but not too sore' We were half way across the empty silent park and my cock was hard, I stopped her and put my hand under her skirt and felt a very wet gash. We kissed and I dragged her to the grass, pulling her skirt up and then going down on her delicious cunt. She was soaking wet and streaks of cum had dried on her stockings and were a fantastic sight when I got her home, but first I had to reclaim her, my cock slid in and I fucked hard and came sooner than I wished but it was a fulfilling come and we cuddled together like new lovers.

We got decent and walked the rest of the way home in a sleepy haze but still buzzing from a very sexy night for her and a deliciously anxious time for me. Back home we stripped and got into bed, I was wanting to fuck again but made the mistake of closing my eyes and that was that. We both woke next morning rather later than normal and made love again.