Written by Rob

8 Mar 2007

I phoned the guy who had given me his number on the session I had in the park and he told me where to meet him.

Once there he took me to a local hotelwhere he ahd booked a room for the day.

Once inside he got drinks from the bar and suggested as I was in a bit of a hurry we strip off straight away.

Once naked I saw his 7 inch was good and ready, then he suggest we go into the shower.

There he turned the water on then started to spray my prick and balls rubbing gently until my already hard prick swelled even harder.

Next he turned the heat up until it was only just bearable and again concentrated on my crutch area causing exstatic feelings I had never experienced before.

He then came behind me and still spraying my crutch area began to probe my ring with his solid rock hard 7 inches.

He had lubricated it so he slid in fairly easily and as soon as he was fully in started pumping hard and fast.

Thsi combined with the hot spray, his hand fondling my prick and balls as well gave me an immediate climax.

He pushed my hear down a bit so I was slightly bentover giving him an extra inch into me.

The grabbing my waist he thrust harder and harder finally I felt him stop then his prick throbbed violently as his cum ejected into me causing me to have a second climax.

After a few minutes getting our breath back we dried, dressed and sat on the settee.

He told me it was the best fuck he had had for several years and asked if I had got anthing out of it.

I told him I also was more than happy and we will certainly repeat this again as soon as we can arrange another session.