Written by Beach69

20 May 2018

As we all know yesterday was glorious weather (royal wedding day) and unfortunately I had to work. I’d left wife and 2 kids at home and was due back at 6. The night before our electric gagage door had broke so called the company and they said they would send an engineer late afternoon. At about 2pm I thought stuff it I would go home and surprise my wife. I pulled up at home and parked on the road as the garage door repair company van was on the drive. As I walked down the drive I caught a glimpse of my wife naked shouting “fuck me harder” I quietly walked around the garage and there was the little slut lay on her sun bed starkers with a guy mid 20’s fucking her. She was loving it and as he pumped his cock deep inside her pussy she was playing with her tits and shouting “fuck me harder” it gave me such a hard on and as much as I wanted to go over and join in I hid and watched. They fucked for about 10 mins then he pulled out and came all over her tits. She the made him lie down on the sun bed and started to tease him swinging her tits in his mouth before sucking his cock till it was nice and hard again. She then straddled him and started grinding her pussy on his cock, which must have been 9”. Ive got a decent cock 7.5” but I have to say it was a nice cock. Her tits were swinging freely in the sun and she was loving it. It wasn’t long and she was shouting for him to cum inside her, which he did and she started to orgasm and tensed up with her lovely 36c tits being gripped in his hands. She fell on him and started kissing him whilst his cock was still inside her pussy. He then got up and went over to the garage door area, my wife followed and walked naked, just past me, she looked wonderful and looked as if she’d been well fucked and was beaming with her body glistening in the sun and cum dripping out of her pussy down her soft inner thighs. Once outside the garage she slipped to her knees and started sucking his cock. Once hard she wasted no time in getting him to fuck her against the wall, god she was loving this. By now I’d already wanked myself off and was all hard again wanking as if the world would end. God she looked hot and her naked body in the sun would have men going crazy to fuck her. I was so excited, my cock rock hard and desperate to cum again. The sight of this guy fucking her spreadeagled against the wall with her tits swinging free sent me over the edge and I spurted my spunk all over the bush I was behind and god did I cum. I stood watching her getting fucked and she was nibbling his neck then he then pulled out and my wife grabbed her phone and as he started to cum over my her hot, sexy, naked body she started taking pics of this strangers cock as he Showered her in hot spunk. She was loving it and just after she passed her phone to him and made him take a picture of her naked covered in spunk. They then kissed and she started playing with his cock. God there was no satisfying her and he replied by playing with her tits and touching her pussy. She was close to cumming again and he thrust his hard cock and fucked her, soon they were both cumming and we’re both vocal with their pleasure. Shortly after he left and my wife went in to get a shower I presumed. I waited then went for a walk round the block, before re-appearing. I came back and there she was lying naked on her sun lounger as if nothing had happened! I asked if the door people had been and she said yes, all fixed and the guy was a great help and got it going up and down a few times. (I know and not just the door!) On this comment I looked at her pussy lips, which as she is all smooth I could see just how swollen they were. I went inside came out with a drink and started to take my suit off before standing starkers in front of her. I had an enormous hard-on very quickly, to which she beckoned me over grabbed my cock and told me to fuck her! As I slid inside her she was so wet and bloody horny. I said god you’re wet have you been playing with yourself, she then confessed that the garage door guy had caught her sunbathing naked and basically she’d let him fuck her! We fucked like rabbits and she kept telling me what happened, which turned us both on. The dirty little slut, but god I love her!