Written by Helen

24 Jul 2014

It’s 6.00pm on Thursday and it doesn’t seem like almost a week ago that my next door neighbour fucked me. Now this is the guy whom I couldn’t stand, the one with the roaming hands and until we had that drunken dance together and I felt the size of his equipment, I wouldn’t have touched with a bargepoll. Now all I can do is think about that day. My hubby hasn’t had so much sex in all our married life. I’ve even dreamt of my neighbour fucking me again.

This morning my neighbours wife popped round just after we’d got up, at about 7.30 and I was still in my shorty nighty. She wanted to know if my hubby would take her through to the next city to buy a rug and wanted to be there before they closed for their lunch. My hubby, always the accommodating one said it was fine, if it was OK with me. No problems there then, as they’d be away for at least 5 hours, during which time I hoped to see my new lover. Off they went.

Within minutes my neighbour was at the door, even before I’d had chance to dress. He took me in his arms and we kissed. I feel his lovely cock between us and was getting turned on. He was in a short robe. I took my hand and led me to the door. ‘Where are we going’, I wanted to know. ‘You’ll see, just lock your door and let’s get into the car. Even though I was in my shorty nighty I did exactly as I was told me. We both got in and off we went. We got onto the toll road and he deliberately drove up to the toll booth with a guy in it. He handed over a 100 euro note and the guy asked if he had any less, while eying me up. He certainly took his time, glancing over at me as he counted it out.

Off we drove. He undid his robe and slid down slightly in his seat. ‘Well. Willy is waiting’, he said. I leaned over and took hold of him and proceeded to wank him slowly pulling his foreskin as I did. He was definitely turned on and rock hard. He asked me to take him in my mouth, something I’d never done in all my years of marriage. I did as I was told and started to lick this monster before taking it bit by bit into my mouth. He told me to sit up on the seat, with my bottom facing the passenger window and to keep sucking. I repositioned myself. After just a few minutes I could sense we were overtaking a large vehicle and he proceeded to hoot his horn. He put his hand on my back and pulled my nighty up to my neck. I heard the vehicle beside us hoot his horn continuously until I glanced over my shoulder and could see the driver looking straight down into the car and my bar bum. ‘OK. That’s enough of that’, he said and speeded up past him.

I continued to suck his cock until he came in my mouth and I took the lot. After about 20 minutes he turned off the road and we drove down a path to a deserted beach, with only 2 cars in the car park. He parked the car and told me that it was nudist beach and that I should take of my nighty and leave it in the car. I got out and took it off, as he was taking his robe off at the same. He locked the car, took my hand and we walked onto the beach. He thought it a good idea if we went for a swim, saying that he thought there were towels in the boot.

We went into the water up to our chest covering my boobs and no more. We again started kissing and he was fondling my boobs and my nipples were rock hard and aching. After a while I sensed someone else splashing about in the sea next to us.I turned my head and here was another guy just a couple of feet away from us. Jack said, ‘Helen, this is my friend Frank and he’s going to fuck you’. I must have stood there for a few seconds open mouthed. ‘Did you hear me?’ he asked. ‘Yes, but..’I said. I was stopped in my tracks by my neighbour. He spun me round in the water, so that I was facing Frank who stepped forward, took me in his arms and started to kiss me passionately. I couldn’t help but notice that he too was naked and his cock was pushing hard against me. I was responding, but why I don’t know. I didn’t feel bullied into doing this, on the contrary I was turned on by the thought of being fucked by a complete stranger. I took hold of his cock and started to wank him and is wasn’t too long before he had lifted me up in the air and had his cock inside me. I was leaning back into the water and by doing so my boobs were on display for my neighbour to see and he started to massage them. I was coming quite quickly now and knew that Frank wasn’t far off either, but I didn’t want him to come yet. I pulled away from him, took his hand and headed for the beach. I told my neighbour to open the car. I then lifted the estate’s boot lid and told Frank to lie down with his legs hanging out. He did that and I went down on him. His cock was thinner than my neighbours but longer and much longer than my husbands, probably about 8 or 9 inches. For the second time in my life I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. My neighbour got the idea and seconds later his cock was inside me. If this is what spit roasting is about, I was hoping it wasn’t the last time. We finished about 2 hours later and I was now starting to get worried that we wouldn’t be back before my hubby arrived.

Frank said I was a great fuck and wanted to do it again and would I mind if he invited a friend. In my panic I agreed, hoping that he really didn’t think it wouldn’t happen. We got back to the house before the others arrived and my neighbour said that we should have a quick fuck before they did arrive. We went upstairs and had a great session and only just finished before we heard the car pull up outside. My neighbour dashed out the back door and I threw on a bikini and pretended to have been sun bathing.