Written by BEACH BOY

19 May 2016

Today started very normal with the usual trip shopping at our local supermarket. as normal , my wife wandered around the clothing department while I pushed the trolley she stopped at the underwear section which had a very nice selection of suspenders and thongs with matching lace bras she held them up to herself and said what do you think as I looked at her I saw an older guy staring she just smirked and carried on browsing, but all the time this guy was hanging around . I choose a couple of bits for our holiday and said I was going to try them on, my wife waited outside while I tried them on . I called out and asked her to get a different size when she returned she came in with them, your not allowed in here I said, jokingly she closed the curtain and said the assistant wasn't there. I checked by looking around the curtain the older guy was walking into the cubicle next door . by now my wife was tugging at my trousers and pulling down my zip yanking my now hard cock out she got on her knees and started to suck me deep which always makes me come fast, I pulled the curtain back to peep through and in the mirror opposite the cubicles I saw this older guy wanking himself, so I made sure he could see my wife's tongue running all over my cock, once he got a good view he unloaded within seconds which put me over the edge, into my wife's mouth, then in a flash she was out, waiting for me like nothing had happened. when I walked out I said did you know you were being watched she just laughed and said shame he didn't come in . needless to say we paid and left ...